Piracy by Adam Buxton

Uploaded by harryncosh on 05.02.2008

I want to have a look at that film today, but I don't think I'm gonna pay
Because I'm bad and I steal, I don't care, I don't feel
And I'll take anything you got and I'll put it in my pocket, yeah
I steal films, I steal books, I steal thoughts, I steal looks, I steal kids, well I don't steal kids but I might, urgh
That's the mind of a pirate, did you hear the hate and greed? And our beloved entertainment biz is where the dirty pirates feed
and I don't mean terrorists, and their Golden Compass knock-offs, I mean you and your downloads,
urgh, I ought to knock your block offs
How do you think this stuff gets made? You think artists create if they don't get paid?
Its the only reason they do what they do.
It's not the flippin work - most of that's poo.
They depend on the money that you idiots give, so they can make more crap and so they can live,
the good life, yes, the life of the stars, but you're taking their pools and you're taking their cars, you bastards!
Ha ha, you better believe it pal, because we're evil, we're scum, stick the law up your bum
We're gonna have a look at I Am Legend (it's crap)
Then we're gonna have a party, and we're gonna play some music, and nobody at the party's gonna pay, urgh
Yes the world is changing, I don't like it but that's the way it is, so we've cooked up some statistics
that will show you how you're ruining all the finely tuned mechanics of the entertainment biz
every file that you download to your computer represents a physical purchase you would have made (possibly)
and even if you're buying other stuff, that don't make up for all the phantom profit that you've slayed
I don't care, because I'm mental, I'm evil, and I deserve to be locked up
because I'm a ponce and I smell, and I want to go to hell because Satan's got free wi-fi everywhere, yeah
and at the end of days, I'll download End of Days, though because it is an old one, and it could take quite a while
I might have to go and buy it anyway (which would be ironic)