Lindsey Stirling live 30-07-2012 (HD video & sound)

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ok I'm live
sweet, well
how is it going everybody? I don't know if anyone's there, but I'm here
and I'm pretty excited about this
uhm this is one of the first ever, like
live streaming chats that Youtube let people do, so
I felt really excited that they let me do this
and select, you know as a couple of Youtubers doing it as well at this moment
so, uh... I thought i would start first with answering some basic questions
so, there is a live chat here, you guys can
on the side of the screen I believe over there
you guys can chat and ask me questions
let's see
''Aah!'' is what one person said
that's awesome
I do have some really exciting announcements that I'm going to wait to the very end to
uh... so
stay tuned for those I'm also going to be playing some songs that uh..
well I'm going to play one song that nobody's ever heard yet, I just finished it
so it's a little treat
uhm, it's going to be on my upcomming album
and then also i'm going to show you a sneak peak of the video that I'm releasing
tomorrow because
that's another thing that nobody has seen as well
there are some perks to being some of my friends that have come
to join me today. So, anyways
yeah, I guess what are some questions you guys...
when are you comming to France.. you know I was just in Italy
a couple weeks ago and I loved it so much so
I decided that I'm going to go back to Europe, I don't have the exact dates yet of
when I'm going back but I'm definitely going to be
heading back to Europe
uh... probably in the spring so i'll put France on my list
when did I learn to play..
uh... I started playing the violin when I was about uh... six years old
I was five when I started just begging my parents to play the violin uh..
because they used to take me to orchestra concerts and they used to
you know I'd sit there and watch the violinists really rock out
and so because of that
I started begging to play
and uh... after a year of begging to play the violin
my parents finally let me
you know, start playing when I was six years old
let's see...
you never thought of...

oh... have I ever thought of doing covers by Nightwish or Epica
let's see... I actually really like Nightwish, I kind of like all types of
music everything from like
you know I like the kinda dancy hip-hop I love Michael Bublé, jazzy like classic
sound and um... I even like Nightwish
so, maybe who knows?
oh wow there are a lot of questions
uh... I have your long lost twin sister, cool
oh, by the way someone is asking about my hair I tweeted earlier a picture of me
with blond hair and everybody was freaking out they were like: nooo Lindsey not a blonde!
but uh... it was a joke, but no really I'm filming a video
uh... that'll be out probaply like a month or so and it just called for being
a blonde, so I had to be a blonde in this video, it's a costume piece, you guys can imagine who
I was and make guesses
but uh...
when am I comming to Houston.. you know I actually think I've got some plans
to be coming to Texas soon, so I will talk about that later..
kinda exciting..
to Mexico! Yes I have the most awesome fanbase
in Mexico, they've started a fanclub and uh..
they have a Facebook page for me, so..
for sure I'm gonna find a way to get myself to Mexico because you guys are so
supportive of what I do and so awesome and you guys like and favorite and share all my videos
so, I do need to come to Mexico and I used to go there all the time there
as a kid so it's about time that I go back..
uh... wow I'm seeing a lot of people
uh... wanting me in France
uh... let's see let's get to some more questions here
can you come to Houston
other than asking me to come to certain places
let's see what other questions there are, because
I do want to come see all of you
uh... I see someone asking about an Assassin's Creed cover
and you know
I heard the music from Assassin's Creed recently I was listening to it and I LOVE it
so I'm going to do my best to do Assassin's Creed
uh... because it's amazing and uh... it seems like that's something a lot
of you want, so along with my main focus right now is I'm working on
original music
that's my passion and it just takes me a little bit longer to produce
original dubstep and electronic tracks
uh... with my producer
so that's why I've been doing a lot of covers lately so sorry guys
but soon I'll have some really awesome original stuff coming out
am I a legit gamer?
uh... you know I have to admit I used to play video games a lot as...
well not a lot
I did play some video games as a kid
I had the first Nintendo, a little one where you had to like
blow in it to make it play and you have to like
me in my sisters would like
rock out to Mario and uh...
uh... Duck Hunt
we had the Duck Tales game
but uh.. yeah
since I had become this hardcore musician, movie maker, producer

