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Sukhi, wait.
What are you doing here?
Brother, I had come to meet you.
I came to know you were coming, I came here.
Why were you going back? Back? Like that only.
Good Day, Brother.
Yes, She's there.
Hi, Sukhi. Hello, Renu.
Mother. - Oh, Son, come.
Good Day Mother - Good Day.
How are you, Oh! God Bless You.
Open your mouth. - Why?
First, open your mouth, then I will tell you.
Now tell me.
Mother, today our Manish is coming.
My Manish is coming?
Yes, Mother.
Oh! God, you have done so much for Manish...
...that even a real brother won't do.
Sent him abroad,
gave all the expense of his education from your pocket,
This favour of yours, I can't repay it in this lifetime.
What favor, Mother, Manish is my friend, more than my real brother.
Now be quick, we all are going to Bombay.
Here, Mr. Manish,
The Hindustan which you were desperate for...
...that Hindustan has come.
I am really very lucky, that I was born in this country.
Where the days are beautiful, and the nights too.
Mr. Manish, I think instead an Engineer...
...lf you would have been a poet, it would have been better.
Whatever I wanted to become, I became.
What is your intention?
I never think about tomorrow,
Whatever has to happen, will happen, why should I be afraid of the future.
Life is the name of a coincidence.
Your philosophy is very interesting.
This isn't my philosophy, this is my experience.
I was studying in college, one day, in a party, by chance...
...I met a man, and I became an air-hostess.
Then I met a film producer, from air-hostess,
I became a film heroine.
Which film have you worked in.
Oh Sir, before the film started, the film company shut down.
After that, I met a gentleman, who used to do export & import,
He made me his Secretary & took me to Europe.
There suddenly he expired, later I came to know,
Export import was nonsense,
In reality, he was a very big smuggler.
The police packed me off to Hindustan, so I am returning.
I am sure, now such a coincidence won't take place,
Next time you will meet decent people.
I don't like decent people. - Why?
They are very soft.
Oh! You rascal!
I think, they are praising you.
Hey, you Manish, why are you standing there, come down.
Coming, Excuse me.
Feels so good - Yes.
Manish - Jai, Jai.
Manish, - How are you, Jai?
I am O.K. Manish.
Mother, god bless you son, god bless.
How are you'll both. - I am fine, Brother.
How was your trip.
May I thank you, - You are welcome.
Jai, this is Miss Rita, She's come with me.
We've only come together, Swine.
And this is my friend Jai Kishen, my best friend, brother.
He is everything to me.
He's a very big man.
Think, Whatever I am today is due to him.
Keep quite, Pig.
Oh, Why has the band stopped playing?
Excuse me, - What were you thinking.
I like your friend very much.
Why? Is he not decent. - No, he's not soft.
Why have you stopped, play loudly.
Jai, what was the use of all this noise.
My friend has come, and no one should know?
Play more loudly. Play loudly.
Come Mother.
Ladies and gentlemen, I want you all to meet my friend, Manish.
Mr. Batliwala. Mr. Jones.
Mr. Shankar.
And my good friend.
Life is a coincidence.
Life is a coincidence.
Yesterday, also was a coincidence.
Today, also is a coincidence.
Life is a coincidence.
Hold the drink, Extend your hand,
Pray that the night does not reduce.
My dear, your promise, I am telling my heart's feelings.
If any meeting is possible.
Any game with hands.
Consider yourself lucky.
Be grateful to time.
Hearts are meeting sometimes.
Otherwise, all are strangers.
My dear, my darling.
Happiness is a coincidence.
Happiness is a coincidence.
Yesterday also was a coincidence.
Today also is a coincidence.
Life is a coincidence.
There is Beauty and Drink. Life is successful.
Should be like this. My sight should meet yours.
The colors should be like this only.
The time should stop like this.
Let's dance on the music.
Kiss, the spread of hair.
Nothing I can do. Nothing You can do.
My friend, My dear.
All this is coincidence.
All this is coincidence.
Yesterday also was a coincidence.
Today also is a coincidence.
Life is a coincidence.
Mother, the hand should burn & the mouth too.
That is the fun of eating puri's(Indian fried bread).
Manish, you went abroad, but you didn't bring the whole degree home.
If only you would have brought a foreigner with you...
Look at him, Mother.
For him you should have really brought,
At least, he should have got married. - Why me alone?
You have roamed about a lot alone, now we will tie the knot with a girl.
Get him married too, if he does, then will I.
Alone, I will not get married at all.
If that's the case, do this, you look for a girl for me,
I will look for you. Agreed.
Rascal! Take this,
Renu, Bring more Puri's.
I am sending Mother.
Leave my hand. The puri will get burnt.
I'll not leave it. - Don't tell me later, I'll burn your hand.
Let me see how you burn.
Leave, Otherwise, I'll scream.
Scream, Scream, Scream. - Mother, - Oh no.
Oh fatso, you have eaten a lot, Hurry up!
The opening of the office has to be done.
See mother, He's calling me fatso.
O.K. Take, have some sweet meats.
Mother, love, lover.
This is sweeter that sweet. - Mama.
Not one take two. - Saw.
This is your office.
From today, you will work and I will rest. Understand!
Sit on the chair. Sit.
See how good you look, just like a Boss.
Any other order, Boss. - Jai.
Whatever, you have done for me, I will not be able to repay...
even by giving my life.
Manish, you are my friend,
In friendship there is no favors and returns.
I am only happy that you have returned.
And will be my right hand and work.
Jai, Jai.
Good morning.
Good morning, Rita.
Hi, Manish. - You here too.
Life is a coincidence, I had told you earlier.
But Rita, your statement was proved false again today. How's that.
You said you don't like decent people.
Jai is very decent.
You are saying, so I'll agree.
Rita! Tea or coffee?
Let's take, tea.
Hail Bina devi.
Hail Bina devi.
Hail Bina devi.
Not me, hail to you all.
The work that I do is nothing as compared to what you'll do.
This is your greatness that you are saying this,
Otherwise, which rich person will come to the poor people's village.
Even if someone comes...
...they keep a handkerchief on their nose and passes away.
You educate our children, look after our sick women,
You do that work which the big politicians and leaders...
This is your love that you all think like that.
This dam that you all are making together.
This is our temple. This is my worship.
I want to be with you in this Pooja.
This earth is our Mother, we are together & doing it a service.
What are you seeing?
Jai, I am seeing the smell of the mud of our country.
This mud is thirsty.
The day this thirst is quenched, this mud...
...will become gold and we will not have to beg from outside countries.
Jai, you are quenching the thirst of this soil.
Jai, I am proud of you.
Really, you are doing a good work.
Not me, Manish, we! Jai, - Manish.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
A storm will arise, the world will see.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
Haisha, Haisha, Haisha.
The rivers water will flow for miles.
The fields will flutter with youthfulness.
My country will shine my friend.
The eyes have a sight of tomorrow.
The boon of a new world, the world will see.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
We used to roam in different countries, begging.
From now we will live on our own merit.
My country will shine my friend.
The eyes have a sight of tomorrow.
The eyes have a sight of tomorrow.
The fields are full the world will see.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
Our sweat will break out as pearls.
Our sweat will break out as pearls.
The world's people will learn from us how to live.
My country will shine, my friend.
The eyes have a sight of tomorrow.
My country will shine my friend.
The eyes have a sight of tomorrow.
Tomorrow's Hindustan the world will see.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
The storm will arise, the world will see.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
The Man will awaken, the world will see.
Mirza Sahib, the apple is very tasty, but.
What have you brought?
You should have brought a bigger basket.
You want to make me bankrupt?
In the beginning only, if we make this bad habit.
Then later, it becomes very difficult.
Mirza Sahib, you don't have any sense.
The color is set in the beginning only later,
Small, big, less, more anything will do.
Engineer sahib - my brother is in Kulu.
There he has gardens of apples, there are many apples there.
I have got some for you. - Who are you?
He's a contractor - his trucks are running here.
He works here at the dam.
My name is Mirza.
But I did not tell you to bring apples.
You did not tell me but it's my duty to do your service.
You are trying to bribe me.
This is not bribe, he is just trying to make you happy.
You keep quite, I don't like to eat apples.
You take them away.
And listen don't ever try to do this, again.
Take the basket away and go.
Ramsingh, give them to me.
They are good. - Take, eat them.
Oh! Good you threw them, I was going to throw them.
O.K., Mr. Anand, I understood but what's the progress in the dam.
The dam wall is made up to 50 feet...
...and the tunnel has gone 1 mile deep, Look there.
Oh! Fatso, give money.
Give me money.
What money? Everyday you drink & come to ask for money.
What's that noise?
It must be Bandua, sometimes he drinks and comes.
Hey, stop the fight.
Sir, he is showing me eyes.
I said stop the fight.
