[Eng sub] Taiwanese group Da Mouth interviews Korean group 4Minute

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What's your favorite Asian music?
4Minute likes me the most.
Yeah, we're soon going to have our second single game.
It's 4Minute's Truth or Dare.
We'll now ask a question to start things off.
At this spot are three people,
because there are only three guys at this spot.
-Right. -Of the three guys,
which type do you admire the more?
So our three guys have characteristics that are totally not that similar.
They also have different strong points.
Therefore, I'm going to give you guys,
all of you a little time.
You'll open up your good aspects.
We're sending you over.
What the?! What the?! What the?!
Yeah! Yeah! Please. Please. Please.
I'm Contestant No. 1, DJ Chung Hua.
A dating show?
I'm Contestant No. 1. This is my first time seeing her.
I'm feeling, umm, a huge connection.
That sucks!
What do you want with them?
Fine! Contestant No. 2.
You're Contestant No. 2.
Fine, here comes Contestant No. 2.
[Korean] How are you? I'm MC 40.
-Brownie points? -I'm happy that you're here.
I welcome you for coming to Taiwan.
I hope that your concert is a smooth success.
If you have the opportunity, we can be friends.
[I'm being sincere!]
-How are you? -I already used that!
He already used that!
You lose points for saying something already said!
[Harry worked hard reviewing his Korean to praise the beautiful 4Minute...]
-Okay. -So handsome!
DJ Chung Hua, MC 40, and Harry.
Who will eventually win the hearts of these beautiful ladies?
Is this a prank?
Fine! Why is that?
Thank you.
We like lively and interesting guys.
Those three really fit into that,
but because we all like the color red,
But all three of them are very humorous.
The feeling is lively and energetic.
Next question.
-Furthermore. -Don't forget about me.
Since you're a group,
then we wanted to ask,
between the five of you?
Between the five of you,
who dresses the cutest?
It's obviously Sohyun.
She's ranked highest in our family at only 17 years old.
We want to nominate the girl (in our group) who dresses the cutest.
The cutest girl.
-That would be Aisa. -Aisa.
If you compare us and pit us together for a bit,
Whoever you see, it'll be Aisa's look.
You can do it!
Then we'll go ahead and take five snapshots.
[Taking 5 cute snapshots of Aisa and Sohyun.]
-So hot! -So great!
We decided that the ones that pulled off the win is
Thank you.
-Very cute. -Great.
The life of 17 year olds.
Yeah. If only Aisa were 10 years younger.
You're being like that!
-Wouldn't that be 10 months younger? -I'm sorry.
All right.
We'll continue on to the next one.
We'll stretch out our Truth or Dare.
What's the third question?
Yes. The third question is since
4Minute is really busy working non-stop
and going to a ton of places,
we therefore wanted to ask you.
When you're taking a break
and when all five of you are together,
what stuff do you do for fun?
We rarely do anything for fun.
We chat a lot with each other more often.
But since we play this type of game that's popular in Korea.
It's called 3-6-9.
We're not sure if they have this kind of game in Taiwan.
We do! Taiwanese play it.
Today, since it's rare to have 4Minute over,
we'll therefore
play the Korean game 3-6-9.
Don't we clap at 3?
You clap when you're 3.
She claps. You're 4!
Ah, we don't need to clap.
-Out! You suck. -I'm out.
I'm awesome.
I have a problem.
I can only count up to ten in English.
Translate! I can only count up to ten in English.
He can only count up to ten in English.
So in the second turn,
it'll be your turn.
Yeah! Because when we get to 11,
It'll then be my turn.
Don't laugh!
No, no, no!
Because we have an important thing to do up next.
Is that right?
Because actually, everyone in 4Minute,
4Minute can really, really dance.
And therefore?
How could we let this opportunity slip today?
Won't we ask them to show us their dance?
-Oh? -Am I right?
Therefore, up next,
we'll ask 4Minute to teach us part of their dance.
Come do it!
Please sing for us! Sing!
-That took guts doing that! -Great!
That took guts doing that!
Okay, but did you know that
we are also actually a dance group?
We also have a dancing king and queen.
Therefore, we're also here to teach 4Minute
a dance to our main song "Rock It".
Fine! I hope you can come try this dance with us.
Let's go!
[Korean] Use your specialty to plead with him.
[Korean] I beg you... Will it make easy?
"Make it easy for them."
Let's go. Get ready!
[That hurts!]
One more time.
-(Korean) I can get addicted to that foot shake thing. -She learned it pretty fast.
Thank you, 4Minute!
All right! We're really happy today
to have interviewed 4Minute for everyone.
Then today, today was a huge day.
See you until next time. We're done here.
Thank you, 4Minute!
We are 4Minute. See you later!
Thank you!