My favourite feature in Sage 50 Accounts

Uploaded by SageUKOfficial on 16.11.2010

What’s your favourite feature? Sam Raper, The Ryleys Preparatory School.
I don’t have a favourite feature about Sage, I think you just don’t have to think about
it when you use it, you use it on an everyday basis, you can just get the reports off you
want and find out exactly where you’re up to without even thinking about it.
Jasmine Allsop, Britch & Associates. Some of the transfers you can do, just by
pressing a button, you ask it to transfer money from one account to another and you
can just fill in the details and it will do the journal entries for you.
Stella Heap, Manchester Tennis and Racquets Club.
"My favourite feature is the maintenance correction procedure, whereas when I’ve made a mistake
or when a member rings up to say that he didn’t have a tennis court on such and such as day,
it’s so easy for me to go into that procedure and correct it – very simple to do.
Michael Franlin, Derby House Fabrics. Another good feature of Sage I would say is
the Outlook Integration. I find that being able to integrate my tasks from Sage directly
into Outlook. It does benefit me greatly because not only can I manage my own activities and
my own diaries through Outlook, but I can also now integrate that with Sage and be able
to take care of such activities as credit control and debt chasing and I have that al
back in from Sage and I find that this is an excellent feature.