Don't confront me, Otherwise, you'll have a problem.
Rana - Yes, Sir.
Settle his account, from tomorrow...
...he should not come to work.
Come on get up, get up, get on.
Come on everyone, go to work.
Go, Go, Go to work, Everyone comes and stands here.
Is your boss there? - Where have you come from?
Are you the new In - charge of this place?
Yes, tell me.
Why do you all always have the power crazy attitude in you?
The one, who sets have, why does he consider himself as the King.
Who are you? With whom do you have work?
You, You have removed Bandua from work.
Yes, your introduction.
No need to introduce myself.
When they give such big jobs, don't they ask you...
...what you know about people.
No need of giving a lecture. Tell me, the work.
That's, what I am saying, you don't try to...
...understand the plight of the poor.
After he is unemployed, what will Bandua do?
He will beat his wife and children, will drink liquor,
Will trouble the neighbors, and will go around bullying people.
So, What can I do? - If you keep this policy,
then one day all the workers will go on strike.
There'll be lathi charge and firing of bullets,
But nothing will go of yours,
you will get promotion and go ahead, the poor workers will die.
It's a sorry state of this country,
where Officers like you are born - (ldiot)
Who was this girl?
Whoever, she was, she was great, what a way she shouted.
Came like a lightning, struck and left.
Gulam Rasul, go do your work.
Come Gulam Rasul, now its your work.
Are the laddoo's fresh?
I have just made and kept. - Let me taste.
Should I have it with milk or water.
The laddoos are good, give me 2 kilos.
Govardhan Brother, pack 2 kilos for the brother.
Oh! Very good, the mawa is great.
Wait, wait. Do this, cancel the laddoos and.
Instead of the laddoos give me 2 kilos of mawa.
Very good.
Wait, wait the pedhas are very fresh,
You will have a little trouble, cancel the barfi.
Instead of barfi, give 2 kilos of pedhas.
What is this nonsense?
What fresh smell of ghee!
Give me 2 kilos of jalebi instead of pedhas.
Here, take this. - It's hot!
Hey brother! Give me money for the Jalebi.
But I bought jalebi's instead of pedhas.
Then pay for the pedhas. - This is ridiculous!
I bought the pehdas instead of barfi.
Then pay for the barfi, - But I bought the barfi instead of laddoos.
Then pay for the laddoos instead.
Why should I pay for something I never bought?
You didn't buy the laddoos? Didn't you give him laddoos?
No, sir.
Why have you come?
Sir, has sent sweat meat. - Why has he sent.
Don't get angry, first listen to me.
When you went away, Sir, called me,
Gulam Rasool, Who was this girl?
I also got angry, I said, the lady who had come to meet you,
You should talk decently to her.
Girls are to be taken care of.
He said, I made a mistake.
I said, yes you have made a mistake.
You go immediately and apologize.
He does not refuse what I say.
He said Gulam Rasool, if I go there,
and she is still angry, then there will be a problem,
You go there, on my behalf, give the sweet meat & apologize.
I have come here.
O.K., now you go and take this sweet too,
There is no need for this.
I am sorry, but you'll have to take the sweet.
O.K. Keep it.
You smile and say that you have forgiven.
O.K., I forgave.
If you eat one jalebi, I'll think you really forgave.
Take, Take.
Madam, if you don't get annoyed,
You were also at fault, a little bit,
You should not shout at the officer in his office,
Servants stop giving respect.
Whatever you want to say go alone and say.
O.K. - About my boss, I'll tell you one more thing. - What!
How much he is handsome, that much he is good at heart.
Madam, your gardens flowers are very beautiful.
Gulam Rasool, Gulam Rasool.
Gulam Rasool. - Here, I come.
Without telling, where do you go?
Now, what shall I tell you, you are angry only.
I had gone for these flowers.
Flowers, from where you have brought them.
I've not brought them, they have been sent.
I was going on the road, she met me.
She took me with her, and gave these flowers...
...And said, tell your boss, whatever happened...
...I am very sorry for that.
Oh, no, who has sent the flowers, and sorry for what.
You have gone abroad and become of no use.
Cement, Brick, Stone, you remember.
Flowers, scent, smell. You don't let it come near you.
Meena sister has sent. - Meena sister?
Yes, the one who came in the morning like lightning,
Struck and went.
You talk too much unnecessarily,
That, I will remove, but at least listen, you, atleast take one flower.
Sir, how much she is beautiful, .
...that much she is good at heart.
Stop the car.
Hello. - Hello.
Thank you for the flowers.
I had forgotten about yesterday's talk.
What was the use of saying sorry?
Forgiveness, who asked for forgiveness, who sent you flowers.
Your Gulam Rasool had brought.
You are deaf, Gulam Rasool.
Gulam Rasool is a liar, I had not sent any flowers.
Yes, you had definitely, sent sweet meats & said sorry too.
What are you saying, neither did I send sweet meat.
...nor did I ask for forgiveness.
How you did not send? Gulam Rasool had brought.
He is telling lies, Gulam Rasool.
I am going, key is in the jeep, come back home by yourself.
Ha, Ha, Ha,
This Gulam Rasool is very cunning.
See, fights happen between friends or enemies.
We are neither friends nor enemies.
If not said sorry, then I am saying right now.
Whatever happened, even I am very sorry about that.
O.K. Who is Balwa of yours?
Oh, if you don't mind, I'll ask you something.
What are you doing in this village?
I am a social worker, I work in the worker's village.
And in my free time, I teach their children.
Worker's also need humdardi, then income is less and lots of expense.
Children are more and less to eat.
Besides tension, there is nothing else in their life.
But why should anyone sympathize with them.
What has anyone to do with them.
Congratulations, J.K. Saheb. J.K. Saheb, work is done.
What happened?
J.K. Sahib, The full payment of Nirmal Baja flyover is done.
See this? This is the cheque for Rs 10 lakhs.
Cheque, is O.K., tell me how much goods did we gain?
Oh, Sir, there are all of goods.
Cement, Concrete, Piles, Girder, .
If I go to sell in the market, I will get Rs. 50 lakhs.
Let it be now, send these goods to Sunderban.
Listen, where is Manish Sahib. - He's at the Dam.
Namaste, Sir, did you call me? - Yes, Balwa.
From tomorrow, come to work.
You forgave me, you are such a nice person.
See, don't drink liquor, and don't fight with anyone.
O.K., not at all sir, not at all.
Oh, Gulam Rasool. Today, you look very happy.
Oh, Sir you go inside atleast,
Anything special, go inside atleast.
Forgive me, I came inside without your permission.
You do not need permission.
Today, you had holiday in the school?
No, I had an important work.
So I thought, I'll do that first.
Take this, have something sweet. - What is this for?
You kept Balwa back on work, his children have sent for you.
The remaining sweets, on my behalf, you give to Balwa's children.
But, take some more. - I don't eat many sweets.
Don't get afraid, this is not a Bribe.
Bribe, where did this bribe thing come up here?
Gulam Rasool was just telling me that you don't take bribes at all.
Some contractor had sent you fruits, you sent them back.
You don't know, Gulam Rasool.
He tells everything after adding some spice.
To return the fruit was not a special thing.
It may be a regular virtues...
...but nowadays, where do people have these regular virtues.
Oh, no, all useless talk, they are doing.
They are not coming on the right track.
Meena, I always get to meet you in the office only.
I don't get any free time, from the school work.
Hello! Oh, it was coming in line, don't know who came in between.
Manish, the design is ready or no.
Yes, it's ready. I am bringing it right now.
O.K., I am leaving. - O.K.
Once again, thank you very much.
Thank You.
Madam, Madam. - What happened, Gulam Rasool?
Sir, has said, I go to roam near the river,
Near about 6 O'clock. If you can come, please come.
I'll see. - No, I'll see.
They have asked for a reply.
O.K. I'll come. - Very good.
Sir, Sir - What happened?
Madam has said, I go to roam near the river at about 6 O'clock.
If you can come, please come. - Which Madam?
What's wrong with you, Meena Sister,
The one who just went from here.
I'll see. No, I'll see, she has asked for a reply.
She's waiting outside.
O.K. I'll come. Very good, Very good.
Hello! Hello!
This river is very beautiful.
Yes, it's very beautiful.
You come here everyday?
Me, No, I have come here first time.
You come here everyday?
No, I have also come here first time.
But you said, you come here everyday to roam at 6 O'clock.
You are forgetting, you said you come here.
Everyday to roam at 6 O'clock.
Me! - Yes, Gulam Rasool was saying.
Just ask Gulam Rasool. - Gulam Rasool.
I am going, keys are in the Jeep, come home later.
This Gulam Rasool is also a funny person.
He is sent on making us meet often.
What's wrong with that?
Oh! Water from the blue mountains,
Came to find a corner, from very far.
Everyone wants a support.
