Tropic Thunder (6/10) Movie CLIP - What Do You Mean, You People? (2008) HD

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(exclaims triumphantly)
(whispering) rick? Tugg.
I killed one, rick.
The thing I love most in the world.
Vivica, get off the line now!
A hooker. All right, you killed a hooker.
Calm down.
Here's what you're gonna do.
Get your hands on some bleach,
Some hydrogen peroxide and a shitload of lime.
No, a panda.
I killed a panda.
Amanda? Come on, dude.
I mean, that's probably not even her real name.
No, a panda!
A panda?
A sweet, cuddly,
Vicious little panda.
Jesus christ, tugg!
Man, don't scare me like that!
It's beautiful here.
You on the set?
I am the set.
All right, man. Hey,
How's the tivo working out?
Screw tivo. I'm way beyond tivo.
Last I checked, they hadn't hooked it up, though.
Hadn't hooked it up? No tivo?
It doesn't matter anymore.
I've moved on.
Where have you moved on to?
Another agency?