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Level 9 : The Galamadriabuyak Tower
Back to life
Damn ! He forgot to heal us again !
Give me break that guyís hopeless !
Allons, c'est bon ! Il a d˚ avoir un problËme de connexion, Áa arrive !
Itís the fithteenth time with die and each time you find him an excuse.
Face it, he sucks!
Itís my fault, itís my keyboard...
The healing cap jumped off
by the time I put it back on, we were all dead.
No wonder you obliterate your keycap, you hit on it like a brute !
Listen you donít have to heal us when our HP are full,
you to wait for them to drop, you pour out everything as if you were a maniac
you never think.
Healer is a character class geared toward intelligent players,
not retards like you !
No listen to me I persist,
something has to be done because I canít take it anymore.
Bandaid is full of goodwill, he even listens to our advices !
Here Omega Zell, I healed you back to full lifeÖ
Youíre not angry anymore ?
HumÖ WellÖ AgreedÖ
but you know as well as me, that there is a shortage of low level healers on this server.
Yeah I knowÖIíve been looking to a replacement for him for a month.
But you know newbies are power gamersÖ
They like classes like warriors, where thinking is an option.
Thank youÖ Thatís nice of you to sayÖ
Who†ës Power Player†?
Is he strong†?
Do I know him ?
Please Artheon, I canít take it anymore !
Eh, well I chose to be a Priest to be just like my daddy !
His daddy...
He plays a Priest ! On Horizon 1.0 ? Has he got a guild ?
Donít be silly...
My daddy, he's a Priest...
Like a real Priest !
Ah, I got to admit that If I had a kid like you, I would too be looking for salvation up above !
Up above ? Is it a quest†?
And I am going to tell you one thing, Artheon.
Even if we managed to find that healer,
c'est mÍme pas dit qu'il veuille rentrer dans notre Guilde !
Thanks to Mister Moron over there Wordís out !
Everybody knows that weíre not even able to enter Deathguardís Dungeon,
the easiest in the game.
Omega Zell, thereís no solution, weíre running in circle again,
we have to help Bandaid to level up.
Hold on ! I am level 7 !
I almost caught up with you !
On the top of that I wander extra often for my levels to go up on their own.
Gaea tells that its stupid but it works extra good.
I filled up a quarter of my experience gauge
by playing 10 hours a day for a month !
Hey, Bandaid, exploration points are bonuses. You got to do quests.
Il faut faire des quÍtes maintenant !
See ! Heís level 7 !
Heís been playing for 7 months !
Even the gal tried to teach MMORPG 101 and he still hasnít got a clue !
And us, and us, eanwhile weíre stuck !
Looking at it weíll never get a shot at Galamadriabuyak tower !
HumÖ Whatís a Gamala... Ga... Ga... tower ? Where is it ?
Galamadriabuyak, BandaidÖ Itís a dungeonÖ
Hello, Hello ? Heís there anybody home ?
FYI, it simply is Horizon 1.0 main goal !
Well Omega Zell, calm down !
I am certain that Bandaid knows what it is.
He didnít get the name, thatís it !
No, I donít know what it is !
Of Course, he doesnít know what it is !
He doesnít know anything !
He confessed that he was wandering around from region to region
doing nothing ! Not even a quest !
Heís useless !
WellÖ Listen up Bandaid.
I am going to shorten it for you.
Galamadriabuyak Tower is Horizon 1.0 Main instance,
itís made up of 10 stories.
When a guild enters the first floor,
it allows all of his members to go from level 11 to level 20.
When it completes the second floor,
all of it members have acess to level 21 through 30Ö
And so on...
Thatís it ! Thatís why Artheon and myself,
a stuck at level 10 waiting for you.
ButÖ We can level above level 10†?
Hell yesÖ You can even level up to level 100 !
If we can level above level 10
and that floor 1 unlocks level 11 through 20,
why are there 10 floors ?
If a floor gives you access to a new tenth,
the tenth floor should unlock level 101 through 110.
That... Thatís not very logical !
No... No... No... Heís right actuallyÖ
Well, I explain you.
The floor 10, it's a very difficult floor.
Those who manage to clear it become "Warriors of Twilight".
Is that true ?
That's awesome !
We have to go to Buyabuyak tower !
I am going to do lots of quests.
Youíll see, I am going to become extra Strong !
Hey !
Hello mister NPC !
I want to do a quest to become reach level 100 !
Greetings to you, healer !
I misplaced my magical Orb somewhere on the lakeís shores.
If you find it,
I will reward you.
Quest accepted !
Youíll seeÖ Consider it done !
Whatís an orb ?
Oh I know ! I am going to bring him back whatever I can find on the Lake shore
until I can return my quest !
Here you go !
That is not my magic orb.
Here you go†!
That still is not my magic orb.
Here you go†!
That definitely is not my magic orb.
And I almost got my hopes up on this one.
Synchronisation : Florian Beaume Translation : Guillaume Picchi
Here you go†!
You think that NPC are allowed to hit players now ?
Players, I donít know...
But noobs, apparently, yes.