Meet The Cast of Miami Hustle - Season One

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My name is Jorge Gamebread Masvidal
this guy thinks he is a model when he is really not
Do you mind if we switch sides dog, This is my good side
He thinks he's a dime piece, when he is really two and a half
Game means the ability to fight through pain and fatigue
doesn't mean how good you can fight, or your skill set, it just means
And Bred is just like, your bred to do something, your moms this and your dads that
so your bread to do that you know, so game bred
I want to go higher than what I did in my last fight, Higher and higher so I'm not just defeating my
opponent, I'm also defeating myself
If one day I do 10 reps, the next day I will do 12
So I'm defeating myself you know
That's my beyonce, jz and beyonce
It takes a lot of years, a lot of hard work, a lot of waking up in the morning.
When you're sick you have to train, when you feel good you have to train
I think surfing helps him with that, because the same way you have to get on the wave
and be in the middle of the wave and don't give or don't take
you got to be in the middle and take the wave how it comes
I think that's his approach to mma and I think that's his approach to life
Stay in the middle of the wave, not go to either side just stay cruising and have fun on the way
He's not a dirty fighter, but he has streets in him, if you ever watched fighting you know
somebody that has that in them, not many people have it.
within the rules of course, do what you got to do to win the fight
My name is Juan, I'm one of the head strength and conditioning coaches at south Miami sports
performance, we train pro mma fighters and a lot of pro baseball players
morning orange juice, or late night Krystal? I don't fuckin know