Nazis in Mongolia

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The Butterfly Effect-continued
Copper, metals, coal, uranium...
Mongolia is sitting on a pile of gold, since the country has opened itself to market economy and the exploitation of its resources,
the GDP has exploded and xenophobia along with it.
Because if there is growth, it profits mostly foreign investors and in particular their powerful neighbors.
Anti-Chinese racism has grown by as fast a rate as the economy
and has spawned groups of ultra-violent Neo-Nazis who dictate their rule through violence.
100% Mongol is a documentary by Christophe Barreyre and Marjolaine Grappe.
These images have shocked Mongolia
In July 2009, a woman was shaved by Mongolian ultra-nationalists because she slept with a foreigner.
A rare image but one indicative of a new tendency in the country of blue skies.
For the past few years, Mongolia has gone through an incredible economic boom.
A new Eldorado rich with copper and coal mines.
The country’s growth is coveted by foreigners
and has generated ultra-nationalistic radicalization of part of the population.
Intimidation, beatings...
the extreme-right groups are attacking violently foreigners as a result.
The American Embassy calls it expatriates to caution
the troublesome news is also being spread through Chinese and German media.
Some Mongolians seem to be fascinated by Hitler
They are using the nazis symbols besides reinventing the racial theories.
At heart of the capital city Ulan-Bator, we found the group who claims loudly to having shaved the young woman’s head.
Officially and legally, they is an NGO, which curiously enough adores Nazis symbols.
It’s mission is to defend the rights of Mongolians from Foreign companies.
The organization has presented itself four times in parliamentary elections
and claims to have thousands of sympathizers.
Its leaders declare openly having shaved the young woman.
“Mongolian women sleep with foreigners for money.”
“This is bad for our culture and it is illegal.”
“We have shaved this woman as warning to other Mongolian women to prevent this happening again.”
“You see what the Europeans have done in Africa,”
“they plundered their resources and now they want to do the same thing here.”
“I say ‘All foreigners out!’.”
The enemies of these ultra-nationalists are the foreign investors, a new phenomenon in Mongolia.
Non-existent a decade ago, Western brands now invade the capital.
The foreign companies arrive by hundreds like the one of Lee Cashell.
In a very short time, the American businessman has built an empire in Mongolia.
He earns several million euros each year.
"It is our last residential complex. We sell at least one apartment per day. "
Lee Cashell was astute enough to take advantage of the country's natural wealth. He has invested in almost every sectors.
"We have mostly invested in real estate, but also in mining exploration, cement plants, transportation as well as in the construction sector.
Our company is even listed on the stock exchange. The 5 coming years will be incredible.”
Today more than twenty thousand expatriates live in Ulan Bator.
The only Mongolians who benefit from the economic growth are those like Enkhbold Nyamjav who builds residential houses for them.
"Look, we used to live in these apartments that are typical of the Soviet era, but this is past now.
With the economic boom, the quality and the way of life are changing radically."
Today, the country has changed.
The businessman takes us to visit one of the symbols of Mongolia’s globalization.
Two twenty-one floor luxury towers with a swimming pool, a gym and a massage room.
Everything here is made to seduce expatriates like this Australian who works for a mining company.
"We have two types of apartment for rent:
This one with the modern furniture and another - a more classic version."
"I want something comfortable.
I work hard and I do not spend much time at home
which is why I need a place where I can rest.”
Rents are starting from 3,000 euros, unaffordable for the local populace.
Only foreign companies can pay such prices.
“Five years ago, the city center that you see through the window was inexistent.
These skyscrapers, these buildings !
They were built in 3/ 4 years as a result of the economic boom
and this is only the beginning.
We dream that Ulaanbaatar will become the next Dubai.”
An economic boom that is not benefiting everyone.
The majority of the population in Ulaanbaatar live in slums
without access to running water
some even live in yurts just beside the buildings.
At -30 degrees, this young retiree goes to the local well 5 times per day to bring water home.
“Everyone says that Mongolians has become rich
but I have trouble believing it.
Coal is transported by train everyday over the border,
while people around me are all unemployed
There is no work for us.
It is not right that foreigners come to work here.
Surely, there are Mongolians who could do the work.
Our lives can improve, if not all money flows out from the country.”
The xenophobic discourses are not only reserved to small groups.
The nationalistic feeling is prevalent throughout the whole society.
Rap singer J is a star in Ulaanbaatar
he is listed 2nd on the national charts.
His latest album has entirely xenophobic content.
“Most mining exploitation licenses within the country are in hands of Chinese companies who steal our jobs.”
Hatred which is starting to be heard by the political parties
who takes advantage of this nationalistic “atmosphere”
by proposing to better tax and control foreign investors
like this deputee member of the majority party.
“We, Mongolians, would like to play a bigger role.
If you take as an example the board of directors of the biggest mine
there are only 3 mongolians in its membership,
the remaining 9 are foreigners unfortunately.”
Subsequently, the politicians try to embody the nationalistic sentiment
but others have preceded them in a more radical way.
“The New Patriots” form the ultra-nationalistic militia
around 500 young men taking on the role of Nazis in Ulaanbaatar.
For the first time, they accepted to meet foreign journalists.
We have arrived at their meeting place,
a bar resembling a small museum dedicated to the 3rd Reich
Fascist posters, Heinrich Himmler, not much political discourse
just morbid fascination for the Nazis.
We are not Hitler’s adorators.
But we respect them
for what they did with the jews
to protect the purity of their race.
Look, he has tattooed :
“It is forbidden to mix one’s blood with another’s.”
A confused ideology and far from Mongolian history
which incarnates best their hatred for foreigners.
Sometimes we go to construction company sites
to verify the nationality of the workers
and if I meet a Chinese, I beat him.
And, I, if I meet someone
who doesn’t have his papers - I kill him !
They will see when we will be 5 million
Chinese and foreigners will fear us !
We will be as powerful as in times of Chinggis Khan.
From Hitler to Chinggis Khan,
the mongolian emperor who has conquered the world 8 centuries ago.
For the time being, these Neo-Nazis groups are a minority
But the hero from the past has become the symbol of national renewal