Want someone for ourselves.
Oh! Water from the blue mountains,
Came to find a corner, from very far.
Everyone wants a support.
Want someone for ourself.
Like the flowers have scent.
You are settled in my heart.
From earth to sky, the net of love is spread.
Oh! Water from the blue mountains,
Came to find a corner, from very far.
Everyone wants a support.
Want someone for ourselves.
Behind the sun, the earth moves.
Behind the night, the morning moves.
The bond which lies between them.
The same bond ties you and me.
Oh! Water from the blue mountains,
Came to find a corner, from faraway.
Everyone wants a support.
Want someone for ourselves.
Oh Water from the Blue Mountain.
Yes, Khanna, according to your order, the National.
Highway tender is filed.
For this matter, I want to meet you.
Don't know, whether you are in Delhi or Shimla.
When I come to know, then I will come to meet you.
What are you watching my face for, didn't you write?
When you speak, you look so handsome.
J.K. And Company, Just hold on please.
Call from Suberwal.
Yes, Suberwal.
Sir, what happened to our 5000 tonnes of steel,
That special one,
There is a lot of demand for it, in the market.
Demand, I understand, I don't have a mine of steel.
That I'll remove and give you, .
Don't consider everything so easy.
Oh, no, why are you talking like this J.K. Sahib,
On your signal, all the work is done,
and this is also your company.
Like this, I have lots of companies, who all.
I'll take care of.
Sir, you'll have to take care of us, other you keep or no.
Tell me, Till when should I keep hope for it?
I have phoned Delhi, let's see what reply is sent.
Just a minute.
J.K. And company, Yes, Ya, your Delhi call.
Hold on for one minute.
Hello, J.K. Here, Yes, Yes, I am J.K. Speaking.
Good Morning J.K. Sahib, Saxena here.
What happened about that thing special steel?
Yes, Yes, steel.
We do not get permission to order those goods.
Yes, we do not get the permission, that's a banned item.
There is no banned item, everything, is saleable.
You need a buyer, find out the price.
How much ever the price is, pay it, work must be done.
Yes, O.K. - I'll try.
No trying, work should be done,
I have promised someone.
Sabarwalji, your work will be done.
Rita, Everything in this world is saleable.
Every man is saleable, you only need a buyer.
J. K..., I am sold at your hands without a price.
What is being sold & what is being bought.
Come, Manish.
Hello, J.K. Hi, Rita.
Here are the drawings that you asked for.
Drawings are O.K. But,
First tell, where are you nowadays,
Whenever I want to see you, you have disappeared,
Have you fallen in love?
Yes, I have. Without asking me?
This is only love,
Without your knowledge, even a leaf cannot shake
Show me, who it is? - Yes, I will show.
And me too. - Yes, I'll show you too.
When? - Whenever you say.
Cheers for your girl friend.
Meena, - Yes.
I want to introduce you to my friend.
Who is he?
Just think, my friend, brother, dear, he is everything.
Oh, I thought I was everything.
Is it like that? -
Then, I won't introduce you.
Now I will surely meet.
O.K. Manish, I'll see you tomorrow.
O.K., Bye - Bye. - Bye, Bye.
Manish, tomorrow, I won't be able to meet you. - Why?
Tomorrow, I am going, see Papa's urgent message has come...
...has called me immediately.
Come down, at least.
O.K., I am coming, you wait.
When will you come back?
I don't know, but I'll try to come soon.
You'll write a letter?
What to write? - Anything.
Anything, I remember, I'll write,
Is the work of the dam going on well or no,
And, yes, did you fight with any worker?
And any girl came to fight or no.
Meena, I'll miss you.
I'll miss you too, Manish.
I love you, Meena. - Manish.
Don't touch me, coward, I am afraid of brother,
Being afraid of Brother.
He's your brother or a lion?
So what should I say, I'm not afraid of brother.
Yes say, I don't get scared at all or Brother.
If that's the case, then why are you afraid of Manish Brother?
I don't get scared, whenever they ask,
I will say immediately, I want to get married to Kuki.
If that's the case, then you only tell Manish to get us married.
You are a man, and you cannot tell J.K. Brother...
...and I should tell, don't you have any shame.
Renu, why do we have to say & hear anything?
The house people know about us. - They know? - Yes.
Whenever, they feel its right, they'll get us married.
You are also talking funny things, first elders are...
...married or younger?
You are there, Manish is there,
After you both get married,
Then I'll talk about Renu & Sukhi.
Mother, you don't understand, when they were small,
It was different, now they are both adults,
People will unnecessarily talk, we will get them married later,
But at least let us get them engaged.
Very right, I just heard their fight about this topic and came.
Mother, I think we should get them engaged.
You have the same opinion, Manish. - Yes!
Saw Mother, this is something.
Manish, today both the houses are come more close.
My heart wants, Oh dear friend, my heart Wants.
Oh dear friend, my heart wants)
Should do something that we are in memories.
(My heart wants, Oh dear friend, my heart.
Wants, Oh dear friend, my heart wants)
For centuries, there should be discussions about us.
(My heart wants, Oh dear friend, my heart.
Wants, Oh dear friend, my heart wants)
Take burning torches in the meeting nights, in the meeting nights.
We should go ahead in Friend's Wedding Procession.
Some innocent should be trapped in our talk, In our talk.
Some one's hand should come in our hand, In our hand.
For centuries there should be discussion about us.
(My heart wants, Oh dear friend, my heart.
Wants, Oh dear friend, my heart wants)
Should do something that we are in memories.
(My heart wants, Oh dear friend, my heart.
Wants, Oh dear friend, my heart wants)
Some one like us, you cannot get in thousands.
You cannot get in thousands.
Either you die or live, are in front rows, in front rows.
Our blood is flashing in tomorrow's season.
Ashko's gift is distributed between friends.
Is distributed between friends.
For centuries, there should be discussion about us.
(My heart wants, Oh dear friend, my heart.
Wants, Oh dear friend, my heart wants)
Should do something that we are in memories.
(My heart wants, oh! Dear friend, my heart)
(wants, Oh! Dear Friend, my heart wants)
(My heart wants, oh! Dear friend, my heart)
We are sitting in thought, with closed eyes.
If someone comes suddenly, then what will happen.
What are you thinking, are you O. K?
I am O.K., you tell me about yourself.
Today, on this poor man, how come so much love has sprouted?
Today, you are looking good.
What should I reply?
Shoot the reply, where were you at night?
Why? J.K. Wanted to meet you before going,
He has given these papers.
J.K. Has gone out?
Yes. - Where? - Simla.
Khanna Sahib, the pleasure I get of drinking tea with you,
I don't get with anyone else.
This thing if you had told a girl it was O.K.
I am not capable of it.
Tell me, how come you came to Shimla.
You come straight to the point about work.
I came because, that Highway is completed.
And is being used to.
But my 3 ½ lakhs bill is still pending.
Bill is not yet settled?
If it was settled, then why would I come to waste your time?
No good, you come, but govt. Work takes time.
I will go to Delhi and immediately get it done.
Thank you very much, Mr. Khanna.
Sir, the jeep has come. - O.K. I am coming.
You are going somewhere?
There is a skiing festival in Kupri, I am going there,
I am participating in it.
Lets go,
Ouch, Oh, No.
J.K. Did you enjoy skiing.
I enjoyed skiing a lot, but I just got saved,
I was going to bump into... With whom?
That! - Hi, Papa!
Papa, today I had lot of fun, many planes, I got saved from falling.
Oh, you don't know each other?
No, - No.
My daughter Meena, she does social work in your dam.
Hello. - Hello.
People just say that the world is small, she works at my dam,
And I have never met her.
Surprising, a social worker, does not know a Big man like J.K.
Dear Manish,I am writing this letter from Shimla,
For some days, I am here with papa,
I remember so much, I wonder whether you remember too or no?
When the sun sets, and its beautiful Golden rays spread every where,
My eyes look for you,
Then morning comes,
There is ice all over the ground.
As if someone has spread a white carpet,
Manish, I wish you were with me,
And we would hold hands and walk along these roads.
Oh, you have put your warm hands in my waist,
I felt, as if my warm breath has come in your hands.
In these icy mountains, I fell like playing with everything.
Like children, making snowballs and...
...throwing on each others, it feels so good.
These flying clouds, don't know from where they come,
and they kiss us both and go.
And when the light of the Moon, plays on the lap of the ice.
I wonder, and go into your arms, and...
...time stops, heart stops, everything stops,
You take me in your arms with love.
But dreams are dreams and dreams...
...break and I am alone again.
I remember you so much Manish, do you...
...also remember me?
Yours and only yours Meena.
Hello Yes, Speaking.
Hello Manish, I am J.K. From Shimla, are you listening?
Yes, I am listening,
A very strange incident happened today,
First time in my life, I liked a girl.
