[ENG] 110317 MBLAQ Kkaeal Player Ep.2 [3/3]

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Since they're bored, G.O suggesting to play a game of strings to Lee Joon
Oh, Bang Chulyong
Bringing happiness, Bang Chulyong's timely phone call!
Yes, hyung. Ah I'm happy too~ End.
Is it... fun?
This kid's noisy. He's no fun.
Ah, let's do something~
Once again, Bang Chulyong's phone call!
Chulyong ah~ (Beep beep)
It seems fun...
Fan of gadgets, Seungho's latest item
Hands reaching out at once
Oh, my hearts hurts.
He drooled.
Why are you drooling?
My heart almost fell!
Kids, the heart nearly stopped! Look at this spit here.
What are you guys doing now?
Let's play a game.
Eyeing, the reaction isn't bad.
Specialty - Acting cute!
Look at him, trying to act cute. It's cute
I've prepared a Hyun Bin version
Let's pick a champion through "cham cham cham"
Do it with the person beside you. Let's split into teams of two.
Let's start off with scissors, paper, stone.
Scissor, paper, stone!
I've lately been on a roll with scissors, paper, stone.
Wait, wait!!
Seungho clearly lost It's void!
Chundoong claiming that it is void What do you mean void?
There must be an opening statement!
Just do it!
There was no opening statement!
I'm not doing it.
Didn't G.O did it just now?! Fine, you can make your statement
It's become quiet. Only my voice can be heard. We can only hear your voice.
Hurry say it. The world will only hear my voice
About to die
President, please give us the hammer
G.O wins!
You idiot!
Can I hit too?
You little...
(In a low voice) Do well. Do it again.
These experts...
Thunder & G.O Birth of Cham Cham Cham experts?!
Dying of happiness, Yang Senior & President Park
I just came back from the hairdresser...
So, it's our turn.
Full of confidence, Yang - Park Line
If you get caught this time, I'm going to hit with twice the power.
The result?
The golden apple falls
The hedgehog(?) rejects!
Thunder's turn!
I don't feel good.
As if he's catching a mole... 2 hits!
While these two are stir-frying sesame seeds
Ah his eyes have turned red!
Hyung, I'm scared, let's stop!
Change in representing athlete, second half start!
What is this? You're good
Oh you're doing well
Ah wait wait!
G.O suddenly interrupts!
Why're you showing them where you're going in advance?!
You're going like this and showing them!
Surely he didn't swing like this?
What is this?
<Lee Joon's attack pattern> 1. In the case where he'll attack to the left
2. First, move the hammer to the right
3. Seungho saw this!
4. Avoids the hammer by turning to the opposite direction
What is this?
I'm sorry You have to do it like this.
Joon, too innocent to fool others
I must be a fool
Whoever hits their body and produces the loudest sound will become today's king.
Today's game
Hit your own body and produce a loud sound. The member who hits his body with one hand and produces the loudest sound wins.
Let's make them feel bad with this
Th-there should be a degree to that. You can't do it without a limit.
Nose, nose...
Ah don't do that, Joon hyung has a plastic nose
Shakes and raises it Strongly proving that it's a natural nose...!
Look, I can even do a pig's nose. I go like this and it rises back up again
Aside from clapping, do it with your body. Let's go!
Prohibited from using tools, hit with your bare hands
Contestant 1: Thunder Challenge area: Side of right thigh
As expected 22-year-old full of elasticity
What is it? 109.6
Where should I hit?
This is a problem...
Area with flesh, there's a lot here. Here too. Ah, there isn't any here.
Stop stop
I'll really show you how it's done this time. Be quiet
Contestant 2: Lee Joon Challenge area: Right butt
Clenches his teeth and hit!
I'm not last though
But I thought my butt was going to be the loudest. Why isn't it loud? See? See? My butt, see? My butt's the loudest
I'm going next
Still regretting
Contestant 3: G.O Challenge area: Back of left thigh
You're all dead
Firmly, single hit!
Yes, I'm not last
Hyung, hyung. This is real, but also a variety show...
If I'm the only one losing, the viewers will get bored!
Contestant 4: Seungho Challenge area: Right butt
Hey come here
Being arrested again today The weakling in games, Yang Leader-ssi
Please sit
Should you go first or I?
I'll go first
Do a few more? According to what G.O said, it'll be more fun
Oh! Your eyes are very pretty?
