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it has gone from a protest or political
movement but what does the future of the tea party in the cities
americans of rally behind revolutionary phrases no taxation without
representation live free or die don't tread on me
but ask anyone with the tea party movement these eighteenth-century
rallying cries still ringo all too clear
in the twenty-first century
what is the group more than just an angry collection of people who think the
government's too big
the countries being taken away from the people
let's find out
joining me now is the tea party of the quad cities organizers cindy dear how are you
fine thank you
let's talk about that use joined the tea party in two thousand nine
what made you think that this was the time this was the right movement
i started listening to what was going on
and the government's i was sitting in the class and i have continuing education
credits for
the bussines that i own in
they start talking about sustainability things then i start to realize that and
or the government's
everywhere in our lives and and forcing taxes up
and trying to take complete control of who we are americans
and tax in this for bean successful in many ways the entirety tea party movement
came about as we were hitting the depths of this recession that we are hopefully
coming out of right now
it seems to be economically driven at least the very beginning was expanded
beyond that
and sure has
um... this tea party movement has has
come back to realize what the founding fathers originally wanted for us as
and let the nation he stands for
basically what's happened is people forgotten what the u_s_ constitution says
what it means the american people
anit -federalists
when they've roads the amendments
did that in order to limit governments make sure that people always have the
to live free and own and be happy
you're talking about of course the bill of rights the original bill of rights
that got
the constitution approved uh... because under the state's wouldn't allow the
constitution if they didn't get the bill of rights as well
are you a traditionalist is is is the constitution something that should be
honored for beta more their interpretations that are allowed even
first amendment obviously think can't scream fire in a crowded theater
second amendment in the right to being debated left and right well you do have
to use um... common knowledge and thing to have to
you know um... adherence to social things but yes that the constitution is
a timeless document kinda like the holy bible
and it speaks experience i should say of knowledge and wisdom for it
the beauty of of this nation itself iving breathing document though
yet without adding more amendments just the amendments that the bill rights the
what twenty seven amendments to the constitution as well as the constitution
you know i'm sure there's always
room for improvement for that no yes we do believe that the u_s_ constitution
stands and can stand that is
now when we talk about the tea party it's interesting is that there are
different versions of it even here in the quad cities some more politically
active some are more constitutionally a pure let's say
um... was this come about
different people have different agendas
um...tea party the pride phase is all about the u_s_ constitution
understanding what the founding fathers had
for the original americans
as we came over what this country
was developed for why we left
basically what we do is we teach about the u_s_ constitution um...
understanding what it means to us as she human beings um...
to fed to the federal government and the power giving to the states
wants the people
are we can then understand the constitutional rights and why sets up
that way
convey them become more comfortable with
talking with other people about what the views of the constitution
are as well as looking add to candidates
we as a nation have become
so lazy we have absolutely
no idea
how beautiful the right to vote is
and we don't take advantage of that and even if we do we have a tendency to look
at a party
as opposed to what the candiate actually stands for
and would choose according to party line well anymore when you put a republican
and democrat in a bag can tell the difference between them
they all want spend your money they all want to take our freedoms
and they all want
and they all know what's best for us
so why do you think they'll want to take your free almost like it's
it's it's white washing politicians
as the bad people that they're not really out to help
other people
their only in it for themselves
is that we see all politicians
pretty much
even local city council members cool board members yes
so why do you even vote
we vot to get and people that's um...
that will represents us
but we also come to the realization and that it's not enough since about
have to stay
on top of that politician
and continues to remind him of why it is that we put the that so give me an
example of a politician that you felt
that that you believe still
honors the constitution
right now as a tea party of the quad citeis
milan or any kind of a politics local politics
in totally honesty i don't trust any of them
its civil diligence
we as the american people have to stand on top of the politicians that we elect
hold them too
with their word
now a lot of people who are politically active in the tea party would say that
representative bobby schilling
was a person that they helped get elected a republican in what used to be
a democratic district with phil hare
bobby schilling get to washington cd and doesnot join the tea party caucus
is that something that you see add
being uh... reneging on a promise or or or a
it that the tea party had
i don't know it's a lot about the federal government and that the well i
should set up a whole lot about the federal government i know times tons
the federal government
the local tea parties yes we did get the help bobby schilling get elected but
uh... and let's be absolutely honest her
on phil hare didn't helped his cause
biased in that that he doesn't worry the constitution
and and that's stucked up
a nerve with a lot of americans especially 'il but um...
