Darkroom Techniques: How to Make a Contact Sheet : Developing Film Paper for a Contact Sheet

Uploaded by expertvillage on 12.07.2008

So after I've exposed my print with the enlarger I'm going to come over to the sink and I'm
going to run it through my line of chemistry. I've kept it in the developer for one minute.
Again, the one minute is actually really important and I want you to have a timer in your darkroom
that you come look at and as the minute is going by, you'll pay attention to it. Don't
cheat because here's where patience really counts. After it's been in the developer for
one minute, you take it out and you put it in your Stop Bath. Stop Bath keeps in there
for one minute also. Stop Bath is basically a neutralizer. It's taking all that developer
off and then you're going to put it in your fix. Which is where two prints I just made
are sitting in right now. So this is my fix, put the lights back on, and I look at my contact
sheet. Over here I have my water bath. I'm going to take it and I'm going to put it in
the water bath. I am going to look at them and judge them. I did them at two different
times, eighteen seconds and twenty-eight seconds and next I'm going to talk to you about the
two differences in those times.