Alonzo Bodden in Montreal HQ (Dutch subtitles)

Uploaded by Bergen79 on 25.10.2009

Yes, I am in fact black.
It's fun to be black.
I like it cause I live in LA.
It's fun being black in LA. It was a little weird...
...a few years ago they had a little problem, you know, some call it a riot, others call
it shopping...
...matter of perspective.
But ever since then there has been like this tension in the air, you know, and it
was weird cuz i'm a big black guy
and people would be scared of me, you know, and i would try to put them at ease... But now?
I don't care.
I don't. If you are scared of me, I will have fun with you.
'cause I'll be walking down the street, you know, just minding my own business...
and there will be old white ladies that will actually cross the street and
walk on the other side, and I'll yell at them: If you watch football you know we're fast too!
I'll catch you over there!
But not up here man, up here is cool. .. have a lot of fun in general the problem in
shut up i don't like hockey
casali thing black is the pa
did every time i looked at him for the state
so i don't like
golf on the other hand
everyone talks about the beautiful women in montreal
city just absolutely full of beautiful women but
american women
america's i get tired of you know why
because every woman i meet
for some reason i end up being the friend
we have a look at the sweetest friends
has one of the u_s_ military some
having a woman is just a friend
that's like evan nineteen dollars in the bank and look at your a_t_m_ card
service right
how do you can see it
you know it's there
new jersey get into
fastest growing talent like what am i doing wrong
from i'd end up being a friend
who don't know where you just not depressed
you know if i've known you want sex we could accept
but we friends now
sandwiches rule in the friendship
crystalline access which is really the friends if i might look we have sex may
be the best friend i got
prison on all that
not all that being a friend because i get to talk to women
you know and more importantly i get to listen to women talk
because women todd
men talk but you know which is run into each other
standards we are happy on that level
will not sign a bond which i don't have a lot one another
garcia goes idea that some attention to walk forty for a week
and i know is not true
but it sounds good
women talk women ta
in detail
women sit around talking about positions
judged and we're not going up a welfare
but women talk to me to talk to me about their boyfriends are always asking
women have a big problem communicating with men
to ask why they can't talk to them and ladies you know what you can talk to men
because you asked those questions we cannot answer
locator certain things that we can't answer the number one question you
pre remember
don't you remember
no i don't remember mom and i cannot run the blood
we invented instant replay could we put that something we can solve
and then they asked why
why did he do this
wanted men do that ladies let me explain seventy okay let me explain the problem
the problem is equipment
you giving us far too much credit okay
when in a very complicated creatures women think things through they plant
things they cause and effect it all makes a difference
men don't do that
we live in the moment all inside cares about this have a good time right now
what has happened
advertise havin fun we think it about nothing we've taken about the future
we don't know but nothing from the paris
if we want to tell you the honest truth it would simply be
seemed like a good idea to try
right that's why we do is seemed like a good idea that our bill clinton
were the same thing self-rule world i heard
if he had merely told congress the truth
mister clinton oh we'd on the stand she just walked in the office neighborhood
seem like a good idea to try
don't get me wrong ladies i am not knocking women okay because i'm telling
you i had no women all the time
i couldn't be a woman
really too much work
in ways that i went shopping with this girl and i'd learned things ok we went
to victoria secret
which normally would be fun but i'm just a friend
non-hazardous it
but i learned the science of panties
because as a whole science amam and web boxes you don't need to know anything
about boxers walk-in gets a sidewalk backup
right only thing i remember about boxes is dole with finally corduroy
you start running you will learn some up alright
when women is likely that the strong synergy she dreams you know when you got
a colloquy
ordinate cavity line show in europe
going to get them big period handed to him
middleton literacy through those don't remind us that
testing one of us would have been a subtle a woman who claim you don't even
though you're being cleaned
offering some nice right like clean the house
and we don't like
dasher clean-ups
she is not cleaning the house
cheese marking her territory
because you know once a woman is clean your house
any other woman does a woman clean-ups
first of all women dust
to us
we like to put arafat we need a coat of dust around our
tells us where to put stuff out
canada moves on to spend more time together now you're sleeping over her
house you sleeping over your house
and women have like two instances of messing they want to be together then
one day she ask you for the key
all we do not want to give up the key
ladies we don't want you to have to choose your right hand is not what you
think so you think we're worried even a texas making love to another woman
we revisited had just making love to ourselves