[Real 2PM] The first broadcast episode

Uploaded by 2pm on 28.06.2011

Here goes Hands Up
We could have done it on the roof originally
But, if we do it on the roof
it is dangerous when there are lots of fans.
We did it three times in a row.
We did it three times in a row, how is it?
Do you think you can do more?
I feel sorry, but we will see again
We will continue performing Hands up
Please love us a lot
Please look forward to our first broadcast.
We were 2PM until now. Thank you.
Go back carefully.
Thank you so much for your support.
So, we finished the first Hands Up performance.
It is hot, because it is outside photographing in the summer.
However, this time’s Hands Up
Has special power wave dance
That can beat off the heat together.
닉쿤 whom we love
Happy birthday
Something is sad.
It is pitiful.
It has been a long time since my dad and mom
Celebrate my birthday together.
I was touched.
However, there are no younger and older brothers.
Older brother went to U.S.
For fun by himself.
It is our first time that the largest number of people came since we debuted.
Let’s enjoy
Today’s performance together.
Thank you
Finally, first broadcasting recording is over.
Second first broadcasting recording is over.
It will be turning out well.
It is hot in here.
What should we do?
Thank you for your support.
Finally, first broadcasting recording is over.
Thank you for your support.
We did our first broadcasting.
Take off all rings.
Why 준수 is the only one who gets rings?
His name is San E
And we are twins.
We look alike
We look alike.
Don’t we look alike, people?
Look, head is similar.
There are eyes, nose, and mouth.
They look alike.
Since 2PM will show up in Music core
I came here.
Which person is your favorite one among 2PM members?
I like them all except him in 2PM
San E brother is very sick
San E
Enjoying the scenery after eating is Gumgangsan
The thing that 쿤brother kidded in the booth in the music video.
I told it.
진영brother likes it a lot.
I hope we do it more powerfully when we do it.
We should do it more widely to do that.
When 진영brother sees, it is too loose.
Is it because it is slow?
I think he wants this.
It is too slow when we do it big.
Hi 정감
Oh, it is hard to adjust.
Ah, I stepped up.
You are way smaller than our kid .
Kid does not make sense.
He is already this much tall.
정감 is now searching.
He is under a lot of stresses.
Put him up here.
My head is
Burning king of dodge ball 통키 today.
My head went through all sorts of troubles for this Hands Up.
If Hands Up turns out well,
I will be satisfied with that.
It is hard.
Bear, please talk.
Uh, I thought it is a real bear.
You thought it is a bear.
Older brother is a bear.
Talk well.
Teacher is here.
Look at here, light is shining.
We are in trouble.
It is really heavy.
I feel like we are moving while we carry one straw bag of rice.
He is bugging me.
It is our first broadcasting, so do not tease him.
There is not a laser light today,
So on the eyebrows
We put some stars.