Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (2005) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 7

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Why are you screaming?! What if anyone hears?!
What are you doing?!
What are you doing here?! - I was here to wake you up.
This way? - Actually when I had come Earlier.. were sleeping at that time.
So? - So.. sleep you were.. - What?
..looking very beautiful.
I thought whiIe you're sleeping.. the meantime I'll get Mrs. Gaitonde's miIk.
You take a bath and get fresh.
I'll prepare the tea and breakfast meanwhiIe.
Mrs. Gaitonde's miIk!
Shit! It's empty like the head of that Screwwala!
Screwwala.. why did you take out the buIlets from my gun?
Don't you know how danger this man is?
Cool down, Miss Martodkar.
There's Iogic behind it.
To heII with your Iogic. I want buIlets.
Good. Good. I think Mrs. Screwwala has gone to bathe.
You do this way.. when she goes to the temple.. better come to home.
we'll talk peacefuIIy.
What are you doing there? Come here!
You bIoody.. - No, you're taking it in the wrong sense.
The thing's.. this time around Popat (LandIord) daily stands down there.
What did you say (She thinks to be the penis)?
Seems something's burning in the kitchen. I'll be right back.
This Popat (she thinks to be the penis) just stands downstairs.
Seems I've to bring the buIlets for him!
Called someone to meet?
Me? Not at all.
And, why aren't you going to the temple today?
To seek a Iong union for us!
No. the priest toId me that this is my seventh life!
Fine, go and get my balls from within.
Which one? Red? White? Or bIue?
The man and his three balls!
My whoIe life's wasted whiIe handIing his balls!
It's not opening!
PuII it inside! - Come in, come in !
She daily goes to the temple. But didn't go today.
I want the GoIiyaan (meaning buIlet)!
GoIiyaan (meaning contraceptive pills)!
There's no need of GoIiyaan (contraceptive pills);
I'm taking the precautions.
What if something goes wrong? I can't risk without the GoIis (buIlets)!
There's no need of that. Dr. Screw is aware of his responsibiIities.
Who's she?!
She's talking about what GoIiyaan (pills)?!
GoIiyaan (pills)! She's a patient.
But I cant prescribe the pills without an examination..
..because what happens inside the room may not happen outside the room.
So it's very important we take the balls inside.. that you remain outside the room!
Now tell me.. what happened?
That bIoody.. - Sssh !
That rascaI is very dangerous.
He was frequentIy talking about the Popat (penis) with me!
Had I got the buIlets then I wouId have shot him in the head!
CaIm down. CaIm down, Miss Martodkar. Sit down.
That's why I didn't keep the buIlets.
Now, I'll expIain you the second round of our operation.
Every minute.. and every second..'ll have to puII him near you !
How come? How come?!
What ho come?
This way. Your gait.
Your styIe.
Your sway!
Then what?
Then you'll have to take Cool breaths! - How?
This way. This way.
Hands down.
In short.. you'll have to transform into a beautiful fIower.
The moment he approaches you like a bee..
..the moment he'll force himseIf upon you..
..we shall then pounce upon him!
It's just today that I haven't worn my bangIes!
I'm ruined!
The whoIe world is against my love!
Nobody is standing by me other than Karan !
Let me die! Let me die!
Kiran, what are you doing? - Let me die! Let me die, sister!
Kiran, what are you up to?!
Nobody is with me other than Karan ! - I'm with you !
What?! You said him that?!
I had to, Uncle.
Thinking that all are against him..
I dread he might do something untoward.. at first I want to win his trust..
..and then I wouId want to make him understand.
Uncle, you give me that boy's name, number and address.
Hello. - Hello. - The same crook!
CaIm down. ReIax, Uncle. Give me.
Hello. - Hello, Kiran..
No, I'm not Kiran but Kiran's sister Rekha.
EIder sis! EIder sis.. can I talk to Kiran?
It's very important for me to meet her.
You can't. Because before that you've to meet me.
You !? It seems I've to Iure the eIder sis and become Kiran's brother in law.
Fine, then.. come at Juhu Barista at 4 in the evening.
Why did you call me so urgentIy? What happened?
Do you know.. a big problem has arisen ! - What?
The girl who's staying with me..
..suddenIy something has happened to her.
She's.. she roams skimpiIy cIad.
How does she look like? - It's not like that, man !
She doesn't let me breathe for even a second! - What does she do exactIy?
What happened? - Where's your skirt?
Skirt? I've washed it.
Actually the thing is..
..I'm used to my Earlier job.. I used to keep washing..
..but ever since I've come here I'm not getting anything to wash.
Even you're not giving me chance!
What? - You..
Let's go somewhere.
It's very hot in here.
And within.. nothing.. was wearing nothing, man !
Oh, man ! Then? - Then..
Then she starts reading a book. Sits right in front of me.
RareIy opens the book.. more of opens herseIf!
Then she tells me.. 'I really like books without a cover.'
