Job Hunting Tips : How to Promote Experiences in a Job Interview

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.11.2007

Hi! I’m Tine Buechler. My company is Business Growth Training and I am here today on behalf
of Expert to talk about accomplishments. In this clip I want to talk about the key
area of focus that you need to really spend a lot of time on in order to improve your
chances of becoming employed and that is accomplishment statements. What we are looking at is: how
well you have performed. What are your accomplishments, your achieved results and your reputation?
When you are looking for employment, one of the things that the future employer wants
to know is what have you done, what have you accomplished? When you went to work, what
were your key things that you contributed to that place of employment? The best indicator
of future behavior is past behavior and so what I am looking for when I am hiring somebody
is a reputation. I want evidence. I want concrete evidence that indeed you can do the job that
you say you can do. Part of that accomplishment can be based upon transferable skills. For
example, you had a project and you took on this project and you completed the project
on time or you completed the project on budget. All of those things indicate that you can
take on a task, follow it through and bring it to completion. If you can do it in one
setting, you can probably do it in another setting. So when you are thinking about your
job goal, what is it that you are looking for? What you need to think about is what
an employer hiring this position would want this employee to be able to do. Focus on those
key skills. Think about in your past what have you done that would validate those skills.
What you are looking for is a situation or task that you did, the action that you took
and then the result that happened. For example, I developed or implemented an inventory recording
program. The action is that I developed it, the situation or task was the inventory recording
program and the result was it reduced 2 days from prior inventory recording time. All of
this indicates that you took a situation or task, you applied your action and you got
a result. Think of how you can do that for your next employer. This accomplishment statements,
these achieved results are what makes your income and that is what you need to focus