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Virtual Physics Lab consists of a complete set of on-line labs for
introductory college physics.
These virtual labs include everything you need to completely replace the
printed manual and equipment used in a a traditional first-year
physics lab course.
You can also use them to enhance your current hands-on labs.
And because everything is done online with no need for actual lab equipment,
the virtual labs are ideal for distance learning situations.
Regardless of how you use them, learning and comprehension have been shown to be
as good or better than with traditional labs.
The experiments and supplemental materials were adapted from a lab manual
written by Professor David Loyd and published by Cengage Learning.
Each virtual lab is complete,
including background theory, experimental procedures, analysis and reporting tools,
and pre- and post-lab assessments.
Each lab also includes a video introduction,
which shows an overview of the lab done by a student with real equipment.
These videos are a great quick-start for students doing either simulated
or hands-on experiments.
3-D interactive simulations
allow students to manipulate equipment and conduct experiments
in a realistic way.
Just about anything you can do in a real lab you can do in
the Virtual Physics Lab.
Using virtual equipment,
students can collect realistic data, much as they would in a real lab.
And the measurement and analysis tools perform just like the real thing.
Whether you use virtual or real equipment,
when the data have been recorded and analyzed,
a report including all tables and graphs, is automatically generated.
In some cases, calculations are performed automatically as well.
Each lab can be assigned and graded online, and can be integrated into most
online course-management systems.
Physics professors have found Virtual Physics Lab to be an extremely valuable
addition to their introductory courses.

And students are enthusiastic, too.

Virtual Physics Lab provides everything needed for college-level introductory
physics labs.
It effectively conveys content through the use of 3-D simulations
and tools that look and act just like the real thing.
The virtual labs can be done any time,
And because there's no need for expensive equipment or
time-consuming setup,
they can save both time and resources.
Virtual Physics Lab.
Everything you need
for first-year physics laboratory course.
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