Homemade Blueberry Muffin Recipe : Utensils for Making Blueberry Muffins

Uploaded by expertvillage on 06.02.2008

Hi! My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm going to take a
few minutes to show you how to make blueberry muffins that taste better than the ones out
of the box you get at the grocery store. Let's see what we need for today. We're going to
need a mixer. This is a tabletop mixer. It's what I recommend. You want to use your whip
attachment, something that looks kind of like this. It may not look exactly like this, but
something similar to this is what we're looking for. You can also use a hand mixer like the
ones you move around the bowl. If you really want, you can use a whisk, but that's painful.
I'm going to use the tabletop mixer myself. Also, we're going to need a spatula for scraping
down our bowl for getting all of our batter out. Towels are very handy. I've got a couple
of towels here. You can't very well make muffins without a muffin tin, so I've got a muffin
tin here. This is a standard size muffin. This isn't the gigantic muffin tin or the
little miniature muffin tin, but a nice standard size one. They go about 2 inches across the
bottom. We're also going to need muffin cups, the paper that goes in the bottom. These actually
have cows and pigs on them for some reason. If you put these inside here it keeps it from
sticking. What it does it really kind of seals in the moisture in the bottom of the cupcake.
It keeps the bottom of the cupcake getting hard and protecting the pan. You're also going
to need a bowl to mix up the crumbs ingredients. You'll need a fork to mix up the crumble topping
as well. We're also going to need a 400 degree oven to finish this. You can't make these
without a 400 degree oven. You can't really bake anything for an oven for that matter.
Let's get started.