Starting College Successfully 2: Cameron, Alexis, and Jose

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>> Hi, my name Alexis and I live in Long Beach, California.
>> My name is Cameron Johnson.
I am 17, graduating from Bellflower High School and my major, hopefully, will be music.
>> Hi, my name is Jose Murillo.
I live in Norwalk, California, and I'm transferring from Coastline Community College.
And I'm majoring in sociology.
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>> I hope to achieve a bachelor's degree to become a veterinarian and to move on to go
to Cal State University to become a zoologist.
>> Successfully become a major in music and get my A.A. degree and transfer to a UC,
not exactly sure which one yet, but definitely going to transfer.
>> To be successful, I have to stay focused and concentrate on my objective,
which is to graduate with an A.A. degree and transfer to UCLA.
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>> I learned how to find my classes and schedule early so that I could get into my classes
on time and not have to worry about it or worry about having to fight for a spot.
>> I learned how to get to the, well, assumedly very stressful task of scheduling.
I'm glad for that.
>> College is a personal responsibility for each individual
to take accountability for their courses.
The instructors are not going to be holding your hand.
So you have to do pretty much -- you have to do everything
on your own and be prepared for a challenge.
>> I will pay for my classes early, get my books, and make sure that I have time management
to complete my classes throughout the year.
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>> Yes, I'll recommend it do anybody because it's a very important class
to get one step ahead and learn things that you may have not known
and there's great instructors that can help you.
>> Yes, I would most definitely recommend it to a friend and to all who are interested
in getting a clear picture of what the college life is going to be like.
>> You get priority registration and you also --
you get a very in-depth detailed description of the big picture of college.
It's really helpful.
>> Now I know what I need to do to get ahead.
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