What, What did you like?
I want to marry her, Manish, I want to introduce her to you first,
Come immediately.
Friend, you did not show us your girl,
Come I'll show you, are you coming?
Yes, Yes, I am coming O.K. Bye - Bye, all the best.
Thank You Manish, I am waiting for you.
Here I come Meena.
Manish, you did very good by coming.
My friend calls and I don't come...
O.K. Tell me, is the girl beautiful or...
Just think, she is the queen of my dreams.
Really? - She's very beautiful.
Manish, you will see her, and faint.
This is that girl.
Tell me, how do you like her?
Why are you quite, tell me.
Seeing such a girl, who will not become quite.
Sleep is hers, mind is hers,
Nights are hers,
Your hair, has troubled me.
Dear, where are you going all dressed up?
I am going. - Where? - Back.
Pig, you have just come this morning,
What is the hurry of returning?
The job for which I had come is over.
I've already seen the girl.
The girl was just a part of the trip, dear.
Enjoy the beauty of the mountains.
Call your girlfriend here.
I can't call her here.
This place is so faraway.
After all I had come to meet my friend here.
Ok, friend. As you wish.
My good wishes are with you.
Enjoy yourself.
Sir, weren't you enjoying yourselves in Shimla?
What can the father do if the off springs are ready?
Your would - be was there.
There would have been a lot of discussing.
Went away?
Seems they've had a fight.
You've come back?
You weren't there, did you expect me to talk to the mountains?
I came back along with Meena Khanna.
Who's Meena? -
You've gone mad.
She's the girl whom I introduced to you.
Meena. Meena Khanna.
The funny part is that she stays here...
...but I never saw her.
I've called some people over for dinner tomorrow.
Don't forget, you'll be the one attending to the guests.
Meena too, would come.
I would introduce you to her.
You should create a positive impression about me in her mind.
So that she becomes crazy about me.
Are you sleeping? - No! - Don't forget.
The party is tomorrow evening.
No, I won't forget.
Are you thinking about me?
Yes, I was thinking about you.
Lower, your voice, if your girlfriend overhears...
...then it wouldn't prove good for you.
Manish, you kept promising... - Whom?
You had said that you would introduce your girlfriend to me.
Who's your girlfriend?
Please come.
How are you? - I'm fine.
This is my close friend Manish. He's a wonderful engineer.
And this is Ms. Khanna, Ms. Meena Khanna.
Manish, she's our special guest.
I hope there aren't any shortcomings in attending to her.
No one till date has introduced us to each other.
Now we're formally introduced.
Nice to meet you.
Ok listen...
...is this the friend whom you wanted me to meet?
I've already met you in Shimla.
He was praising you a lot.
Me? - Yes, Meena, he likes you a lot.
Really? Why? - Don't know.
Life is a coincidence.
Life is a coincidence.
Yesterday, also was a coincidence.
Today, also is a coincidence.
Life is a coincidence.
Hold the drink, Extend your hand,
Pray that the night does not reduce.
My dear, your promise, I am telling my heart's feelings.
If any meeting is possible.
Any game with hands.
Consider yourself lucky.
Be grateful to time.
Hearts are meeting sometimes.
Otherwise, all are strangers.
My dear, my darling.
Happiness is a coincidence.
Happiness is a coincidence.
Yesterday also was a coincidence.
Today also is a coincidence.
Life is a coincidence.
Let's dance on the music.
Nothing I can do.
Nothing You can do.
My friend, My dear.
All this is coincidence.
All this is coincidence.
Yesterday also was a coincidence.
Today also is a coincidence.
Life is a coincidence.
Hello, J.K.
Can I give you a lift?
Which side you are going?
Give order, the car will turn to that side.
Come, sit.
You are such a big social worker.
But you have not done my work.
What is your work?
It is also a sort of social work, coolie's work.
But, what work?
Work is this, that one good looking 6 ft...
...young man is still bachelor.
His heart has to be pleased...
Who is he? - Your servant.
You must not be having scarcity of girls.
Just give signal they will come running.
But yet, I didn't get any.
You must have not signaled.
Milord! If one signal is enough.
Then, I am signaling you.
Alright, tell me what type of girl you want?
Like this.
Like this! If you won't get like this girl then.
I will remain bachelor for the whole life by taking her name.
Stop here.
You are not angry with me, are you?
You are going to play golf. - Yes
Friend, just now I have decided.
That we will get married together. - Marriage!
Yes! You had talked about one girl.
Show her now. - Which girl?
You had told that you have failed in love.
That was just a joke.
Then you also found a girl for yourself. Just like Meena.
Jai, lucky persons get a girl like her.
That means you like Meena, very much.
Are you proud of my choice?
Your choice is fantastic.
Then, I will send the proposal, will I? - Yes.
Who will take the proposal?
What about mother?
A good work should be done by her hands. - Yes.
At last, one of you have come forward.
Today god has heard my prayers.
I tell Manish also.
That he also finds a girl for himself.
So, that we can marry together.
First you get married, then he will also.
Mother, just think, how enjoyable it would have been,
Fantastic band, decorated horses, crackers and lighting.
If two brothers marriage procession...
...would have taken place together,
People eyes would have slinging with excitement.
Now it will be played twice.
What do you say, Manish.
If Shenai is played ones not second time,
It does not matter at all.
Don't talk rubbish!
Hit him with a stick, mother.
Alright, leave it, leave it.
I will go to Mr. Khanna's place.
Mother, will you go empty handed with J.K.'s proposal.
What have you bought?
This look very expensive.
It is of Rs.1 lakh! Mother. - Is it true?
They should also know who's proposal has come.
You have not eaten anything.
At least sweetened your mouth.
I said, where are you? Please come here.
You are calling me, are you?
Come here. - What is it?
Good day! - Good day!
This is Manish's mother.
That young engineer who works at our dam. -Yes.
She has brought Meena's proposal.
I like your daughter very much.
Do Meena and Manish know each other?
She is not saying about Manish.
I have bought proposal for Jai Kishen.
Whom you know as J.K.
He is like my son.
Do you have any objection for him?
No, it is not like that.
I know Mr. J.K. Very nicely.
I have day night associate with him.
But let Meena know one's.
Will Meena go against us?
What ever you thing to be right, do.
Please give me permission to leave.
Okay sister! Now everything is fine.
I had bought a little gift.
Make Meena wear this.
Good Bye! You keep seated.
It is okay.
Are you Meena?
Yes! I am Manish's mother.
Live long!
What a beautiful bracelet!
Do you like it?
Yes, it is very beautiful.
It looks so nice on your hand.
But who's it is? - Yours.
Mine? - It has come for you.
But from where?
From your in - law's place.
In - laws place?
Manish's mother had come, she was saying that...
Listen to me, Meena, Meena, Listen!
Manish! Manish! Oh, Manish!
You know what happened today?
Your mother came today, at our place.
To talk to my parents, about our marriage.
My parents accepted it instantly.
O Manish! Your mother is so nice.
But Manish, what was the need of sending such an...
...expensive bracelet?
For me your love was enough.
Why are you so quiet? Say something.
What will I say?
Don't you like this proposal?
This proposal was not for me.
Then, for whom was it?
For J.K.
What? - He loves you very much.
What are you saying Manish, he is your friend!
But! He wants to marry me.
Not marriage! Say that he wants to buy me.
Rita! Tell me, which of this card is nice?
These are my engagement cards.
Where are you getting engaged?
Darkness below lamp!
The whole world knows, but you don't know.
To Mr. Khanna's daughter, Meena.
That is what I am saying.
Darkness below lamp!
Whom we like, they look for other people.
Whom you love is in some others arms.
Can you not control your tongue?
My lord! If you will, I will cut my tongue.
But truth is this, that your Meena is in your...
...friend Manish's arms.
This can never happen, Manish is my friend.
Your dreams are blessed to you.
Your gift is very expensive.
Keep it with yourself.
What are you saying?
I am talking truth.
Until now you have got girls, who get bowled,
Over your expensive gifts and your glamorous house.
I think that is why you had called me in the party, .
...to show your glamour.
It seems that you are angry.
I think, I have done some mistake. - You have!
You think this world to be a market, where everything is sold.
You must know Mr. J. K, in this world everything is not sold.
Manish! You were such a scoundrel, I did not know.
Take all of them to the ambulance.
How did this happen?
Sir, work was going on,
All of a sudden the wall came down.
When did this material come? - 8 days back.
Material is impure, stop the work.
Stop the work!
Why work has been stopped?
Wall had collapsed, 2-3 workers were buried.
Where are those workers?
They have been taken to the hospital.
Has anyone died?
No one has died, but injured badly.
Only 4 workers got injured.
Then, start the work.
It cannot be started, sir. - Why?
Engineer sir has said so.
Who is he to say so?
