IEM -- 25 Years of IT Success

Uploaded by iemvideo on 19.01.2011

25 years ago, we started developing technology for emergency management, where lives depended
on the effectiveness of our solutions. Building on this foundation in local public
safety, we now provide a number of different software technologies. For example, grant
management systems for federal government, biological modeling driving federal policies
for bioterrorism response, and serious gaming technologies saving lives of soldiers and
marines fighting the global war on terrorism. In accomplishing these outcomes, we have leveraged
Open Source technologies to save our customers millions of dollars.
Unlike many other technology companies, IEM develops software that gets used. You’d
be hard pressed to find IEM software just sitting on a customer’s shelf.
Today, we are focused on increasing our customers’ ability to connect with the social networks
becoming critical to the transfer of information. Whether we’re developing global or local
solutions, our goal remains the same—to solve our customers’ most complex problems
with technologies that work.