Audacity Tutorial How to Save a WAV or MP3 File | Export Sound Format Tutorial

Uploaded by buckydurddle on 24.01.2012

Hello musicians my name is Andrew Mercer and in this short Audacity tutorial I'll show you how
to export a wav and MP3 file
in audacity so hold tight

in order to export wav or mp3 we gotta have a recording right
Do let's record mason's apron
all right there you go
out of the silliness at the end. Ok so now we have a recording
Lets listen to a bit.
i would take it again but anyway that's not what we did this for today we did
this did to show how to export a wav and mp3 file
okay so he said you got to do this is if you really simple
just go to the file menu
Once you have recording there or maybe it's an existing project you already have saved
now if i wanted to see this is a project i would say that he would remember all
of my settings all of my slider settings everything like that
but when you listen to it on an mp3 player or email it to anybody
that's a project
you can't do that
uh... what we need to do if we're going to put on an ipod or we want to email
you were going to go to export
exports gonna give us
a wav or an mp3 or various other types of um...
of uh... file formats but we're going to concentrate on wav and mp3
You give it a name
uh... buckyd mine and uh... masons aprons name the song so
once you get all the other information you want and click ok
now we're given some uh... file choice types file type choices
Lets just call this test
and uh...
you can see here under format wav is there and we have a whole bunch of
other ones and we see mp3 it there now let's talk a little bit about the
difference between wav and mp3 files. A wav file is a lossless file
It is exactly as it was recorded
it means that there was not in the saving process or the encoding process
there was nothing no data was lost was exactly as it was recorded
it's also very very big it makes the files really big but the one i just did and
might end up being ten or fifteen megs
uh... if you have an mp3
An MP3 there's a lot of the data that's cut out so it makes the files
quite a bit smaller but
is a very much loss in quality of sound
so if you are looking for the best sound
if you do remixes are mashups or things like that

use WAV
because you want to keep the best and you can if you just put that uh... just
listen to in the car
we listen to any right or whatever you know MP3 of them yet
so uh... in order to create a wav select wav

easy is that and if you wanna create an mp3 just select it
click save and there you go audacity will do the rest for
now if you select mp3 and it asks for the
LAME encoder
there's another video i have here
for u that you can uh... checkout that will show you how to install the LAME encoder
so that you can make mp3s now if you'd if u once install that LAME encoder
you only have installed at once and that's it for
so you might wanna watch that video if you getting a request for the LAME encoder

then watch that other video
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