Homemade Mashed Potatoes Recipe : Precooking Tips for Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.02.2008

Hey guys! My name is J and I'm talking to you on behalf of Expert Village. On this clip,
I'm going to talk about little precooking tips that I can give you on precooking our
mashed potatoes. First precooking tip I have is to preheat your stove. I'd say about medium
high heat to high heat. Medium high to high would be a nice preheating start for this.
That way when you put the water in there it's going to be nice and hot and it's going to
start boiling pretty fast. Next, what you want to do is get all your potatoes, stick
them in your strainer, as you can see here. I'm going to walk over here to my sink and
I'm going to wash them. As you here, I'm going to wash them real quick. I'm just going to
put them on high water, hot and high. Make sure you kind of scrub them with your hands
and get each potato nice and clean.
That way when you're ready to add the water to the pot, it'll be nice and clean for you.
If you want to take the actual skins off you can do that. I'm going to leave the skins
on. I like the color. I like the texture. I like the protein that's in the skin, so
I leave them on there. That's my free cooking tips I have for you guys. I'll talk to you
on the next clip about the other steps we need to make these mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.