Marlene & Rebecca - Part 54-1

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New York.
You remember? How we dreamed about it together?
"Old Promises" Subtitles by late2knight, support by tegan
No accusations, no justifications.
Just you and me.
In autumn you were never there.
How in Central Park the leaves change colours..
We feed the ducks, eat hot dogs..
.. enjoy the last rays of sun.
Come, let's start over, there, together.
Just you and me.
Far away from here and this .. this whole issue.
Rebecca, I would absolutely love to say yes, but ..
But we agreed that I first resolve the chaos I created here.
Yes, we were.
But by now I believe this can't be cleaned up.
I feel exactly the same.
But if we both run away like that..
No, what we need is a clear, clean cut and a new beginning for all involved.
Please, try to understand.
I can't pretend all is well.
Oh well, New York won't run.
And spring over there is more beautiful anyhow.
So... you can understand?
The more I think about it ..
I mean Tristan wanted, together with you ..
spend your honeymoon in my appartment.
So, it wouldn't be all burden free.
And with all this I really can't help you?
Thanks but my accumulated rubbage I better take back in on my own.
Right, well..
You'll be in touch? Yes ..
Maybe sooner than you want.
That isn't possible.
And if you can't bear it anymore
.. because of your family or ..
.. Tristan .. perhaps you can fly to New York by yourself..
No, it's all good.
To New York?
Yeah, Rebecca already had two tickets.
Oh man, how I'd have loved to say yes.
Away from .. all this.
And work?
I've been thinking.
Why I didn't yield to my feelings for Rebecca much earlier on.
Although they were much stronger as those for Tristan.
Fear of conflicts.
I mean, hello, my whole life I was fixated on men.
At Sebastian I stopped counting.
I believe you were 10 years old?
To suddenly love a woman ..
I still haven't completely processed it.
What's next?
First start all over.
I threw Tristan's ..
our.. life planning out with the trash.
I don't know how to continue.
I'd say with the most obvious thing.
And the best part is..
...ahh.. you're not alone.
Oh my god.
.. carry on!
Rebecca, what's up?
I'm out at the lake.
I did it, didn't I?
We only need nuts and bolts, but we all know that takes most of the time.
See you in a bit.
We're getting prominent support.
Rebecca will come by. I think she could use a little distraction.
As long as she doesn't distract you from work, it's no problem.
Thanks again for helping, it's really cool.
Easy. A little work doesn't do any harm.
No way ..
That's impossible.
What's up?
Darn, we're out of electricity, that's it!
- Is Tristan here? - Yes, he is.
Do you want coffee?
It won't take that long.
What can I do for you?
I thought my answer was clear enough.
Yes, it was and therefore I thought, we should talk about it.
How things will continue. In here, for instance.
- Perhaps it's too early to.. - I already talked to my lawyer.
He commisioned an assessor to estimate the current value of No Limits ..
and as soon as the price is established, I will buy your share.
You will buy me out?
Tristan, the No Limits was my idea.
Perhaps you choose the wall colour and even paid it.
But I think the major part was taken on by my family.
Or do you see it different?
I .. I haven't had a concrete thought about this ..
.. how things should continue.
Yes, concrete thinking obviously isn't your strong suit, as we all know by now.
Tristan I'm really sorry everything turned out this way. I didn't want to hurt you.
You repeat yourself.
So I think it's in your interest too, if we both go our seperate ways ..
I'll be in touch.
Are you hesitating how to treat me?
Oh well..
Before you went to New York we hang out a lot and ..
I never thought you and my sister would ..
Well, Marlene and me are not together.
Not like you think. At least not really.
Can you deal with it all in all?
Well, most important, Marlene thrives.
The power company hasn't closed us off. So it's between the distribution and our end.
Okey, and when will someone show up?
First chance next week.
Did you tell them we need power for almost everything?
I've pleaded and begged and they can't do a thing.
If I remember correctly .. at your horse stables there's a small generator, right?
We have to postpone the opening, nothing we can do.
A small requires much electricity.
It doesn't matter. I have a gas cooker.
I only need power for lights, sound and the fridge.
- That would be about right. - Then call. Please..
- Hello? - Hello? Ahh.
Hagen had to leave suddenly.
He asked me to hand you this generator.
You're Ricardo, right?
- Yes. - Thomas Wolf.
We've met before. At the wedding of my daughter Kim.
A very special wedding. The bride and groom?
You don't have daughters, do you?
Then you've missed something.
The weddings of my daughters .. were all very special.
Oh well, repeat once more.
- What will you use it for? - For Emilio's bar.
- Why doesn't he have power? - Untill recently he had it.
- He didn't pay the bills? - No, no, he did.
Issue with the supply cables.
Somehow I get the impression he doesn't really get an move on.
So, I don't know how it looked before but..
Now it's really nice.
I do believe the bar will be a succes.
That is good to know, Mrs von Lahnstein.
As father-in-law you wish he ..
.. he builds something solid. - He did.
Yes, a sausage stall at a mud lake.
Which he can't start without me giving support.
- Did you ever visit? - No.
- He hasn't openend yet, has he? - But soon.
I suggest you imagine Emilio got himself a potential goldmine.
- Maybe during lunch break .. - I have things to do. But .. oh well.
In honor of sausages?