Gardening Crafts: How to Make Hummingbird Feeder Food - Home Made Simple

Uploaded by homemadesimple on 20.10.2009

Hummingbirds are wonderful and special species of bird, due to their amazing eating and flying
habits. Hummingbird’s heart rates reach to almost 1,000 beats per
minute and their wings flap between 10-80 times per second. With all that
energy, it’s no wonder they require eating more than their weight in food each day. To
give back to our sweet friends, make your own nectar for them to feast by
following this simple recipe: start with 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Boil your
water to sterilize it, and let cool. Add your 1 part sugar once the water is cooled (this
is important, as adding sugar to hot water will cause it to become too syrupy for
the birds to digest). Then, fill your hummingbird feeder and hang in a quiet,
low traffic area. You can even keep your solution in the refrigerator for 1-week, if you have
any leftover. Within days, you are sure to see a flock of these beauties
flurry to sip on your homemade nectar! (another note: some recipes call for red
food coloring, but this is not necessary and can even cause issues in the bird’s digestion.
We say: skip it!)