Tree Dedication Ceremony

Uploaded by whitehouse on 19.11.2011

The President: I came here earlier this morning and planted it!
Ambassador Bleich: It's doing very well today.
It must be the weather.
Well, I was going to say that this is a very special
residence, I mean to tell 'ya, everything about it,
but one of the, one of the special things is Jackie Chan
grew up here.
He actually learned how to kick box here.
His parents were on the MC staff.
The President: Who knew? There 'ya go!
Ambassador Bleich: They actually have Jackie's kickboxing bag up there.
And the other thing is what I mentioned before which was,
you know, at the time they laid the foundation here there had
been an unbroken set of victories by the Imperial Forces
coming down the Peninsula; they'd bombed Darwin, you know,
Pearl Harbor is in ruins.
And there wasn't really a lot of thought that we were just about
to take the pivot point in that war.
And that was the moment when they laid a foundation on the
highest hill, built the biggest house, first on the sea.
And I think that is a testament to who we were and our faith in
each other.
And so the very first tree, when they finished the house,
they plant a tree, and Eleanor Roosevelt came over and she put
a tree right over there, it's a huge oak, a "pin oak,
" and then ever since then we have been planting trees.
So we've had 28 trees planted, all by Presidents,
Chief Justices, Associate Justices,
Warren Ginsberg's tree, he passed away this year.
And --
The President: Well, I'm honored and this is a "white oak" from Illinois that
was supposed to be planted by me on the previous trip but I
had to cancel.
We didn't want to leave it out.
So it went ahead and got planted but now I have a
chance to dedicate it.
Ambassador Bleich: Well, we appreciate your taking some time because when we first
planted it it looked a little like that Charlie
Brown Christmas tree.
It was a little sad.
But it's really grown up beautifully.
So thanks for giving us --
The President: It looks great.
Ambassador Bleich: -- for giving us some time to grow up now.
You know, normally we have a lawn nome that we dedicate,
but here we have got a plaque for you.
Do you want me to lift it up for you?"
The President: Absolutely. Come on, let's take a look.
There we go!
"This white oak tree dedicated by" me to commemorate my visit
to Australia.
And, Jeffrey, thank you for the outstanding work
that you're doing.
Ambassador Bleich: Thank you, Mr. President.
Thank you.
The President: All right.
I hope to come back and see it nice and tall.
Ambassador Bleich: Yeah, well, we're looking forward to having you back.
I think people kind of like you around here.
The President: Thank you, everybody.
Crowd Member: Bye. Thank you!