2010 Dog Olympics (NC State University)

Uploaded by NCState on 27.09.2010

Today we are celebrating the nineteenth annual Dog Olympics and Paralympics. It is an event
to celebrate the human animal bond and to raise money for local animal rescues. It is
an event put on by students and faculty members at the College of Veterinary Medicine and
we are really glad to be celebrating it in Moore Square today.
We asked the Chancellor and his wife if he would like to come out with their dogs and
if they would like to participate further by judging one of the contests and they said
that they would so we are really excited to have them out here today.
Well this is Georgia and this is Mr. Beasley, right there. We came out because first of
all we love our animals and we want to support the NC State Vet School and the Paralympics.
The Paralympics is an event to celebrate particularly the bonds between the owners of paraplegic
dogs and their pets. And these are dogs that have suffered spinal cord injuries many of
them don't have a lot of function in their hind legs so they get around with carts.
A lot of people think that they are in a state so they don't move around very well that they
would need a lot of help but that's really not true. So the Paralympics is a great way
to demonstrate that these dogs do great. They live a fabulous quality of life and the bond
between them and their owners is particularly strong because they do need to take such care
of their dogs.