and I do a lot of the work myself
I haven't had a lot of time to be a gamer, but uh..
I do love the community
and I love the music, I absolutely love the gaming music
where is your favorite place to eat?
oh my goodness
ok so Mexican food is by far
like my bread and butter I love Mexican food
uh... my favorite place to eat, I would say is.. I love Cafe Rio
or anywhere that's kind of I like weird like healthy things
I love uh..
you know anything that
does not
just feels kinda earthy and like organic you know I'm kinda one of those weirdo's
we hear you like cereal yes
I love cereal, I probaply honestly when I'm on the road and
I'm traveling
cereal is what I miss
probably more than, well
and my family the most

because I just love it
the chat is going really fast I'm sorry guys I'm trying
to keep up here

''Where are you?'' I'm actually in Oregon right now, I'm on the road
and uh.. I did a show at a place in Eugene, Oregon, just
two days ago I did on saturday night
it's called Fairy World and it was one of the coolest shows I've ever done
it was uh.. everybody in the audience was dressed as fairies believe it or not
and uh...
yes so right now currently my good friend Peter Hollens
he's the guy that I did the Skyrim video with
we're actually working on another video together really exciting
so we're doing another video together
it was just perfect timing since I was gonna be in Eugene, and he lives
in Eugene
so he and his kind wife let me stay with them
but uh.. we're gonna break in the questions for just a little bit..
because I am going to give you guys a sneak peak of
one of my upcoming videos, I'm going to be releasing it um... tomorrow..
tomorrow morning! And I've been working on this
for months so I'm really excited just
to show you just a little, I think it's just a minute long snibbit of it
but here you guys go.. This is my
latest cover.
Okay it started over, I didn't know it was going to start over
uh... sorry, I'm learning this as we go, like I said this is
brand new, uh..
but yeah, what do you guys think of that, did you like it?
I hope so because
like I said
I worked quite a long time and have those cool costumes made and everything
so anyways, that's been a very fun project to make and I can't wait for you guys to see it tomorrow
so I hope that you guys, you know share it with your friends if you like it, and uh..
all that fun stuff!
let's see someone here says ''more dubstep'', and yes
like I said, it takes me a while to.. I'm not the quickest writer and producer
I absolutely love it but sometimes I just have to wait for things to come and I've been
working really hard on a new dubstep song, along with a new dance beat and another
electronic track
but I can't release them all, uh any of them until my album comes out
so we're kinda saving them as a surprise, there'll be five, four or five
brand new tracks on my album
and uh...
yep, so there'll be a dubstep one in there, so hang tight just a little bit
longer, I appreciate you guys being
so patient with me
(...) sorry, reading some questions here
another person is asking again how old I was when I started playing the violin, I was
six years old and someone is asking if it's hard to play the violin..
and um...
the violin..
is an interesting instrument because it's
especially hard at the beginning
uh... because it's very discouraging at the beginning because you start to play it
and you sound awful
and people automatically are like ''Oh I'm terrible at the violin!''
but it's not that it's just the it takes a while to become comfortable
with something
as technically weird as the violin is, the violin feels very unnatural
uh... so yeah there's a very steep learning curve but if you just give it
time and keep working hard
that'll go away, and you'll get better
uh... they like, you guys like the chair, I'm glad, several people have mentioned the cool chair

