Raspberry Pi USB Tethering (using an Android phone)

Uploaded by Robpol86 on 28.07.2012

So in this video I'm gonna show how you can tether your Raspberry Pi to your Android phone
so you can have Internet when you're away from WiFi or away from your home.
I'll be using my Galaxy Nexus.
As long as you have USB tethering working on a normal computer it should work just fine on the Raspberry Pi without installing anything or changing anything.
Let me set everything up.
So once you have your Pi booted up, you just plug in your phone to the USB and then you turn on USB tethering on the phone itself.
And that's that, for the phone.
On the Raspberry Pi, if you do ifconfig you should see usb0 if you could see that.
And that means that it detected the phone.
So all you're supposed to do is run "sudo dhclient usb0".
Sometimes it's fast and sometimes it's not.
So that's done. Now ifconfig gives me an IP address. I could ping google.com. And let's see if I can do the browser.
And it works! Just using my phone over LTE. So that's it.