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Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 16.02.2012

Hi I'm Tom the calculus and physics guy that programs the TI-89 Titanium
uh... today we're going to do the curl
on the titanium and show you step by step how to do the curl
enjoy my programs at
the first thing you enter is index eight close parentheses in my programs
the home screen
uh...up will come the menu
and you can see where you can scroll down for
many many other things
which then again takes you to other many many things
so what were going to do the curl today I'm going to press number 8 or you can press
the number of the alphabet before it
and you notice we have instructions curl definition or do curl problem
uh... whatever your choice is there were going to do the problem quickly
give you the choice of the P Q R or the M N P variables
I'm going to use the P Q R system
and here it is in the cartesian form I J K or the vector form with the two
arrows on the sides and the P Q R inside of the arrows that's called the vector form
and the first function we're going to put in for P
and press alpha first
uh... y
press it twice 2nd function is alpha you have to press alpha first as I
just said
uh... x
and the next example is alpha y
times z
it shows you what you've entered in case you want to change it or you made a
that's good
also shows you the cartesian system in case you need to write that down
you can okay or change it
this will say its okay here's the formula for the curl
the matrix system
uh... you're doing
cross product
of the functions those little indications before the letters are partial signs
and that's a partial of r with respect to the partial of y minus partial q
with prospective partial of z etcetera
and here's the actual calculations
and there's the curl in vector form here's the curl in the cartesian form
next thing it gives you what you want to go conservative or you wanna find the
divergence or you want to compute the curl at points or you want to compute the
divergence at points or new variables or what
pretty neat huh?