Here, my orders will be given, I am the owner.
Jai, you are the owner,
But I won't give you advice to start the work. - Why?
Material looks bad, we should check first.
That means I don't understand anything.
I have not worked here for the first time.
I am responsible for good or bad material.
I also have some responsibility!
Whoever will ask, will ask me.
I am an Engineer, over here.
You are my engineer, I have kept you.
What ever material is given to you, use it.
I cannot work like this.
If you cannot, then go home.
There is no deficiency of engineers.
Some other engineer will come in your place.
Start the work! - Start the work!
J.K., Did you have a fight with Manish?
What is it?
That scoundrel is teaching me honesty!
He stopped the work
And is telling that material is not good, has to be checked.
He is not a government officer, he is my man.
I pay him salary, had spent thousand of rupees on him.
And sent him abroad to study, Not his father.
No, No! You are mistaken.
Manish is your friend and not your enemy.
He is a honest man.
Honesty and friendship cannot live at par.
If tomorrow, I will do a murder,
Will you go to court and say against me?
No, as you are my friend.
It is the duty of a friend to do friendship, Rita,
To cover friends bad habits.
Any one can speak the truth.
Were goods really bad?
Can be! I never told that I am a disciple of truth,
I am not Mahatma Buddha,
I don't spread the truth,
I do a business.
This is not actual reason but something else.
What is the reason?
Actual reason is Meena. - Meena.
Yes, Meena! How dare he want the same girl as I want?
He talks more than his position.
He forgot my mercies.
I will also see how he takes the girl?
Even if he is born, 11 times after death, he cannot take her.
Jai! Not 10 times even if I am born 1000 times.
I cannot repay you.
Scoundrel! How will you repay me?
I raised you from earth and made you sit on the sky.
And you are cutting my roots.
Dishonest man! You are giving bad name to friendship.
You send proposal, with your mother, for me.
And romancing yourself?
Jai! Listen to.
I have heard a lot,
That's what I was doing until now.
Despicable! Get lost of my sight,
Otherwise, I will kill you.
As you are angry, you can say anything, you wish.
But I will always think you as my friend.
Kuki! Come up!
Kuki, I don't want to see you with this girl again.
What are you saying?
What ever I am saying is right.
But, she is my fiancee!
No, not fiancee, I am breaking this engagement today.
Renu! Renu! What happened?
You are crying,
Tell, what happened?
You had a fight with Kuki.
What happened mother?
She is not saying anything.
What happened? Has any one told you something?
Jai brother has thrown me out of the house.
Asked me not to meet Kuki.
Don't cry Renu! Jai has done a lot for us.
Jai! Listen to me Jai.
Move away, I don't want to listen to anything.
Jai! I have not come for myself.
But for Kuku and Renu.
Don't separate them, don't spoil their lives.
If I would have done so much for someone else,
He would had washed my feet and drank.
You are Faithless.
I want allow my brother to be married in such a low family.
It would have been nice if we would have remained friends.
Until, now you have seen my friendship now.
You will see my enmity.
God knows who has cast an evil eye on our house?
What's the matter Mr. Khan? - Is Manish Sahib there?
J.K. Sahib has asked to vacate the house. One new...
...engineer is supposed to come.
You tell J.K. Sahib, his order will be executed.
I never thought that J.K. Will change so mucn.
Mother, people do not change, it's the time that changes.
It's the colours of life, keep on watching.
Life has various colours, friend; life has various colours.
At times life connects the hearts...
...sometimes it breaks the hearts too.
There are flowers of joy on the path of life...
There is also the dust of sorrow on the path of life.
Life has various colours, friend, life has various colours.
Life is sometimes a belief, sometimes a doubt.
In each and every step we have to face the test.
We have to face the test, life has various colours, friend.
Life has various colours.
Mr. Manish I told you before that Bhalla Sahib will be very...
...happy to hear that, an efficient engineer like you...
...is willing to work for us.
Thank you, Mr. Puri, so should I believe that I have got this job?
O yes, certainly. Please come in.
...I already spoke to Mr. Bhalla.
Your work is almost done. Please take your seat.
Let me inform him. Hello, Bhalla Sahib?
This is Puri here. I told you about Mr. Manish earlier.
He has come. Shall I send him to you?
We don't require him. Not at all. Yes, I agreed earlier.
But now we don't require him.
I am so sorry. I don't understand! Why he has changed his decision!!
It's alright.
I thank you, Mr. Bhalla.
It's all right.
Manish, you have tried a lot, but then also...
...you could not get success. Has J.K. Done something with it?
Could be, Meena.
Manish, Government always looks for good engineers.
Why don't you try there?
May be J.K. Does not have influence in that sector.
Meena, you don't know J.K.
Sahib, why have you fallen in such a dilemma?
There are thousands of jobs.
...but your process of approaching is wrong.
You only tell me the procedure.
Your application does not carry any weight.
So it flows off from the table, keep a hundred bucks on top of it...
...and your work is done within 2 minutes.
You mean to say that, he has to bribe.
Madam, I have seen the British rule too.
From top to bottom the same style was there.
The one which you call bribe, was a system.
Infact nowadays, it has become a habit to such an extent that...
One cannot eat without it, can't digest the food without it.
There is one verse that, by taking bribe one gets tired.
And by giving bribe one gets freedom.
Mr. Rasul, if one gets a job this way in this independent country then...
...I don't want a job like this.
Then, please have your tea. It will get cold. There are biscuits too.
Madam please take.
J.K. Don't you ever think that, there should be servants, a house,
...bungalow, children?
Rita, what are you talking about today?
You are talking like weak, clumsy housewives.
You were a liberal lovemaking character.
Yes, I was.
So, today why this entire new story?
Today my mood is off.
Support makes a person weak.
...I got your support and I started to dream.
I forgot the fact that, a dream is only a dream.
Normally what you say that, a person should enjoy free love.
Laughter, colours of life, these things suit you actually.
You are right J.K. It's lucky to get so many things at a time.
And for a small incident...
...why should one spoil his whole life?
Sir, your Delhi call has been connected.
Hello, hello, Mr. Saxena. J.K. Here. Greetings! How are you?
When are you coming this way?
Whenever you order I will come. Is there any work?
The work is very simple. Do you know Manish?
The one whom I had sent to a foreign country?
Yes! I have fired him, and now he is coming to you for work.
Oh! Yes! I know that. Tomorrow he has an interview with me.
It is getting very hot, send him back cold.
Don't worry, everything will be taken care of. I'm your friend.
After coming back from Europe, did you work anywhere?
Yes, I did in one place.
Perhaps in J. K construction companies?
What was your position there? - Engineer.
That is a very big company, why did you leave it?
I didn't leave it, I was fired. Why?
They didn't like the way I worked.
How do you know your work will be appreciated in other places?
Well! If they don't like the work they too will fire me.
Any other experience you have?
I didn't work anywhere, how will I have any experience?
But how will I have an idea about your work?
You can only judge me when I work.
But what is your style of work?
Don't ask, because when I tell that people get horrified!!
But Mr. Manish.
Sir, my degrees and qualification are in front of you.
If you want to appoint me fine or else I will leave just like I have...
...done from several places.
All right, Mr. Manish, you may leave now.
He is a very nasty person.
That may be the reason why he was fired from the previous place.
...job till now, means something is wrong with him.
Sir, the person who came with Mr. Samannas reference.
What's going to happen to him?
Not only this person has any reference.
But that is what is good about this person. Big jobs these days...
...can only be bagged with relation or reference. And this person does...
...not have either of the both. And he is the one who has the highest...
...number of degrees. We have to prove...
...that big job can be netted only with one's self worth and...
...without any reference.
A job without any reference, work done without any bribe...
This is what is called miracle. And this is what is called Kaliyug.
What will happen to the country? Save My Lord! Hey Ram!
Everything used to run on bribe small or big.
If this practice stops every business will disintegrate.
Every house will have sorrows, offices will malfunction, O Lord!
What will happen to the future? O Lord Ram!
If this era continues then there will be trouble. The sons and...
...cousins of politician will die of hunger.
Whatever respect that was gained till now will dissolve.
O Lord! Save our souls!
Mouths will shut with bribe; secrets of people will come out.
Who took what contracts and made how much money.
To how many people how many bills were shown.
What file in which office and how it got stolen.
Who betrayed how many and how big the locker is.
Whose mill master's money made money. When given the hot...
...how much did this suppose to be country's loyalist made.
Every one's real character was hidden behind bribes.
Now everything will be seen in realty.
In every corner of the world India will have a bad reputation.
Save, O Lord! Almighty! O Ram!
Boys, today is your last day in this Academy. Your training is over.
And now you have to prepare for your test. You already know what...
...you have to do for that. There, behind that distant...
...hill is your target. You have to...
...attack that target in such a way as if done on enemies in...
