IUP Profile: Joe Rocco, Biology/Pre-Med, Men's Basketball

Uploaded by IUPVideo1875 on 08.10.2010

Two hundred-some teams start out, but only two make it to that point. The whole National
Championship experience is just absolutely amazing. Our basketball program success was
a small part of the overall success going on here at IUP. When they look closely they’re
going to see the success the students are having academically, they’re going to see
the success of the growth of the institution, they’re going to see the success that’s
going on with the everyday work with faculty just preparing students for life after college.
Of course academics is something that he stresses and, I mean, the way Coach Lombardi sets it
up, he builds practices and everything around your academic schedules. I’ve been able
to have a lot of success academically, get a lot of experience in the biology field.
I’ve been able to do some research with a professor in the Biology Department. I was
privileged enough to win the Elite 88 Award, which is given to one of the top scholar athletes
in the country, and that was a great honor for me.