How to Make Playdoh, Silly Putty & Colored Noodles : Storage for Playdoh

Uploaded by expertvillage on 24.10.2008

Hi this is Stacey from Expert Village, in this video clip I will talk about the shelf
life of the playdoh and how to properly store the playdoh. Typically the shelf life of this
kind on playdoh is 1 to 3 months depends on how you store it and often the kids play with
it. If the kids don't play with it as much it might last 3 months if they use it everyday
it could only last a month. Ways to store you playdoh you can either use all you playdoh
or put it a large container or you can cut it into smaller portions so then you can pass
it out to kids. One way to store it is in a zip lock bag, just make you get the air
out and you zip it shut. Another idea is to keep it in a plastic container with a lid
and make sure that its sealed or your playdoh won't last very long. Another idea for storage
is use old playdoh containers and that way it is sealed and ready for children to use.