So, looks like people like my Phantom video! Good, thanks guys I'm glad you..
like this
let's see are there...
let's see.. someone is asking what my most embarrassing moment was
I don't know if I should share this
my most embarrassing moment had, hands down uhm.. when I was going to school
at BYU, that's my college
uh... I'd go home for Christmas break and Thanksgiving break I would try to get to Arizona
and there's so many people driving from Utah to Arizona I could always find a ride

and one time I got a ride with some uh... you know they were friends of
a friend and so I actually didn't know these guys but...
you know my friend was like: ''Oh my friend Jonathan he can totally take you, he's way cool''

anyways, so they picked me up
and right when they picked me up, all the sudden I started feeling really sick
my stomach just was in knots, and I was like oh gosh why am I.. I don't feel so good
anyways about
you know we're driving down the road it's getting worse and worse and worse
and I'm just like: ''what's wrong with my stomach?''
and so I couldn't even focus on having a natural conversation..
oh, and by the way this guy it was like super cute and really charming and I was
like of course I feel like I'm really sick right in front of this really
attractive guy
this is when I was a freshman
I think I was like, I was eighteen or nineteen
uh... so I was kind of, you know... anyways
so we're driving on the road and he's trying to you know have a conversation
just asking about myself and anyways before you know it
uh... I couldn't even focus on what he was saying or I couldn't even focus on talking with him
any more because I was so sick
and finally I was just like
oh my gosh, pullover pullover!
and I jumped out of the car, you know it pulls over
and I jump out of the car
and I just threw up all over the side of the road
so, super embarrassing
and needless to say, you know I ended up sleeping most of the way to Utah
like an eleven hour drive
and that was like an hour into the ride, so anyways
bless his heart he was so nice about it
needless to say he never you know called me again or ask for my number..
but he was at least very nice and quiet about it
that's probably longer than you guys wanted of a story
''Brazil loves you'', thank you! I love Brazil too, my very first fan
like, ever I posted this video on Youtube years ago before I ever started pursuiting Youtube
my very first fan
awesome he was from Brazil
''Do you like the Killers?'' I love the Killers, somebody told me, I think it was the name of the song
that was like my favorite for ever
or are you human, are you dancer
that one's awesome
I'm looking, looking, looking for other questions!
oh my goodness do I have merchandise? Yes!
I'm going to,
and I think I'm going to play you guys so what this is, I'm excited to.. uh.. well..
the reason I get to do this live chat today is because
the live chat is brought by the band of Gloriana, they're having a concert..
and there's a link in the description that you can click on and it's the cool thing
about this concert is it's kinda new wave of the internet
and it's and internet
concert and so they pick just a couple people to be like openers for this
concert and that's why I get to do this cool live chat with you guys
so anyways I'm super grateful and I feel really honored that they
for some reason decided to let me have this feature on my channel, so thanks to them
then after as soon I'm done with my
you know chat with you guys you can go check out Gloriana's concert, by
clicking the link below and I'm gonna be watching it
and uh... o and also i have
something to give away, so
as I'm watching the concert I will tweet uh... couple thing and if you're the
first person to respond to the question that I tweet
you get a free Ipad
so, anyways, it's pretty awesome
and Gloriana is not hooking us all up
so join me and watch the concert after this, but since I'm like a ''opener'' for Gloriana

I thought uh...
I'm gonna give you guys the choice, I can either play you guys a live video
from my concert in New York City
or I can play, I can sit here and play for you
uh... my newest song that I've created, that none's heard yet
so everybody in the chat tell me what you want you want seem uh... some live
footage from my concert in New York City with my band or do you want to see
uh.. my new song?
I'm gonna let you guys decide, and then like
the next minute or two
I will do that
new song someone's saying...
oh wow, new song new song new song...
okay so I don't have a microphone or anything like that
I'm gonna do my best you just gonna have to
be patient with me and understand that I'm playing this off of a speaker
and my Imac.. you know laptop is not anything picking up
so I'm gonna play you a couple minute or.. maybe I'll play the whole thing of this new song
you know what? It doesn't even have a name yet, so as I'm playing it, think of a name..
that maybe you like
and you think that fits this song
you know, think about, calling it that name
ok, here we go..