as the leader of that
has a leader of the tea party quad cities he did say the believe believed that the constitution
was necessarily
uh... i in violation we came to the health care plan
it was a wide sweeping i don't believe in the constitution
if you if you hear the full statement after that he said i don't believe a
the constitution on this one
regarding that you made a mistake in but they need to be clear
that's uh... closer to what he was saying and that's true but we as
americans here catch phrase in that's only one stick sop
phil came to his on
minds by a lot of the actions the lot of the votes and he made
body schilling was shoe in
i believe that was a pretty easy election will he be shoe in a
year and a half
lord know says you're saying
that uh... you will stay on top of these politicians and we have i'm not we
actually come up with the newspapers called the consensus in as the local
newspaper expecially here
the and scott county
basically well
the tea party at the quad cities does
he go to all the local city council
the school board meeting for grassroots
and we're trying to change government
greatest impact
he's here locally this this is where the people have to look at that as they have
to live with us
they have to see us
so we believe that we need to starts changed it here
the federal government is filled with
leaves theives and liars
they get their the lobbyists come in with money and there easily bought
who isn't easily bought with money
but they're not acting on the best interests and your let's talk about that
the debt ok the debt ceiling uh... you wet and i'd like to also talking
about the budget because that's going to be a coming head this
uh... the debt ceiling fourteen trillion dollars are you serious
and all of these and all the duplications of all these programs
and the and just even go there you know they're wanting to raise don't
because if we don't think
if you go over your credit card limit do you raise you limit
or do you tighten your americans tight-knit pockets
these people's continueously
go over limit but we have been warned time again that if you do not
increase the debt ceiling
the nation will be a default
we won't have credit
our creditors will walk away from us this economic disaster
so what would be so awful about that
large amounts of unemployment
um... uh... a country that wouldn't be able to function
a military that wouldn't be able to spend perhaps do we really know that
i mean because we are one
nations that holds almost
all the natural resources that we need
says survive alone
well in some would argue with a petroleum
no i don't know
they said at the oil fields up there in south dakota and norht dakota
more oil than in the the middle east well you're listening to the shale production
that i'll bet that
but it but it's not in our hands right now to complete ten fifteen years
and environmental studies have to be done 'cause there's no idea what the
impact is on groundwater study found some problems with the drill is that
they don't
in pennsylvania and other state that has a great deal of this oil
they are counting on
if we as americans
knew about
all of the
experimentation that's going on
right here at home
um... then fossil fuels aren;t future of course we know that
you know we wind isn't either solar isn't either
at you know dot com energies
should the federal government be involved in helping fund research to
find it
the alternatives
to the present energy assistance that we're using now
private corporations will do that would probably be true but there's a number of
private corporations that are more than happy to keep things the way they are
and what prices keep going up
and so the incentive to go to a alternative fuels may not be there the
large energy controlling companies in america
and let's face it were a nation entrepreneur is and where there since
about to be made that sorrentino
but once those resources are gone we have to actually start work at the
american people are in
credibly intelligent people their incredibly resourceful and they will
come up with a solution
i have faith in them but for too long
we have been ample
to continue on with a are bad habits that and
and lead the way that we want live
you're talking about the debt ceiling the first vote coming up of course is
the budget
ali had budget still hasn't been resolved for this year
where up to the second continuing resolution as far as funding is
concerned there is talk about perhaps another one week resolution that could
or else it's an impasse and we're down to the twelfth thirteenth hour
republicans say or at least democrats are saying that republicans being held
hostage by tea party uh...
