Honey and Clover 3.6 (English-subbed)

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It's just a fever.
Xiao Sen,
Every day we have tens of thousands of dollars coming in.
Why must you always perservere in messing everything up?
listen to me just this once.
Christmas is almost here, right?
Just take this...
Just take this as your Christmas present to me.
In your heart,
what am I to you, really?
How scary!
What's up with this?
"This is a scene that breaks all our hearts.
To think that our beloved Little Pixie
is actually a transformed incarnation of a food demon!
In order to stop Little Pixie
from continuing her deception of our fellow citizens with her false form,
we have decided to shut down this website.
Dear visitors, please look forward to our next dazzling exhibition:
The grand opening of the Hollywood Girls' Restaurant!"
Hollywood Girls!
Definitely something to look forward to!
So, he decided to give Xiaoyu a break.
Merry Christmas everybody!
Merry Christmas!
"Christmas party notification.
Prepare your own snacks
also prepare your own presents to exchange."
This is way too childish.
I'm not going.
I'm already twenty-three.
Who the heck still holds Christmas parties with their friends at this age?
for Christmas Eve I plan
to arrange something a little more meaningful for myself.
If you don't come,
Santa Claus won't give you anything!
This year, the business in our shopping district isn't going too well.
We can't afford to hire anyone.
We even have to design our decorations by ourselves now.
No wonder,
in the past, you always had so many people coming to help out every year.
Can you handle it all on your own this year?
Even if I can't, there's nothing I can do about it.
How about let's have Xiaoyu go over to help you guys out?
What do you want me to help with?
(Secret Dream Accessory)
So what you have to do is
handle the cash,
angle for customers
and sell our products.
Sounds hard.
Not at all.
You can make a lot of good friends.
Everyone will dress up as Santa Claus,
and if the oxhorn bread hasn't been sold out by closing time,
you can even eat your fill for free.
Eat your fill?
Ah-xiu, I want to go!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
My Dear Friends.
What are you up to, Sentian?
Teacher Xiusi!
Christmas party --
At my place?
Isn't that right?
Otherwise whose place would it be at?
Did I promise you that you could?
A Christmas party where you can dress up in pretty clothing!
A Christmas party!
All right, all right.
Since Xiaoyu's so excited about it,
then let's
hold it at our house!
Yay! That's great!
Iron Lady, you better come to the Christmas party.
No problem. After all, I don't have anything planned that evening.
Is Zhenshan going?
Then I'm not going.
If I'm there,
he definitely won't be happy.
So I won't go.
So you aren't coming?
Why Baby?
The scent of love!
Santa Claus!
I want the scent of love too!
Give me some!
All right, I'll give you some!
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The scent of love!
Santa Claus!
I want the scent of love too!
Give me some!
All right, I'll give you some!
Iron Lady -- point!
And when did you put this in again?
Iron Lady,
you definitely have to come to the Christmas party.
If you don't come,
I'm going to curse your future daughter every day,
so that on her fifteenth birthday,
she'll prick her hand on a spinning wheel,
and then fall --
into a
I've already finished sketching the design for the lighting.
Can you please look it over for me?
This must be yours.
It's almost Christmas.
Um, yeah.
I'd like to invite you to our Christmas party.
It'll be very lively.
And plus --
I already have plans.
Teacher Xiusi is going to come too.
Thank you, but I don't celebrate Christmas.
Have you ever heard this joke about Santa Claus?
Once upon a time,
there lived a perfect man and a perfect woman.
Because they fell in love with each other, they got married.
They formed a perfect family,
living a perfect life.
And then one day,
on one stormy, blizzardy Christmas Eve,
they actually came across Santa Claus, who had gotten lost because his reindeer went on strike
and left him fallen on the streets.
Now, this perfect couple thought,
"We definitely can't let all the children in the world
be disappointed on this Christmas Eve."
So they decided to take Santa Claus
together with them to deliver his gifts.
But unfortunately,
the blizzard was too strong, and an accident occurred.
In the end, only one person survived.
Take a guess.
Which one of them survived?
It was that woman.
How did you know?
And here I thought everyone would guess Santa Claus.
Because there's no such thing as Santa Claus, after all,
nor a perfect man.
You got it.
Ding-dong ding-dong.
Deng Zhenshan, come here to look at this.
What we're using here is marble.
You have to use the P method in order to fully express the quality of marble.
I want the lighting effect over here
to give out a more elongated feeling.
What you were using just now was the B method,
so the shape of the light is too round.
Fix it.