Secretary Duncan on Arts Education

Uploaded by usedgov on 24.05.2010

And my huge concern around the country is that in tough budget times once the personnel
gets cut is arts education and that is a huge problem so we are trying to put a lot of money
behind what we call a well-rounded education, arts being in that. We have to make sure—yes
reading and math are hugely important–so is dance and drama and music and the visual
arts and we have to make sure that all of our children—not just high school—but
our 5, 6, 7, and 8-year olds have a change to get a well rounded education and if we
do that they have a chance to fulfill their tremendous potential. If we don’t do that,
I think we do them a grave injustice and when students have these kinds of chances from
various ages they will go on to do great things. We want to reduce the dropout rate, we want
to increase graduation rates, if we want more students going on to college and being successful,
the arts are a huge part of that. So thanks to you guys for all the hard work you are
doing and all the practice. Thanks for being examples for the country and our job is to
fight every single day to make sure children around the country have these kinds of remarkable