politicians as well as organizers were saying do not compromise
i assume that you are one of them
with that
let's talk about that its
three point five five trillion dollars right
the republicans are the tea party or smart sixty billion dollars
seem to have of cuts you realize what that means that's one point seven
percent one point seven percent
the average american expert thirty nine thousand three hundred thirty six
you know how much of person
but have to
fight over to cut one place and you're entirely right when when you just one
two dollars a day utility huge pie and saying three point seven trillion
and that you're talking about a certain caught this very small minuscule you're
saying we could do it it's belt-tightening from senator richard
durbin is saying
in there with the tea party is on the conservative republicans want
cuts the specific programs such and
uh... public broadcasting such area
um... public broadcasting came to my minute scientific research other
students are grants are all areas
that some of the republicans are saying these have to be cut
financial and on the arts
uh... or else we are not going to agree with it not exactly like above a hundred million
or a hundred million area specifically one hundred million dollars to cut this
night that's what the impasses that's okay
it's not just that the let's face it you've gotten all these
entitlement programs
is it's crazy many nobody should be handling the entitlement it when you
talk about cuts in social security medicare
medicaid you're not expecting big cuts in that in the next couple days are you
no by jim let's face it
if they if the republicans cave
if you give them an inch they will take
ten feet
and and we've came to meet caved in caved
and they continue to spend like
no other yours you know when we gonna stop when and when are we gonna start
holding people so so toe fire when we can stop this craziness
because we as american citizens cannot live our lives this way
here from the
start in
tighten buckle
our belt
and if we don't start living within our means our nation will be bankrupt now
what's the worst part of that will we won't be allowed to do trade
um... inflation is going to be insane
and the dollars going be worth nothing
that's what's coming so you're saying this is a line in the sand now
you would rather see short term
maybe seriously
now knowing that go as you continue going continue to be just as bad just
further down the road
except a belief that start somewhere
why not here
like i said
g fight with your wife throwing away two dollars a day
because that's less than two dollars a days what we're talking about
it's sweet
bring this in we have to start somewhere and and and the sixty billion dollars is
where we start
that's great if if we allow tea partiers
allow with the people that we've got elected in there to cave
how we were in the ring them back in we hold them accountable
because that's what this is all about
civil diligence
if we the people of do not have expectations
then our country and our politicians have been run up which is what has
happened one quick question
difference between caving and compromise
they have compromised
talking about lessons with dollars that day
is we had our if we had our way it would be allotment
and one last area
you talk about love of the country
mhm and your belief that the entrepreneurial spirit
is strong in the united states of america
optimist about the future
well my husband and i have a lot conversations about this
and um...
you know as the alcoholic has to get complete bottom
and before they see the light icome and come out of it so do americans we attic
if u look at the american lives it's a
lives off of something from the government everybody's skating
money from the government
and let me take that away jim it's gonna hurt a lot of people are going to be
maybe we just have to break the nation
before the american people wake up and see what we've done
we have done this we as americans this cindy thank you for joining us
do you want to point out to be very
active in the days to come you have a march that's going to be going on in
springfield here also making sure that uh... you're laying the politicians here
you know your positions up on a tax day as well
and you can contact the quad cities
uh... that tea party for the quad cities at any time to find out more information
on how you can get involved in city thanks so much
tonight's local music spotlight is showing an artist and a college graduate
cole gillian
he's played with the artistic symphony
handle oratorio society and was part of the brits music festival
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cole gillian
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thanks lora what do you do it here producing a play in the quad cities
director is called the way to take over the most troubled play on broadway well
if you're kim
plow your way through it
right now
joining me know is kim furness the founder of the curtainbox theatre and
the director of its new production of speed the plow yes there go the cliches
yes how are you
great the production is that hitting the stage for audiences coming
this weekend
and on a run that's going to be amazingly successful life back into yes
we we hope so
fantastically play
um... me it's at the actors are strong and the uh... the plays
a brilliant piece of writing
playwright david mamet to wrote glen gary glenrothes which is one of our
other successful production we had about you know t
you love this guy ahy
you have to come see it but you have to read his work
writes the way people talk
uh... and and this sort of this
this machine gun sort of ryhtmn to his writing and
as an actor it's incredibly difficult to memorize uh... as we found out
but ahh
and i'm a maybe no no no no
not that uh... that once you do have it memorized
it does the actors work for them almost and it's just it so brilliantly written
he is that phenomenal playwright street speed the plow is something
that the
if it hits a nerve for you because i mean you're familiar with it
back in college days yes bringing it to stage right
now and you just like theme
about the play ...i do i do...its about the movie industry
and on a deeper level i feel like it's uh...