And, then suddenIy when I'm seated on the sofa..
See, this watch is damaged. It often gets sIow.
Its two hours sIow.
If this keeps happening.. then you'll be left behind..
..and the world shall move ahead.
And when I was setting out to come here..
should I tell you some thing? - Huh?
I've some hot.. very hot..
..I've brought some hot tea for you.
will you? - Yeah.
CarefuI. Don't spill it.
What-what are you doing?!
I'm cIeaning it.
I'll get it washed!
That's my job, isn't it?
But.. 'I'll wipe it all.'
Then.. then what happened?
What eIse?
After all I'm a human. tell me.. what couId I've done?
control yourseIf! control yourseIf!
How Iong should I control, man?
Was she not the girl with the spot..
..then I wouId have.. - What wouId you've done?
I wouId have thrown her out!
Just don't know why she is doing that.
She's testing you.
Testing me? - Yes.
She thinks you're some fIirt..
..who tries to swoon every girl.
But, you'll have to tell her..
..that you're not a fIirt.. but a die-hard lover!
Don't see the fire that she's trying to show you ! - Yes!
Maintain your dignity!
Dignity! - Dignity! - But how?
Ignore her! Take her out of your mind!
Think of something eIse!
Yes! - Okay, I'll make a move.
Kiran's sister.. I've to meet her.
Okay? Bye!
Listen.. - What?
You too don't forget it. - What? - Kiran's sister.. dignity!
Dignity! - Dignity!
'The girls these days.. do they come here for coffee..
..or do they come here for a pubIic dispIay?'
Excuse me..
Rekha, you !? - Karan ! You !?
Rekha.. - Yes?
should I tell you something?
Yes, tell me.
WouId you like to become my time-pass?
Okay. will you eat something or..
The coffee will be fine.
Here. CafE Cool Laffe. Your favourite.. right?
Yeah. But how did you know?
Because it's my favourite as well.
And, the likes of lovers are aIways the same.
Meaning? - I used to love you a lot.
That very sIap changed me.
I never knew that a sIap of mine will change you so much, Karan.
Me too. - But, what was the reason that you feII in love with Kiran?
You couId have found any girl?
But I want only Kiran.
Because Kiran is my first.. I mean.. my second..
..and the Iast love. That's it.
The one who has an affair with every other girl.. is talking this way?!
What if Kiran comes to know about it?
You won't tell anything to Kiran ! please!
I make you beg! I mean I beg to you !
I myseIf used to spread the rumours of my affairs.
But the truth is.. no girl has ever touched.
Except for.. but please don't tell anything to Kiran.
I beg to you. Rekha! - It's okay, Karan. Karan, it's okay!
It's okay.
Are you telling the truth? - I swear by Kiran.
And if you tell all that to Kiran..
..then I'll eat this poison.. and die.
Karan.. that's sugar.
I've heavy diabetes.
Excuse me. Hello.
What a performance, man !
Hey, Karan ! - Rocky! After so many years!
Great to see you, man ! - Great to see you too, man !
Yes, Uncle, I know this boy. He was a normal guy.
He wasn't at all like this.
Huh !
Maybe.. these everything is possible.
But you don't worry, Uncle.
I'll have to seek the heIp of my guru Dr. Screwwala to soIve this case.
Cool down. Cool down. CaIm down.
I promise you from today on no lady patient..
..will come to Dr. Screwwala for pills.
And if any come.. then I'll shoot them! - So be it.
Yes? - Can I see Dr. Screwwala?
He has stopped seeing lady patients.
Madam, look.. I'm not his patient but his student. - Student?
I barred the patients.. and now the students have started pouring in !
BIoody heII student.. that man must have sent her here!
Your one sIap changed his life.. yes or no?
Yes, sir. - Good.
The boy who used to chase the girls..
..these days he's chasing boys!
That means he's stiII in search for true love.
Now, the very hands that you sIapped him with..
..should be used to attract him towards you !
Sir.. I couIdn't get you.
Come.. I'll tell you.
It's a simpIe case of.. what is that word?
Psychotic RoIe ReversaI? - ExactIy! Same thing.
For exampIe.. 30 years back my wife Parvati..
..looked exactIy like you.
The same beauty.. and the same tenderness.
So, it's naturaI for me..
..that I don't care for the world..
..and puII you in my arms.
Because today I'm seeing the same Parvati in you.
Just imagine.. if today.. Parvati.. the way she looked 30 years back..
..comes and stands right before me..
..then she can easiIy get me! Understood? - Understood!
Parvati.. Parvati.. you'll have to do something!
You'll have to turn this waist sIim in order to bring back your husband!
He wants the Parvati that was 30 years back!
C'mon, Parvati! Do it! Do it!
Rahul! What are you looking at?
How do I look like? - Beautiful!
But, there's one problem..
..what if someone mistakenIy touches my back?
I'll be right back.
Rahul.. just come in !
No, no, no!
'O' God! O my God!'