Ryan Higa Extended Interview from Zombie Dice, Get Bit!, and Tsuro TableTop Ep3

Uploaded by geekandsundry on May 4, 2012


Hi, I'm Ryan Higa, and basically all I do is make
YouTube videos.

I am currently the second most subscribed on YouTube.
My YouTube channel is basically a bunch of comedy
sketch parodies, some music videos.
And to be honest, I don't know why people like it so much.
But fortunately, it's doing well.
I first started making videos when I was like
seventh grade, I think.
I had a VHS camcorder, and I was filming a family reunion.
And I was just so bored-- like, I tried to make the
point of view of an aunt, and just trying to make these
funny things, so that when we watched it
back, it would be funny.
And people laughed, my family laughed, and that really
started my interest in film and stuff.
I was always a fan of actors and stuff, and I've always
wanted to be in mainstream media.
But for me, I see the future in the internet, to be honest,
and I'm just going to keep pushing my YouTube, keep
staying online, and staying relevant as long as I can.
And if mainstream things come along, I'm going to do it only
if it doesn't impact my online following.
There's a video of me and my mom, and basically, we're
telling the story about how I changed majors from nuclear
medicine to film.
She wasn't happy, obviously.
It's a stereotype, I guess.
My Asian parents wanted me to go into medicine.
And when I said, oh, I think I'm going to do this YouTube
thing, they were not the happiest people.
But everything I've done, if they know that I'm really 100%
into it, they'll always support it, and they've been
supporting me.
Recently, I don't consider myself a gamer, just because
I've been really busy.
But I can say that especially when I first started college,
I was super into Modern Warfare and Halo and even
Counter-Strike 1.6 back in the day.
And I just used to kill hours every single day, sometimes
like 10 hours a day if I didn't have anything to do.
I think gaming is important for our generation.