uh... so yeah that's my new song I cut it off early just because we're running
short on time
but yeah, looks like you guys like it, so...
that is awesome..
let's see do you guys have any suggestions of what I should call this song and by the
way, I hope you guys noticed, there was kind of a cool dubstep origin there
that's not my dubstep new song, but that's just another...
cool thing
there's dubstep comming, more too
so yeah, let's see..
play Final Fantasy music, that is soon to come as well, not today..
but couple months we got a cool, awesome one
so, anyways looks like you guys liked it
uh.. now I am..
I'm really excited to announce some really fun things
hold on.. hold on.. hold on..
oh gotcha
so, I have to announce..
I'm going on tour..
and so I'm finally going on tour!
that is what I should say, I'm finally going on tour!
people have been asking me
for like, the last year to go different places, and please come here, please come here..
and unfortunately I have fans all over... you know you guys have supported me all over the
world and I can't go over the world at once, but..
for starters I'm doing a US tour and I'm pretty excited about it, so I wanted to let you know
where the uh...
where the places that I am going are..
first off..
I'm going to tell you the ones that are officially confirmed, my tour starts on..
Septemper 20th
which is the day before.. my birthday
so, kind of exciting, but yeah I'm starting September 20th
and i'll be in North Carolina, Wilmington North Carolina..
then I'm going to
Milford Connecticut, then I'm going to Washington D.C. I'll be playing at
the Hamilton..
then I'm going to Boston..
after that I'll be going to New York City, Webster Hall again right where I had
my first big headlining show a couple months ago and so
I'm really excited to return to that one... I'm so excited to go everywhere..
next is Cortland, New York City..
Cortland New York, not New York City..
uh... then the uh...
there it is
another one confirmed in Phoenix, Arizona that's like right by my hometown so..
hallerd, Arizona...
then I'm off to go to..
let's see it looks like
there's also one in.. uh...
San Diego, California, House of Blues..
which is pretty exciting..
and uh... there is.. we have other shows soon to be confirmed..
going to go to
and philadelphia
uh... we've got shows that we're trying to line up in pittsburgh
cleveland columbus chicago
st louis at columbia denver
and lets you browse
los angeles the chorus my heaps in los angeles
uh... of sacramento is confirmed
and then we've got some shows hopefully coming in portland and seattle as well
and then the tourism and in november in vancouver stella
lots of exciting step i can't wait
and especially i just wanted to come to me all you guys everywhere i go and the
the nicest
nicest people that had been supporting my music and
uh... eyecandy he has enough for for everything you guys have done for my
career and for
young for what i'd get you know that they had to do what i absolutely left is
because of you guys so
saying you think you it's
so much
let's see
anyway so anybody have any
questions about that hologram george allen hoping we're gonna fill in some
more dates irritants i think it's looking like it's gonna be about twenty
seats were thinking go everywhere
but um...
that is the my through
a schedule as of now
uh... also
well wealth ul and another one so
another sees nothing for me is that i'm going to be releasing my um... cd
finely i have a real estates
and i don't have an album
out some time as september eighteenth
by golly it's been the long in coming but i'm lexi perceptive alyssa september
eighteenth are finally happen album
and um... i'll be taken on the road to be furniture so
for exciting uh... that i think couple minutes left in that
i guess i'll just answer any other questions animals
couple minutes com
where are you i mean organizing out on the road somewhere so i just think
examine meeting last night
seen by the outstanding questions are not seeing a lot of questions here how
am i am
i'm good
looks like
ever thinks that he says that
yes in a case that issue
that they love me thank you want you to know
detained dance classes idon't i would love to take dance classes because i
love it dancing so much
okay someone that's being reading assignment here holland anytime soon
and funny you ask that weekend i'm actually in you know i'm and hurting
right now
and i'm doing a quite recently descent to tell me today
especially guess i'll actually
i think a left out
here is my for letting me stay at their place
so if you had writing getting union ali
let's go to our next week
and is the excel
kenya and not let me statehouse
with him and his family still
