Polen vs Griechenland | EM Eröffnungsspiel 2012 [TrollwutTV Cartoon Parodie Highlights]

Uploaded by TrollwutTV on 08.06.2012

WARNING: The following video contains a lot of sacracsm and black humour! It's not supposed to attack somebody personally or..
It is time! The first game of the European championship 2012 - Poland vs Greece - is about to start!
After the big financial crysis, Greece became Polands most feared enemy since there is nothing left to get.
The match should start in a few minutes!
Yeah, the referee is taking a look at his watch and..
wait a second!
And so is the ball!
And the stadium!
Well.. looks like the greece team is standing in front of nothingness for the second time in one year!
I am saying goodbye and.. WHERE IS MY MICROPHONE???
Remember, this video is just a joke and not supposed to be racist in any kind! I have Polish girlfriend and I am half polish myself.. so chill out ;)
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