in maybe something with our relate to its about
being in the entertainment industry and
he's struggling with question
are we able to be successful to make money to be in this business
and at the same time
do good or be moral or your
can those two co-exist
together and i don't know if the play answers the question but it certainly
asks us to
think about it
and address itself is your moment
because so
often you put
plays on
time and again and you get some a lot of the same people writing all the time
for for those people out there
would never gone to a play
one this one i mean why should you get off your so far he's been a couple bucks
some see a local performance thank you for asking i thought you like that one
uh... actually it will have about a year-and-a-half ago i guess we did and
david nast play glengarry glen ross
and one of the reasons why i chose that is because i think david manic
um... i think his writing um...
it brings ine men
he's a very masculine playwright and men typically have to be drug to the theater
and sowhen it when i produced when gary graham roth at their were guys
because they liked the movie
and so they wanted to come and see the play so i had guys coming to see that show lined
up at the door getting tickets would never going to play in their life but
they wanted to see glen garry glen ross
and when i choice speed the plow
i thought well this is another david manic play and i think i wanted to
broaden my audience
this and get a guy's to say you know what it's fine to watch a football game it's
fine to go play hockey with their buddies it's also very cool and very
masculine to go to the theater and so i haven't had i'm kinda hoping to broaden
my um... my audience base and its it's great for women its one of my
favorite plays which are basically saying is man up buy a ticket
man come on
replacing director philip william mckinley who is now directing broadway
spider man
turn off in the dark
everyone is getting hurt in that production why is he going there 0:24:50.260,0:24:54.000 i'm sure because i mean if pay him a lot of money i think i would think
talk him to talk to him constantly still uh... how is it going in new york i
mean it is getting such
bad early publicity yes it is that what he
uh... he inherited a monster you know a lot of work ahead of them but he
said he's having a great experience i have spoken a few times with
since he left and
he's uh... love the people these working with and he's working with the
edge and bono
uh... and uh... all the producers he says the cast and crew are fantastic
lovely hard-working people at and them
you know he he feels confident that they're gonna
get atract it's a huge show and it has a lot of the and challenges to its
um... you know things but that's phils expertise he's this is a quad cities guy
yes kathy i mean i think a lot of people don't realize that we got a quad cities guy
that was taking over
called most notorious
broadway play right now but certainly the best know easily the most expensive
in broadway history
he got a lot on his plate
um... he's a very talented guy grew up here you grew up in a avon illinois
um... graduate of augustana university and he had came back here to visit i've
met him at about five years ago when i did at play with them that he cast
me in and that's how we met we became good friends in
we've been working together ever since he's directed them
he directed wit for me which is a show that we did at least
hugely successful and um...
extremely talented man and he's come back here to try to get back to the
community and previously came back to get back to the community he left
so how do you have replaced him again
the quality is still going to be there and it is yes it is
and that is great because i have felt that there is a question i have a
something i'm struggling with that can call him and
on my company members i have a a
a team of phenomenal artist in my company and they they've all been very
supportive and had them come and sit in rehearsals
uh... you know give me advice if this is actually the first time i've directed at
show for my company
so i'm that's kind of exciting for me as well
all right thank you came in and she said man up
tickets to speed the plow can be purchased at the door
you can make reservations just by calling ahead ticket prices are twenty
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