Class1: เรียนเปียโนกับพ่อครัว (1/3)

Uploaded by TheSoundChefHD on 10.05.2010

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"Easy Piano Lessons with The Sound Chef".. Everyone can play the piano, NO BS!
Hi, this is The Sound Chef HD and you’re with Chef Jumbo.
What’s so special today is that I’m not gonna review gears
but I’ll be teaching Piano!
After quite a number of video reviews ,
I have got a lot of feedbacks from viewers asking me If I teach piano.
Well, the answer is no
but it’s not because I don’t want to teach you to play the piano,
it’s because playing popular piano is so easy,
that formal classes are not required.
All it takes is talking to me and listening to me.
I am gonna be telling you what you really need to know
to play the piano and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.
Everyone can play the piano. In fact,
getting the money to buy the piano
is much more difficult than learning to play the piano.
That is, it takes much more efforts to make money and buy the piano
than efforts required to play songs on the piano.
This course is all about playing the piano for fun,
don’t expect to become a pro, a concert pianist..
don’t expect to play Beethoven, Chopin or Liszt.
You are not gonna be playing Piano Concertos.
But you will learn to play what you really want to play
you will learn to play songs you like,
songs that your family or friends can sing along
and more importantly, you'll have a lot of fun!
So this course is all about putting some fun back into your life
without the pain that you're gonna have with formal piano training.
So this would certainly be the funniest and the easiest piano course ever
Before the lesson begins, let me talk a bit about
“Myths about this instrument”
The first myth is “Playing the piano is difficult”
which is definitely not true, why??
Think about Guitars,
when you first learn to play and you don’t know how to play chords properly
you will hear sounds, but those may not be musical sounds
Or if you were to play the violin, because it has no frets,
if you got the wrong position then you will not be making the right sounds.
But for piano, just try to play any keys you like
you will still be making musical sounds
See! Easy?
Hitting the keys randomly, and you can make good music!
even if you knew nothing about it
you can just play any keys randomly and hear the music
See! I have just made some cool music!
Don't you think it's such an easy instrument?
The second myth is
“In order to play the piano one must play the piano since his early age
or fingers will lose all the flexibility"
Hey, why would you even care about fingers?
You don’t want beautiful fingering.. you just want to play music, right?
Why would you want beautiful, theoretically perfect fingering
when all you want is good sounds and good music?
you just want to play songs you like, right?
I don't mind if you use only one or two fingers to play.
as long as you feel comfortable with it
and if that's how your fingers and music are connected.
Alright, I will now show you an example of some extremely
bad fingering, I will use only one finger
so rest assured, even if you have only one finger,
You can still play!!
OK, I will now play the piano with my forefinger, one finger only
Alright, one last thing before it all begins,
let me tell you a bit more about my style of teaching.
What you see is a piano sheet music that looks very difficult
The upper part is called vocal line or melody line,
the middle part is what you’ll play with your right hand,
and the lower part is what you’ll play with your left hand
Forget this fancy-looking traditional piano sheet music
what I’m about to teach you looks like this…
You will see only one line of notes and "chords" above it
Much simpler right? This type of sheet music also
allows you to express the song in million different ways