Fake Food Japan - 食品サンプル Handmade Plastic Food Lineup Showcase 2

Uploaded by FakeFoodJapan on 06.06.2012

Fake Food Japan - 食品サンプル Handmade Plastic Food Lineup Showcase 2
Hello everyone and maido from Osaka! My name is Justin and I'm the creator of Fake Food
Japan. In this video, I just wanted to give you a brief introduction about some of the
products that are available for purchase online at our store fakefoodjapan.com.
So starting off here, we have a business card case. Here's a business card case featuring
curry rice, which is a popular dish in Japan. As you can see here, I have my Fake Food Japan
business card and I just slide that in there like so and then close the case. There you
have it, the curry rice case.
Next up here, we have a Frisk mint case. Frisk mints are very popular in Japan as well. This
is featuring white rice with sesame seeds and umeboshi, which is a plum. So here we
have the Frisk mint case.
And then next up here, we have okonomiyaki! Yes, it's a famous food in Osaka - okonomiyaki.
This is a headphone jack plug. It comes detached like so from any iPod, iPhone or any other
electrical device that has a headphone jack. If your device has one, you can use this accessory.
And then last but not least here, we have an iPhone 4 case featuring of course bacon!
Yes, this is a piece of bacon iPhone 4 case. So if you have an iPhone, this is a perfect
accessory item for you.
So there you have it folks. These are just a few products that we have for purchase available
at fakefoodjapan.com. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email. My email address
will be at the end of this video.
So this is Justin, creator of Fake Food Japan, signing off with a BIG Oo-kini to you from
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