Beth's Inner Rockstar - 4/3/12 (FULL EP)

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BETH HOYT: Who is going to win The Voice?
This is The Voice!
BETH HOYT: Good afternoon, morning, night.
This is Tuesday.
This is not The Voice.
This is MyDamnChannel LIVE.
This is Beth Hoyt.
I'll be your host for the next 10 minutes.
It's so fast.
But tomorrow's Wednesday, and you know what that means-- do
you-- do you know what that means?
I'll tell you.
Wednesday is our big show.
It's one full half hour.
You like that?
Full half hour?
It's like totally almost.
Anyways, tomorrow we'll be playing a whole new batch of
brand new comedy videos, and David Wain himself will be in
the studio.
And there's a slight-to-very-strong chance
there will be live music.
Speaking of music--
who was speaking about music?
Oh, me?
Oh, because there's no one else talking?
Thank god.
Let me do my job!
OK, right.
Well, let me first throw this out there that today's kind of
about music.
And I'm going to talk about music.
But I don't want you think that now it's always going to
be about music.
It's just on my mind.
Anyways, guess who had a number seven song on iTunes
and the number one song on Amazon last night?
None other than one of our favorite ladies,
Miss Felicia Day.
This video premiered on the new and super cool Geek &
Sundry YouTube channel.
Here is a bit of "I'm the One That's Cool."
[MUSIC -- "I'm the One That's Cool"]

BETH HOYT: She is the one that's cool.
Man, I wish I could rock out.
Like, I can lip sync like crazy when I'm driving alone.
The problem is that I get kind of very uncomfortable whenever
I sing out loud.
Maybe you've seen this.
When I'm forced to karaoke I prefer to rap.
And that's just uncomfortable for everyone watching.
I've really always thought it would be so fun to be on stage
and rock out.
And I know it comes with a lot of hard work.
You have to have a six pack.
You've got to go on tour.
I mean, Madonna knows this.
The Gregory Brothers know this.
The Gregory Brothers are on tour right now with DigiTour,
which is a national tour that all the cool YouTube musicians
perform in.
Our friend Franchesca Ramsey, AKA Chesca Leigh of the best
hair tutorials and the super awesome "Shit White Girls Say
to Black Girls," went to DigiTour here in NYC.
And here she is getting all up in there.
Take it, Fran.
I'm Franchesca, and I'm here at the Gramercy Theater for
the DigiTour.
We're going to get to hang out backstage.
It's going to be pretty cool So let's go inside.
Since you love to write parody songs and stuff, maybe you
could just sing a few bars of a song about feet for us.
That sounds like something that you would do.
Can you do it in the style of Johnny Cash?
A Johnny Cash feet song.
with lots of teenage boys.
They got stinky feet and they're making lots of noise.
[INAUDIBLE] be better than this.
I'm on a stinky tour bus, and it kind of smells like piss.
DESTORM: Canadian girls love me.
I talk to them all the time.
And I'm starting to get their lingo.
FRANCHESCA RAMSEY: Can you do a Canadian accent?
DESTORM: No, because they sound (CANADIAN ACCENT)
almost Irish, eh?
FRANCHESCA RAMSEY: Has anything really crazy happened
on tour before?
DESTORM: Aside from the signing of
the boobs and stuff?

FRANCHESCA RAMSEY: Because you guys are so well-known for
autotune and now you don't have the assistance of
computers for autotune, can you do some real-life, like a
capella style autotune?
everywhere, right every single wrong.

