US Midterm elections 2010: GOP candidates roundup 美國二零一零年期中選

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Ex-HP CEO Carly Fiorina is a Republican Senate candidate in California
Will she have any more interesting mergers in mind?
Ex-Ebay CEO Meg Whitman already spent US $100 million on the California governor's race
Can ex-governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown stop her?
Republican senate candidate in Kentucky Rand Paul's
college friend said he kidnapped her as a prank when they were both students
Paul and a buddy brought her to their apartment, where they tried to get her to smoke pot
When she refused, they brought her to the river
The two, high on pot, said the Aqua Buddha is their god
and forced her to worship the Aqua Buddha
Conneticut Republican Linda McMahon
Is prepared to spend US$50 million
to defeat her opponents and become senator
Arizona Republican Ben Quayle is running for the senate
Ben is touting traditional values
he is also a talented writer and experienced at chatting up women
His is also trying to build an image as a family man
unfortunately, he hasn't started a family yet