...real battlefield. And the one who destroys the target first...
...will be given the sword of honor. Well, get along, boys...
...and best of luck!!!
Rashid, tell me who is going to win the sword of honor this time?
Who else accept me?
Wow! Wonderful aromatics. Rashid is a very smart boy.
I guess this year's sword of honor will go to Rashid only.
You are right, sir
Champions, clear for landing.
Vampire on fire. Proceed.
Rashid, Rashid, what has happened to you? What has happened to you?
Kooky, I used to always tell. Our blood is going to flow for spring.
Don't say like this, Rashid. Don't say like this.
Kooky, I am leaving you and going. Don't think that I am a betrayer.
You desired the Sword of Honor, right? - No!
Congratulations, you have got the Sword of Honor, Kooky.
No, Rashid, Rashid!
You can't find anyone like us even in thousands.
Either we die or live we stand in the front rows!
Let our blood shed in tomorrow's season.
Congratulations, well done.
Let the gift of tears be distributed among friends...
...distributed among friends.
Friends and colleagues, the real deserver of this Sword of Honor...
...was Abdul Rashid. He was a better human and a better solider than me...
...I am collecting the Sword of Honor on his behalf and...
...am saluting my other soldiers.
Mr. J. K why is this party given? Tell us.
Khan sahib, your young man Kooky! - Yes, I know your younger brother.
He has got a big Sword of Honor from the government.
That means your younger brother is smarter than you also.
These are all your blessing, Khan sahib.
Champagne! Why are you spoiling my character in old age?
O. K, give. Call Kooky so that we can congratulate him also.
Of course, of course. Call Kooky Sahib.
Cheers! Khan sahib, now that your character is spoiled...
...why are you waiting? Drink!
Excuse me, sir. J.K. Sahib, sir, please.
Excuse me. I am sorry.
Cheers! Cheers!
Yes, Guptaji.
Everything has gone wrong, J.K. Sahib.
The investigation has started about that tarmac.
Which tarmac?
That tarmac, where the military plane was burnt...
...and Abdul Rashid was killed.
Actually, J.K. Sahib, that tarmac was made by us, only.
Find out who is in the investigation team.
That I will find out but what about our files that are in the department.
I will do something about the files also. You take it easy.
Hello, Kooky. You are here.
Everybody is looking for you downstairs...
...to congratulate you.
I am not the one who deserves this congratulation; you are the one!
Me? Yes, you had made that tarmac. You are the one...
...responsible for Abdul Rashid's death.
Abdul Rashid is not the ultimate man.
There are many other young men who are going to die.
One by one all the soldiers will fly and turn into fire.
Along with them even my turn will come one day.
Even I am a solider. Even I will get down on this tarmac with my plane.
If I get saved from this tarmac you will make another one somewhere else.
Kooky, are you in your senses?
Yes, I am in my senses. Fill your pockets with money.
Keep on impregnating the black market.
Congratulations for Abdul Rashid's death.
Congratulations for your brother's death along with other soldiers.
Congratulations for this Sword of Honor.
Only these many files are there? Yes!
Go and check there must be others also.
Sir I checked, there are no more files.
Sir, the boss has called you.
Yes, sir. - Mr. Manish I gave you some work to do?
Yes sir, you asked me to investigate about the airport where...
...Abdul Rashid's plane had crashed.
What happened about that?
Sir, I am unable to find that case's file.
Unable to find the case's file?
Remaining all the files are there only that file is not there.
Strange! Where can the file go?
This is that file. You were tensed up for this, right?
You are great! J. K sahib.
No evidence! No investigations!
You saw the film? - Yes.
Was this an accident or someone's plan.
Put your life on stake to find this out.
Keep faith in me, Mr. Khanna.
I trust you that's why I am sending you.
Justice Desai is in charge of this commission.
And you will work with him.
Yes, sir.
Send Mr. Sabarwal inside. Yes sir.
Greetings, Desai Saab. Greetings.
You remembered me and here I am.
Please sit. Thank you. Just tell me what can I do for you?
Mr. Sabarwal, you must be knowing that I am here...
...to investigate about the collapse of the Nirmal bridge.
I know that, sir. I have heard a lot about you.
After hearing that you have come, I myself was going to come to meet you...
...but you called me on your own. Yes, sir I had constructed that bridge.
Yes, I know that.
Then you must also be aware that it is so difficult...
...for honest people to work.
Everywhere there is corruption that we cannot say anything.
Any officer who comes, he closes his eyes and puts forth his hand.
You cannot clap with one hand Mr. Sabarwal.
The officers also should be honest and the contractors also.
This is a very right thing you said.
If two or more officers like you come then our country will prosper.
Sir, for an honest person like you I am ready to sacrifice my life.
Just give me an order.
That's why I have called you here. Tell me?
Mr. Sabarwal, what kind of a place is this, Sundarban?
I have heard that lots of money is hidden there.
Oh! You are talking about that one.
Sir that is a junkyard. All old and broken articles placed there.
I want to see that place.
Of course, whenever you want to go, call me, I will take you there.
Desai has inquired about Sundarban.
I am sure someone has given him the report.
But, Mr. J. K, who is there to inform him?
That we can find out. But at the moment it is necessary to...
...stop him from coming here.
Trust me, Desai won't reach here.
Hello! Desai speaking.
Desai Saab, greetings. This is Manish Mehra, speaking.
Hello, young man, yes, yes, I have received Mr. Khanna's letter.
You do one thing, at around 8'o clock you come to my place.
We will have dinner together.
Tonight at eight? Ok, I will reach exactly at eight.
I have to discuss important things with you. I will wait for you.
Move behind.
How much?
I am very sure that someone has pushed him.
What rubbish! How can anyone come inside the house and push him.
I am sure that someone is behind all this.
Listen, what has happened here?
Justice Desai expired. - Who?
Justice Desai. - How?
It seems that he has fallen from the terrace of his building.
Dad, what is written in the newspapers is true.
There is someone behind Justice Desai's death.
And between such creeps you send Manish.
Don't be afraid. Manish is a very brave person.
Sir please don't mind, but the brave person is left behind out here only.
Are you pointing at yourself?
You are absolutely right. If you would have sent me there I would...
...have caught all those creeps like animals and brought them here.
I will think about your suggestion. But tell me...
...how did you come at this time?
Mother has asked about Manish's health.
Gulab Singh, tell mother that, Manish is alright and not to worry.
Take a look, Mr. Manish; this is the model of the bridge.
This bridge was made in 1954. And this is the construction report.
According to this report there was no fault in the bridge.
Look at this; this is the danger zone of the water.
When the bridge collapsed, the water level was here.
Looking at all these things, the bridge should not break.
Then how did it break?
It is all gods' wish. A healthy man dies suddenly.
Now look at Mr. Desai. He was alright and suddenly he died.
It could be possible that there is connection between Mr. Desai's...
...death and the breaking of the bridge.
What is the name of the company which constructed this bridge?
Sabarwal and Co.
Sahib! Everyone here is conspiring.
No one will tell you anything out here.
Who are you?
I am a head clerk here. I am seeing all this conspiracy all my lifetime.
I can tell you a lot of things.
Then tell me.
Not here. At your bungalow.
When? - At 7 in the evening.
Ok. I will wait for you.
Wait old man.
Is Mr. Manish there?
Yes, I am Manish.
Oh! I have some work with you.
Yes, come inside.
I am Mr. Desai's daughter. You are Mr. Desais daughter?
I am really sorry about his death.
But I don't understand why suddenly he committed suicide?
He didn't commit suicide. - Then?
Somebody pushed him from the terrace.
How is that possible? All of you were present in the house. Right?
No, we had gone out. A Sahib had called us for tea.
Who? - Mr. Sabarwal.
The one who constructed the bridge?
Father didn't go. He said that he has given an appointment to someone.
He surely must have stayed back for me.
Maybe. He took out this diary.
After speaking to you on the phone he was going through this diary...
...for a long time. I don't know what is written in it.
I got it here because I thought maybe it will be of some use to you.
Ok. I will take leave now.
Sure. Thank you for the diary.
See you.
See you.
Manish Saab, this is Mr. Sabarwal, you don't know me but I know you.
The bridge case that you are investigating about...
...I have constructed that bridge.
Yes, Mr. Sabarwal, tell me what orders are there for me?
Orders! You will give the orders, your honor. I just have a request.
Yes, go ahead.
I have invited a few friends for dinner.
It is an informal party. If you come to the party, I will be honored.
Sir, but today.
Listen, no excuses will do. I am sending my car. You be ready.
Sabarwal Sahib, lets see your color also.
Come in! Yes.
Sabarwal Saab has sent the car.
You? You here?
This is too much of a coincidence.
This is also a coincidence. Come in at least.
Wow! You have come. I am feeling really great.
