Learn To Skate A Pool - Part 2 of 2

Uploaded by LearnToSkateboard on 23.09.2009

As you can see in these clips I've actually got
frontside carves to title
in the shallow end pretty good.
I have them pretty good at this point.
i have
backside kickturns
to tile in th shallow end but I dont really count those.
You know, kickturns just arent as cool as having all 4 wheels down and carving.
So, you can see right here
frontside carve to tile.
Now here is a backside kickturn,
you know, its cool but not quite as cool as the carves.
The one thing,
that I still really really need to learn
at this point is that I really needed
I needed to learn how to launch out, because
oh I get so tired climbing out of this pool.
This clip is shot on the same day as the previous clip and this is the first time
that I succesfully launched out and got it on video.
Did you catch that? If you look really close to see that was actually one wheeled
backside kickturn.
and I launched out successfully now on this watch this blue line indicates my
backside carve the first time
now watch my frontsides finally started to get higher. Boom that was actually above
the blue line that was higher than the backside carve.
and that one was all the way to the tile.
and of course I screwed up the launch again.
This one has been pretty stoked to this is another one wheel backside turn watch this
right there. Wasn't it cool? Y didn't see it? Okay lets back it up.
Watch in slow motion right here.
There you go all three wheels out of the pool!
That was pretty slick I love that one. The crazy thing about
pulling that one off though is the fact that I honestly didn't know i did it
if it wasn't for the video I'd never would have realized it
No what you just saw, that was the very first time than I ever hit tile frontside in the
deep end of this pool.
Most of the time
I would shoot these clips a day or two after I achieve my goal but that was the very
first time on video.
Thats the first tile in the deep end on a frontside.
(So I am going to take me for today.)
So keeping score?
At this point I could drop in. I could launch out.
I could hit frontside carves to tile in the shallow.
Frontside carves to tile in the deep.
But I coudn't do that!
I couldn't do backside carves
to tile in the shallow and I couldn't do backside
to to tile in the deep. those are the two things I had to learn But you know what? That's not
the only time I bailed
I got too plenty of falls.
in the process of learning how to skate a pool.
Frontside tile!
Tile in the shallow, frontside.
Frontside tile in the deep.
Believe it or not
that one right there was one of the worst bails that I had.
You'll notice it takes me quite a while to get back to my feet.
it doesn't look like it was a really bad bail the reason that it hurt so much
was because had actually fallen
and landed on my hip
probably about
two or three times before that within the past couple of days.
So that bail right there was like my fourth hipper
in less than a week.
It really hurt because my hip was already so bruised.
that one took my a while to get out of the pool.
But you know what
Everything was worth it. everything paid off in the end because
this right here is the first run that i have on video where I actually pulled off everything
that I've been trying to achieve.
got it!
Now at the end I make a mistake right here actually come out and I say that i did three
perfect runs but I lost count I actual did four.
So all six!
All 6 of my goals. Dropping in. Launching out. FS/BS Carves in the shallow and deep.
Three times on tape.
Okay let's watch the run in slow motion, and we can go over some little tipps.
Here the drop in of course making sure you bend your knees keep your weight centered.
Now watch as I come up to transition I'm kinda bend ... and bend.
And right there, is when I really pump. When I am about half way up the transition.
And then I compress of course when I am at the apex.
Now I'm standing up, compress
there we go pump up that wall compressed at the apex. Again right here.
I am pretty much crouched, crouched and have way up the wall is were I pump. Thats how you get the height!
I used to pump at the bottom. Which was a mistake. You can do that on small transitions but skating something this big it doesn't work.
Compressed at the apex. And as you come down you decompressing.
Now watch!
I am stayin compressed. Staying compressed half way up the wall than I pump up.
getting all up to the tile.
Than you recompress of course when you hit the apex, and decompression as you come down.
and than pumping out pumping back in
So, I hope that helps I hope that you can kinda see what's going on and there you go
there is the "Learn to ride a Skateboard DVD"
if you need some more tipps. Be sure to check
that dvd out
and hopefully that will help you learn even more stuff in skating pools.
So there you have it.
Those are all the basics that I learned
in how to skate pools properly.
learning how to carve frontside and backside
in the deep end and in the shallow end.
Knowing how to drop in, and knowing how to launch out.
Hopefully some of the tipps will be helpful for you
and help you to progress as a skateboarder yourself!
And don't forget to check out
california skateboards.
Bunch of skateboards that
I helped to design
and pictures of
great girls out here in california.
Take care, see you next time!