FRANCHESCA RAMSEY: And do you have any tips for any of our
viewers who are musicians themselves and want to be
successful on YouTube?
THE GREGORY BROTHERS: Pretty much ignore the hate.
That's usually what I find is what's stopping most people.
When you get all these negative comments,
you just ignore it.
If it's bringing you joy, then do it.
If you believe in yourself enough, then other
people will catch on.
FRANCHESCA RAMSEY: So, it's kind of interesting that the
drummer is huge.
RICKY WELLINGTON: My name's Ricky.
I play drums and my job is handling all the girls' moms.
I am super uncomfortable now.
FRANCHESCA RAMSEY: What are the basics of free-styling?
RICKY WELLINGTON: You've just got to practice.
Really all it is is you've just got to practice rapping
over a beat, trying to make stuff rhyme, and eventually
you get good at it.
I had an amazing time.
This was the best concert of my life.
I hope you guys had fun, too.
Back to you, Beth.
BETH HOYT: Thanks, Franchesca.
Here's a fun fact.
Fran and I went to college together.
We've been friends for years.
I mean, like a few years-- a couple of years.
We ju--
I just graduated.
Very recently.
So if you can't tell, I am currently really into YouTube
musicians and I want to be one, or at
least make a cool video.
I have no idea how to do this.
I practice my cry face with a fan blowing on me, but so far
that's my only trick.
So we enlisted the help of Joseph Birdsong, who you might
notice as disneykid1 to teach me some things.
Help me, Joseph.
I heard you wanted to be a YouTube musician.
Cool, let's go!
First of all we're going to need some inspiration.
Now, I was told to keep this video PG-13.
So what you're going to need is what I call my sparkling
white grape juice.
Mm, don't mind if I do.
Secondly, you're going to need to pick an instrument and
learn some chords.
This is a ukulele.
It's bedazzled.
It kind of sounds like crap.
Really, only need to know about three or four chords.
That song only has three chords.
Way to go, Britney.
Next you're going to want to get a rhyming dictionary and
write a song.
This is not a rhyming dictionary.
This is the seventh Harry Potter book.
Did you know that sad rhymes with bad and also glad?
Who knew?
Fourth, you're going to want to record your songs.
Thanks to technology and autotune, we don't even have
to try anymore.
Sounding good over there, Joe?
And finally, you're going to want to make an artsy music
video for your song.
This can include a variety of shots, including, but not
limited to, looking longingly out the window, looking
longingly in a mirror, looking longingly at a picture frame.
And that's it.
Congratulations, Beth.
You are now on your way to becoming the next YouTube
musician sensation.
Back to you.
BETH HOYT: Thanks, Joseph.
Wow, that was a lot of info in one minute.
So I have got the inspiration juice and the
longing looks covered.
My problem comes in around the discomfort and the
aforementioned awkwardness that I have with singing.
But Joseph said that doesn't matter because I can
autotune that shit.
So now I've got those out of the way.
I do need--
I have a ukulele like he does.
I just need a second to tune it.
So I'm just going to--
one second.

Just one second.

And then I'll--

I don't actually know how to play this, actually, which is
driving down my confidence.
Do you know what I need?
I need to find my Sasha Fierce.
That's what I need.
You know who that is, right?
Of course you do.
One second.
Mom, Sasha Fierce is Beyonce's stage persona.
Anyway, I need you guys to help me find my Sasha Fierce
inside of me for real.
Tweet me @theBethHoyt or leave comments with ideas for
coaxing my inner rock star out of her shell.
Or is she a country star?
Should I go goth or do lyrical rap?
Also, what is lyrical rap?
I'll try your ideas out live here on the show in
the next few weeks.
I can't promise it won't get messy.
But together we can make something happen, right?
Show me your thoughts.
I'm even willing to ditch the ukulele.
I mean, am I too big for a ukulele?
Does this look--
But you know what, since it's here I'm just going to take a
second to try and make this work.
he makes it look so easy, right?
Joe did.
If you just put it--
You know what?
I'm just going to-- it's just hard when
you're staring at me.
So I just need a few minutes.
If you can just look away for a few seconds.
-Hey, buddy.
We're going to have to let you go.
I'm really sorry--
-Oh, my god.

It's OK!
He fired me.

Justine, and you're watching MyDamnChannel LIVE.

That's what we're starting with, guys.
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Also, I love you.
And please never use the walkie talkie
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