DIY All-Natural Wood Stain | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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How about a stain you can create with ingredients from your own kitchen? And hey, it really,
really works. Take a look at the color difference in these two picture frames. This is made
of pine. It's been untreated. And this one has been stained with a stain that you can
make, well, right out of your own kitchen with some really basic ingredients. Let me
show you how to do it because it's all natural and, well, the results, as you can see, are
really pretty nice. What you wanna start with is a quart jar. This will contain the stain.
And it's a simple as taking 1/2 a cup of coffee grounds. And these are grounds that you've
already used. You don't want it to smell like coffee. And then you're going to take a steel
wool pad. And I'm gonna cut this into pieces, just small pieces like this. There's one,
two… Oh, and if you buy steel wool, if it has soap in it like this, you wanna make sure
you rinse all the soap out first. Next, what you're gonna do is take the pieces of steel
wool and just drop them into the jar like this. You see, what you're doing is you're
creating a chemical reaction that comes up with a color, which I think has a nice, natural
look to it. Now this is all activated by vinegar. I'm just using white vinegar. You could use
balsamic, but it means your stain is gonna be slightly greener in color. So what you
do is you just take this white vinegar and you fill up a quart jar all the way to the
top with those ingredients like this. And seal it off, and you're gonna wait one day.
Now, if you wait two days, you're stain is gonna be slightly darker. So this has been
soaking for one day. You can see, my steal wool is beginning to dissolve. Then you wanna
take it and apply it with the steel wool like this across the plane of wood, making sure
that it's fully saturated. This technique comes in really handy if you have to replace,
say, a fence panel on your privacy fence or maybe boards on your deck where they've weathered
this nice, silvery gray like this table has. You put a new board on their and you want
it to match the others, rather than having to replace all the boards, you can do it and
get this color so it looks like it just fits right in and you can't tell that it's been
replaced. Now, once you coat this, you're gonna let this dry. And once it's dry, you'll
probably wanna apply another coat on it. It takes about 30 minutes for the chemical reaction
to occur and then this is the sort of look you get. So have a little fun with this. It's
easy to make and very effective. And all-natural. If you're enjoying these segments on how to
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