Interview with Eric Saade on Hallå P3 (Sveriges Radio) - Part 3

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 08.08.2011

Hey! What's your name?
Markus, alright! What's your question?
What music inspires you?
Oh, very much different music. I can start with saying this:
music that you get inspired of doesn't need to be music on my albums
and how they sound when they get out. But for example Justin Timberlake.
I love the swing in his songs. I try listen to his beats
and try to get better at developing my own beats. Then Robyn inspires me very much.
I think that Robyn is a really great artist and an artist
who has found an electro sound which I love. Robbie Williams a bit too,
but mostly Justin and Robyn if you mix those two it could be really good!
I will say that.
Thanks! Cool!
Thank you so much for calling!
Take care! Bye!
Gwen Stefani's "The sweet escape" last one out here in "Hallå P3",
but we'll be back tomorrow with the lovers Bingo Rimér and Katrin Zytomterska.
How these two chatterboxes will be able to get on together with only one hour
and one phone remains to be seen. Thanks to the editorial office.
And everyone behind us. My name is Camilla Zamek and then fine-fine Eric Saade.
You are obviously very popular.
Thanks. Thanks to everyone that has mailed, texted and called to us.
I hope I can come back here and do this again.
We're sorry that we couldn't answer all your calls
but you've been calling so much that we'd have to be sit here for a month
if we should have been able to do that. Now it will be music with Micke Sederbärg.
After the news, of course. Have a super fine day! Bye!
Thanks, Bye!