now we're not to tell you what we're doing a great ballistic entitles you
want you know nellis do you think about what we will get to see it happen
okay uh...
so yeah that's right pretty much all my big announcements and all my exciting
and i'm getting a run for a couple more minutes but like i said unsub and i
think again the band gloria and their lives chauffeur being able to put this
on um... me and that's why we're making a call or are able to do this leg shad
at because
and they gave us the deleted it dealextreme that they list departed
stuff stepping on a live streaming concert the first-ever one right now and
next weekend and watch it you can go to the description and there's a link
ticket and you can click on that link in what's a consummate me and throughout
the concerts and any treating some things and it's
and answer one of the questions and and that we got a question if you cancerous
any ua
what's our internet every actually the first person to answer death react and
that's pretty awesome still
uh... tickets for my shows are gonna be
beyond what i shoudl be listed on my website coming the uh... they'll
probably get tonight
and then also that ticket sales are going to go up on com
friday sell on friday he can get to get uh... direct that
uh... and also we're gonna have the egg he tickets available only examples
uh... easy eighty tickets will let you get a prelude to the shows that you get
you don't frighten
but also um... there'll be any great beforehand so we can hang outs and uh...
down as a limited number of them so if he wants to have to be eighty tickets i
have a link below
at a video uh... and it's not available yet that the tickets are going to be
on down
so yeah you can get yet did you not get regular tickets if you want if you don't
want to go
that's fine too
but i'm glad that we got to have this chat net
and i wanted not just to be a lot post this on face the kurt weird but i think
it's really cool it
i got to like and feel like i'm talking to you guys so
you know it is critical to like
talk about it with the rent dislike
throw at him stuff i'm hopefully i'll see you guys and they go around the u_s_
and then hopefully for everybody out of the only come
to your atm
you know comes here every wire steven so thanks for all the support and uh...
yeah click the link below to germany and watching
the concerts
student yeah
and the outcome
bynum but she's pretty weird
let's see
last time
time trying to multi-task this is not a good time to multi-task without you guys
sitting here watching me multi-task albums you know i just think you know
any non-factor liang
going back to you is in the back at stater user and
you cc me on deemed trees are nearly all my gosh
thank you it's so late there thanks for joining in for natalie because i had
sleep luckily one of my favorite things that ever been and down yeah
and what about except
and really
alright well
i guess i'm gonna go and then click the link on their watch the concert now and
you guys are welcome to join by consent
but yeah weight amnesties something that is that that's it
the man
and i think that
ended i think if the room
you and i felt like
i haven't all my guys i'd press the start streaming button and you're still
out here with me uh... used by the upgrade but uh...
and dislike about it
alone maybe it's the right combat
uh... instant poll analyst ii
bc they can
yes you are
uh... are yet
i guess this is the does uh... can i just uh...
in architect
so i don't hear it but i know that meant a cop now and that's not what it's like
when you step it stop latex is something you waive and then you like
sat there for a long time in the fact that i mean we began night
but not bring divided over and sell
okay i'm in
clothes out of this
it is still alive n then yes he's hanging out ya mite sem
since the uh...
how do i go back to let me try to go back to it now
as myself here i don't know
security forces if this is a little bit news
abusing your you're considering on against com someone like you can't act
amid click on the latest even still act
immense ended up living lisa yes questions
archaic times the last intranets
and say that i was the last
oh gives it
i can see that i didn't see myself anymore isn't funny
immigration system everyone
yet your grandmother against new york trumpet
well dot and the message here
changing too
so yeah i'm gonna go and then go now for real this time but yeah click on the
link below and then we can twitter about the concert and yeah
that that at the time the ideas that will be here anymore
catch the green light still on
and kay and in the end and make them stand cause my laptop bag
this is for real this time since for all that
all the marbles