You came and I have become your slave.
They call me Sabarwal.
Come let me introduce you to my friends.
Friends, look the government has come to our house.
He is our new officer, our boss Mr. Manish
Rita, arrange a whiskey for Mr. Manish.
Excuse me but I don't drink liquor.
You made me happy. Even I don't drink.
I simply picked up this glass to give you company.
Rita, get some coco - cola or some soft drink.
Mr. Manish sahib, the problem here is that there are only two decent...
...person in this party. One isyou and the other is me.
And what am I? Come come.
Shankar left?
Here friend, take a coco- cola. I don't understand why people...
...drink things like whiskey.
Take, take something, Mr. Manish.
Don't be formal. Formality doesn't work in my house.
Rita, give him some kebabs.
Mr. Manish all this is for you.
Eat Mr. Khan why are you eating so slowly?
Why Mr. Mehra you have eaten and come from home?
Come, Mr. Manish. Come. I want to speak something private.
We haven't spoken about business yet.
We ate food now lets have some sweet dish.
I have got some sweets for you.
Yes sir, consider this as sweet only. Very less. Only 1 Lakh.
What is the hurry Mr. Sabarwal?
Let the work get over and I will take more than this also.
You made me happy. You are a friend of friends.
I have become your slave, Mr. Manish; I have become your slave.
I will take my leave now.
So fast you are leaving Mr. Manish. It was great fun.
But listen; don't think this as the final meeting.
I will give such troubles many more times.
Sabarwal Saab, please come here for a moment
Shankar has not come yet.
Not come?
Don't be in such a hurry. The night's heart will break...
And if you leave the heart of the emotions will break.
Don't be in such a hurry. The night's heart will break.
And if you leave the heart of the emotions will break.
If we are not awake for the whole night what is youth.
What is a story if it doesn't continue till morning?
Hair style which I had made hasn't yet got spoilt.
The party has not yet reached its peak yet.
Hair style which I had made hasn't yet got spoilt.
The party has not yet reached its peak.
The hearts of the flame, music and song will break.
Don't be in such a hurry. The night's heart will break.
And if you leave the heart of the emotion will break.
Let the body melt with hot breath.
Let the wishes of loved ones come out.
At least take up the blame of the love and go.
Take the reward of tonight and go.
At least take up the blame of the love and go.
Take the reward of tonight and go.
If you leave, everyone's heart will break.
Don't be in such a hurry. The night's heart will break.
And if you leave the heart of the emotion will break.
Heart will break.
Wow! Mr. Manish. I am feeling great.
Justice Mir Desai.
1 March, met Deshmukh.
4 March, many records are missing.
7 March, there is a mistake in stock report.
17 May, today I had called Sabarwal. Seems like a smart and cunning man.
Where are the remaining pages? The important pages have been torn.
Bastards, find it.
According to Sabarwal, Sundarban is a junk yard.
There are some old and broken items.
But I feel it is their hideout.
Where the robbed items are kept.
From the base of this they run the black market.
If I find out whose property this is and what is the truth about...
...this junk yard then this case will be very clear.
Manish is coming here and I am going to go with him there.
Sir, unload the truck and make a note.
When its time to give a thumb impression, call us.
Come on, hurry up. Unload the truck.
Hey friend, remove the bottle.
Brother, here take.
We will get some water or no?
Your father has dug wells and kept or what?
Till you find water take a few sips, it will get digested also.
What kind of conspiracy is going on? Mr. Desai expires. His days are cut...
...half. But our air itself is cut. Whoever got the money is enjoying.
If someday the police lays their hands on us we will be dead.
Shut up. Till now it is not gone in, and you have started blabbering.
Till we are seated here, does anybody have the guts to raise...
...their eyes and look?
O.k. I believe that you are God!
He is high!
Stop this discussion, and come.
Come; put your finger prints fast.
Come on, come on, fast Munsiji.
Yes, sir.
Come on, come on fast.
Hey, you! Don't have any intention to go?
Pulled the truck for 400 miles, let me put some petrol, sir.
Goodbye, sir.
Hey! All the clues of the goods that arrived, are erased?
Yes! Sir
Look, all the clues, of the goods that arrived today should be erased...
...by tomorrow morning.
Guards! Close the gate, he should not escape!
Hello!! What happened? Who was he?
What? He has taken all the records? Pictures too?
Bastards! A person sneaked in and left and you were sleeping?
You don't even know who he was?
Watchman, bring me a cup of tea.
Yes, sir.
Hello! Trunk booking please. My number is 46. It is a call to Delhi.
Delhi number is, 33419. Urgent, please. Thank you.
Akshat, keep a watch on him. Mind it, never loose sight of him.
Yes, sir.
Hello! Hello!
Hello! Manish!
Yes! This is Manish.
Manish, Meena here. Where are you?
Since you have gone, you didn't even write to me.
When will you come?
I'll come, soon, whiten two or three days.
O.k., now tell me, do you think of me?
Of course! I always think of you.
Hey! I assume you are very annoyed.
Anyway, I will come and console you. Give the phone to your father.
Yes! Yes! I know. You called up for him, not for me.
Hold on, I will call him. Papa, phone from, Manish, for you.
Coming, daughter.
O.K. Manish. See you soon. Here talk to father.
Yes! Manish.
Khanna sahib, I have completed the case.
I have all the proofs. I also have taken some photographs.
And tomorrow, I am leaving from here.
No! No! Manish, don't come alone here.
Those photographs and documents are very important for the government.
I am sending a security man for you tomorrow. His name is Shersingh.
You come with him. Don't come alone. It is not safe.
Fine! I will be expecting Shersingh
O.k. Bye! Bye! Khanna sahib.
Papa, you are sending Shersingh to Manish. Is he in trouble?
No, my dear! I am sending him only as a precaution.
Whatever, I am anyway scared.
Don't worry. Go to sleep. Goodnight!
Yes, sir.
You are going to visit Mr. Manish. Come back with him.
He is bringing some important documents. Take care. Understood?
Yes, sir.
You beckon for me?
Yes! What is your name?
Khundan lal.
No! Your name is Shersingh.
You have been send by, Khanna sahib, from Delhi.
To give a helping hand to, Mr. Manish, Understood?
Come in.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening.
You are?
My name is Shersingh. Khanna sahib, has sent me from Delhi, to help you.
Thank you. I was waiting for you.
Are you ready?
Let's leave.
Excuse me. Give me that.
I want to meet, Mr. Manish.
He left. - Left! Where to?
When? - By, 8 o'clock train.
Thank you.
Only one match stick?
To light a fire, one is enough.
Keep this, with you only.
Thank you.
Well! You seem to be always ready for anything.
Yes! I have to be.
Hands up! I guess you were not ready.
Forgive me. I was scared to death.
You should not trust anyone.
It does not happen always.
Want to have your food here, or in the dinning car?
Dinning car will be fine.
Fine! Then let me go and have a wash.
O.k. I will also get ready, by then.
Come, Khundan. Come sit down.
Manish, is not suspicious about you, Is he?
No chance.
Take this.
Your lighter is beautiful!
Your ring shows me the eye also.
Keep your eyes open, and see what else it shows.
Fine! I will take leave.
You? Here too?
Is it? Come, sit.
Whom do you wish to render dead now?
To you!
I am already dead, what more?
Where are you headed to, by the way? - Wherever you are!
I have left Sabarwal. I wished to talk to you in the same context.
Is this gentleman with you? - Oh yes, he is my friend, Shersingh.
You, please, continue. I will sit on another table.
No, no, it does not matter. You can sit.
We will do one thing. You come in my compartment...
...we'll have coffee together.
Why don't you eat something first?
- No, I had just come... ...to order coffee.
Bring 2 cups of coffee to my compartment...
. And cheese sandwich, thick ones with lots of fillings.
Ok, see you, bye! - Bye!
Who was this girl? - Rita. My friend.
We had met, while returning from England, in the ship.
I don't think this girl is up to anything good.
Please tie this.
Please dispose this.
Have you put sugar? - Yes.
What happened? - Nothing.
It's soothing to smoke while drinking coffee.
There isn't a single matchstick in it.
You have everything ready for killing me.
Only fortunate men get killed by me.
What happened, Mainish? - I don't know, I'm feeling dizzy.
Manish! Manish!
Here's Manish, and here's his bag.
I think you should leave the bag here, and take out the report.
There's no report in here.
Was he fooling us?
Look into the suitcase.
The key is in his trouser pocket.
Did you get the report? - It's here.
Now, the job is done.
No, Kundan. I won't let you kill him.
Move aside!
He must have escaped, but you can't.
I'm sure that you're one of these criminals.
Why did you save me? What's the motive behind it?
There wasn't any motive, it happened by chance.
A Lie. You do all the jobs for a criminal like Sabarwal, by chance?