Wait. You poked 30 times!
Sorry... It's painful!
One time is enough. Hey what is this?
Why are you like this?!
We've all agreed that we should punish Lee Joon. Why? Why?
Look, look! Everyone is different in poking once! You guys know that?
I'm "A" and "B"
'A, please poke once.' 'Yes' 'B, please poke once.' 'Yes'
This... Isn't that true?! It's according to your preferences!
Why are you poking me?!
- But isn't it cute? If you play like this? - Cute?
Ah, mood has turned bad.
- You want to punish for this too? - Let's punish for this too
Crime of the very-cute Joonie
Starting again <Turning his mood bad>
- Am I being punished now? - It's you
He acts really well
For tomorrow's stage, what is the changed action?
Joon ah, you're not practicing the dance?
Extremely happy Yang Leader
(My eye) Poked in and out like the comic!
Wait, you... Go wipe your nose first.
There's no funnier matter than this! What made MBLAQ kneel over in laughter?!
It is, nose matter!!
Early spring, idol Lee Joon's nose running
- Please give us a mosaic, mosaic - We have an image
Dear staff's action to protect Joonie
To protect the rights of the idol with nose matter, we'll use the substitution of other scenes
What happens if this is released? Wouldn't we be using mosaic to cover this?
This is a misunderstanding. We, MBLAQ, don't have mucus.
I've gotten a lot of fats under my chin lately
Seungho hyung
Your penalty is too boring. Penalty! Penalty for you
- You have a problem - There's a problem with you
Just don't poke the eye
The eye is really...
You've dyed your hair red?
Our salon uses this colour...
- Red hair... - He did it 30 times
That's right! He keeps on shaking it
- It's personal preference - He keeps doing it like this
When you're bored, you should listen to music
Do you want to listen together?
How can you speak like that to your hyung? Say ahh
- Opening my mouth is a little... - AHH!
Your face is like a Moai. You really look like clay
Let's do this! Don't use this. Let's do a high-note contest!
- I can go the highest here - Try it
But that's really high
You can't do it right? Go really high
Towards high note, no limits arousing talent
Decorations fell after being shocked by Thunder's high note
- I can become a soprano! - It cracked because it fell
Go higher
Higher, higher
This isn't a joking matter. Main vocal!
- Why are you clapping? Current main vocal G.O also acknowledges?!
- What about holding the longest note? - Okay!
- Go outside~ and you keep holding the note - The note doesn't matter, it's okay as long as you hold it
Wait, I need to do something
<Plan in order to distract G.O> 1. Match up chords
2. A Capella attack
Various distractions have no effect on G.O!
I am main vocal G.O!
I am main vocal G.O!
As expected, main vocal G.O's result is?
Wow, you're good
Current 1st place - 31.7 seconds
Leader Seungho, challenge!
Cannot win Members proceed with distractions from the start!
Steady as a rock
Wait, wait, I think he's going to stop
Shaking~ Shaking~ Shaking~
His lips are shaking! Lips are shaking. It's over
Stops here?!
<Real-time current ranks> 1st: G.O (31.7s) 2nd: Seungho (24.3s)
It's high, high
- You're in trouble - It'll be a relief if you can reach 15 seconds
You don't have to hinder
Be quiet, I think he's stopping. He's shaking
Likely to be last, 10.3 seconds
1st: G.O (31.7s) 2nd: Seungho (24.3s) 3rd: Thunder (10.3s)
Last challenger, Lee Joon!
Worries about placing last. No! Lee Joon's comfortable appearance~
Worries about placing last. No! Lee Joon's comfortable appearance~
Thunder's continued effort to obstruct!
I can even dance!
At ease, this is no big deal
Thunder last place confirmed
Do you want to battle?
Do you want to battle?
I'll do it lying down
I need to concentrate
Lee Joon VS Thunder Last winner is?
Lee Joon win!
You're dead!
I'm not going to do it strongly, so I'll poke him twice
Thunder, you need to lie down
What do you mean lie down?
We need to give a shot on your butt
Hello? I don't know anything about that. Thunder should know. You want Thunder on the phone?
He won't like it. Okay.
Thunder, get the phone
The pitiful male protagonist Thunder, thrown away by his hyungs~
Will Thunder's revenge be accomplished....
To be continued next week...