You are following me, in this train, like death, is this by chance?
You tried to intoxicate me by drugging my coffee, by chance?
If all this happened by chance, then I won't let it be repeated again.
I would take those criminals, who work with you, to court...
...and you'll be the witness. - Don't do like that.
I beg of you, Manish. Don't do like that.
I know that tears are the most powerful weapon of woman.
But they won't affect me.
I beg of you, Manish. Don't do like that.
I've never asked you for anything. But I ask you today...
...l've saved your life, think of it as a price for that.
End this story here, don't inflate it anymore.
You want me to spare those criminals!?
Those who are ruining this country, poisoning it's soil.
There's still time left. Instead of confessing it with embarrassment...
...in court. Its better you tell me everything now.
Shall I tell you? Do you have the courage to listen?
Do you think that I don't know anything? I know every minute...
...detail. But don't have any proof.
Do you have any proof now? - You're the proof.
But you won't tell anything now, when the noose of the...
...law will be on your neck...
...then every minute truth will come out of your mouth.
And on listening to that truth, you'll begin to feel suffocated.
That friendship, which you're proud of, would be shattered.
I didn't want you to be ungrateful, traitor.
I didn't want one friend to kill another.
I didn't want you to hate yourself on knowing the truth.
That's why I didn't want to tell you the name.
But since you're insisting, then listen, his name's J.K.
What are you blabbering? All of you are useless.
You couldn't manage to get a report.
JK sir, I'm telling you. Rita came in between.
Hadn't she done so, the report would've been in your hands.
Rita! Do you know what'll happen now?
We all would be ruined. I know Manish very well.
He would definitely read the report.
Manish won't read the report, JK.
His mouth would be shut.
Here, Kundan. There's a gun in this violin case.
You go in by the back door, you'll find Mr. Rana there.
He would take you to the projection room. And after that...
I know what to do after that, boss.
Have you understood? As soon as there's firing in the committee...
...room, and there's chaos you flee with the report.
Rita, where are you going?
Meena, don't stop me, Manish's life is under threat.
Kundan has gone upstairs. - JK's man, don't know what he's up to.
The pole of Nirmal stream, that had collapsed...
...we had sent Mr. Manish to investigate about that.
Mr. Manish has prepared his report, which he'll present to us, today.
Mr. Chairman, and members of the committee.
I was instructed to investigate the collapse of...
...the pole over Nirmal stream.
As instructed, I reached the accident spot...
...met a lot of people...
...among them were govt. As well as non - govt. People.
I noted down the statements of many of them...
...as well as went through a lot of related documents.
After all this running around, and hard work...
...l've reached the conclusion that...
Yes, Mr. Manish, what is your conclusion?
I've reached the conclusion that the collapse of the pole was an...
...accident and that there's nothing more to it other than God's will.
Is this what you wanted to tell the board?
We want the report.
This isn't the report, this is nonsense,
We want the report.
Open the door.
Open the door, Kundan.
Open the door! Kundan!
Silence! Silence!
Manish, is this all you wanted to tell?
I've nothing more to say.
But you had told me over the phone that, you've gathered all the...
...evidences you had even mentioned about some photographs.
What happened to you while returning from the accident spot?
He's been bribed. He has sold himself.
He has sold his self respect, his virtues. He's a traitor.
He should be arrested and presented before the court.
Mr. Chairman, he must be suspended.
Yes, I think that should be done.
Mr. Manish, you've betrayed my trust.
You're suspended from your job.
And you will be tried in the court.
Tell me, what brought you here?
I've come to congratulate you.
About what?
On your friends destruction.
Which friend?
The one who refused to read the report.
Do you know why?
Why? - Because he's your friend.
Manish has come to know that you're the one behind all this fraud.
And he doesn't want a friend to be killed by another.
Where was his friendship on the day when he had...
...avenged me for an old problem?
When he tried to ruin my business? When he became an obstacle...
...in the path of my love.
He wasn't the obstacle, you were.
We knew each other from a very long time.
We loved each other dearly.
But before he could introduce me to you...
...your eyes fell upon me. - This is a lie!
This is the truth. By sending Manish abroad...
...you thought you've bought him forever.
Him, as well as his family.
You're blinded by your arrogance and your ego.
Miss Meena!
JK sir, you're neither a good man...
...nor a good friend.
You're one, who always ditched him...
...became a threat to his life...
...and Manish, always helped you.
Even today, is ready to risk his virtues...
...his self respect and also his life for the sake of friendship.
The case against Manish has been lodged by your department.
Do you want to say anything regarding this?
I shall speak the truth, and nothing but the truth.
Your honor, he been presented in this court on the charges of fraud.
The govt., assuming him to be an honest and able officer, had sent...
...him to investigate the collapse of the pole over Nirmal stream.
After reaching that place, he had phoned me that the investigation...
...had been completed. The truth has been revealed, & the guilty identified.
I requested him not to return alone.
This report is very valuable for the govt. That's why...
...I sent a security officer.
But he returned without waiting for that officer.
And when I asked about the report...
...he refused having any report with him.
Your honor, after speaking over the phone...
...I don't know what has happened to him...
...I think this man has been bribed.
And due to some personal desires, he has destroyed that report.
This man is an accomplice of those criminals.
He's worse than those men who spread bribery and...
...dishonesty in the country.
Being a responsible govt. Officer, he's done like this.
He should be punished harshly, so that others may learn a lesson from it.
Mr. Manish, you've heard the charges against you.
Do you want to say something in your defense?
Mr. Manish, think again.
Your crime can be considered to be case of betrayal against the nation.
You could be conferred with the capital punishment.
Mr. Manish, I ask you for the final time...
...do you have anything to say?
I've nothing to say.
But I do.
Who are you?
I'm the man who can help solve this problem.
You please come here.
I shall speak the truth, and nothing but the truth.
Your honor...
...the collapse of the pole, as told by Manish, isn't an accident.
The man who's crimes, he wants to hide.
The man who's name he isn't willing to say in court. I know him.
This man is a professional thief, and runs the black market.
He's the man who built the pole over Nirmal stream.
I know, your honor, that Manish hasn't been bribed by him...
...neither has he accepted any money from him. Then why isn't he...
...willing to tell his name?
Why did he remain silent?
Manish, why were you silent?
Your honor, I was silent because after the investigation...
...I came face to face with a man whom I hadn't expected.
I shared an emotional relation with that man.
He was my friend.
He was also a black spot on the society.
On seeing him, I realized that...
...crime has reached such a height.
Ordinary punishment isn't enough, your honor.
Punishments are given everyday, criminals are caught...
...presented to the court and punished.
But fraud and cheating doesn't end.
The black market doesn't shut down.
Fake reports are made, fake tenders are passed...
...licenses and contracts for big projects get passed.
It seems we don't love our country anymore.
When someone is patriotic, he remains poor.
But when he gives up those virtues, he becomes a millionaire.
Your honor, why does this happen?
This happens because, due to some reason, people hide crimes.
You look at your own case, you're quiet because...
...your friend appeared before you.
No, your honor. I wasn't quiet because he was my friend.
I was quiet because I wanted to give him a...
...punishment that he wouldn't be able to bear.
I wanted him to look at his crime himself
I wanted him to realize how big a crime he has committed.
And this wasn't possible until his conscience, his soul awoke.
And I found this to be the only way your honor.
To keep silent and accept the punishment...
...and die for his sake.
I was sure that my sacrifice won't be wasted.
The day when someone realized his mistakes...
...someone's conscience awoke...
The conscience awakens for those whose conscience is sleeping.
My conscience is dead, and my soul is asleep.
This isn't sacrifice, but suicide.
The people of this country don't need sacrifice, but punishment.
This isn't our country, but the city of frauds.
The bazaar of slaves. Virtues are constantly being bid for.
I know the cost of each person's virtues.
I know this market of thieves very well.
And the first name on their list is...
The first name is that of mine.
I'm the man who built the pole that collapsed.
I'm the man who made that tarmac that burnt the ship of Abdul Rashid.
I'm the man who built the dam of Chetangarh, from where he was fired.
And I'm not alone, a lot of people are my accomplice in this loot...
...whose names I would reveal in the court right now, your honor.
I request you to free the soil of our burden.
A rule be made that, we all be shot together.
Dare anyone move!
Arrest them!
Jai, brother! What has happened to you?
Meena, I was too harsh with you all.
Why are you talking like that?
Forgive me if you can.
Rita, tears don't look good on your face.
You used to say that...
...life is acceptable and so is death.
...I wanted your lap before dying.
Today is such a happy day.
Today, we've all been reunited.
Manish, the dam where our friendship had broken...
...let it not break. - No! No!
Manish, I couldn't live as a friend...
...at least I can die as a friend.
Don't say like that!
Don't cry, Manish. Don't cry.
Today a man died and a human was born.
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