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>>Hey, got a great segment in store for you here right now.
We're going to do little chicken parmesan.
It's called a 30 minute chicken parmesan.
You're wondering how you can do that and get out the door in 30 minutes.
I'm going to show you how to do it right here on CNY Flavor.
I've got a couple of chicken breasts. They're good sized
so I'm actually going to fillet them in half to make four.
Half a cup of Italian seasoning bread crumbs.
Half a cup of mozzarella cheese. Little margerine.
A little rice. I'm going to start cooking.
This is just your five minute rice. I'm going to get my water boiling.
Stick it in. Take it off the stove. Boom. That'll be done.
I want to say this too, because you can use spaghetti sauce with mushrooms.
This particular one is a pasta marinara I'm going to use.
You can even use, be creative, and take a tomato sauce and add some
ingredients that you like in it. Even a tomato soup with not as much water
to give it that flavor.
I've got the parmesan. Got everything ready to go so let's get started.
I've got my eggs here. I'm going to dredge the chicken in before I put
it into the bread crumbs.
I'm going to do that. Show you how to do that.
And then this here, Stretch-lite which is nothing but Saran Wrap
and a little beater here that I'm actually going to break it down
a little bit. The connective tissue in it to give it a little more tenderness.
Now, we serve where I cook at Crazy Otto's Empire Diner, we do a
chicken parm. It's not quite like this. This is the home version on
how to do it quick and easy on a shoestring budget.
So let's get started. We're going to fillet these chicken breasts
and get going.
[♪] [♪]
Allright. You're taking your breasts and you're basically...
These are nice thick ones here so you're just going to cut them
right in half and I take my thumb and I use that as a guide.
And I'm just filleting it right down. So boom. Now I've got nice
two pieces here. I'm going to do the same with this one.
Get my cut started. Then I use my thumb to pull it apart.
Always practice safety so that you do not cut yourself.
Nice and butterflied.
We've got four nice pieces here. Real quick. Real easy.
What I wanted to show you with the Saran Wrap.
It's a little trick that cooks use because you don't
want to splatter it everywhere.
So you take your piece of chicken. Let's just do one at a time here.
Take your piece of chicken. You're going to take your Saran Wrap.
Remember the trick I taught you about how you place it over what
you want, put it down and then take your knife. It's much easier. Boom.
Cut it. Off to the side. You're ready to go.
Now, why you do this is because you're going to actually pound it out.
Just like you would a veal cutlet. By putting the Saran Wrap on it,
it keeps it from going everywhere. From splattering up and going everywhere.
So you're just taking your Saran Wrap and you notice I'm not using
the fine side. I'm just using the big side because I'm just
breaking down the connective tissue.
Take that, lay it right off to the side. That's one little portion there.
And I use the same piece of Saran Wrap. Even if it tears, doesn't matter.
Tha't all you're doing is you're tenderizing it to break down the
connective tissue.
And that's all that that does is it just makes it a little tender
when you're cutting into it so that if you hit a vein it's not going
to be all hard and tough on you and you think, "Oh, this is really tough."
This is just going to make it taste that much better.
Spread it out. Makes it look bigger, too. Remember that people
eat with their eyes first so when they see it and it looks good,
and it's big even though it's the same ounce portion than if I left
it the same. It's going to look bigger on the plate.
The mind is going to tell their body, their stomachs, that they're
getting more and they're going to get filled faster. It's a wierd
psychological trick in food but it actually works and it's true.
Check it out.
Now this one I noticed has a little bit of fat along the edges so
I'm going to trim that off as I get going here.
Throw that right away.
This is the fat that I was talking about. This would be very tough.
Good flavor, but very tough.
So as you notice, too, this actually will spread out more.
See, from actually tenderizing it, it actually will spread it out more, too.
So, here we go. We're going to take our bread crumbs here and just
put them right in a dish. You can use any dish. As you can see I'm
using a pie dish.
[♪] [♪]
I'm going to take two eggs here and I'm going to beat them just
like I would scrambled eggs.
Just tilt this over.
This is what you're using as your binding agent.
To hold the bread crumbs.
Now I noticed that my water is cooking so while my water is
cooking I'm going to put my one cup of rice right in it.
In the water here.
I'm going to shut my water off.
Just swirl it around a little and take it right off the heat.
About five minutes or so that's going to be ready.
Cooking, everything is timing.
So here we go. I'm actually going to get a plate.
Somewhere here. Hmmm.
Let me get this one here.
That I can put it on once it's breaded.
Now another little trick that I'm going to show you.
Here, I'll turn this this way.
Is so you don't get your hands all wet and sticky with the
bread crumbs use one hand to dip, one hand to bread.
So you take your chicken and you dredge it in your egg wash
here. That's what I call it. Egg wash. It's just eggs.
Put it right in and then move this hand over because all
of the eggs on this will all get caught up in the batter.
So you take this, you just spread it over.
Pound it down.
See, by laying it on top, see now that it's on there
you just flatten it out.
Look at that. How nice this one came out.
Now, that was from the one piece for the chicken parm.
Shake your bread crumbs around a little. Same technique.
One hand, see because this is all the bread crumbs now.
One hand for the egg.
One for the bread crumbs.
And the way this is looking because these were big pieces
of the chicken breast I'm going to need a little more bread crumbs.
And these are the seasoned bread crumbs.
So I'll probably use just about another half a cup of bread crumbs.
So we'll be right back and I will show you the finishing of it
because we have to take the margerine...
Look at that. Two nice, big chicken parmesans with just that
little amount of work.
We'll be right back.
Hey, welcome back. We've got the bread crumbs in now.
Remember the technique. One hand for the egg.
One hand for the bread crumbs.
Spin this around.
See, one of the things too, when you're pushing down on it,
you're actually spreading out the tissue too.
Shake off a little bit of the excess bread crumbs.
Now, because it's your last piece, you can use both hands.
Because you don't have to worry about cross-connecting
the egg...
Getting your hands all sticky because you're at your end process here.
Spread it all out.
So here is four nice sized chicken parmesans that your family
is going to love you for.
Let me get this cleaned up real quick and then I'm going
to take it right over and what I'm going to do is I'm
going to use a little margerine.
You can use Parkay, real butter, I can't believe it's not butter.
Whatever you prefer for your base and we're going to
actually sautee these up real quick in the pot. In the pan.
And then I'm going to add the marinara, the pasta sauce
and the other ingredients.
Okay, the first thing we're going to do is we're going
to brown up the chicken.
And so I'm just using the I can't believe it's not butter.
And because the chicken is pretty big, and most of us
in our homes don't have big flat grills or the cooking
facilities that we can cook them properly, like a
restaurant would in a production line.
We're going to get the butter going on this over
a medium heat and I'm going to cook two pieces at
a time, put them in reserve over here until all
four are done. Put them all back in this and then
add my marinara sauce, spaghetti sauce, whatever you prefer.
And basically, you're just browning it as you
can see.
I'm melting the margerine, getting it nice and hot.
Nice medium heat here, which is five on my stove.
It goes up to ten which would be really high.
And the beauty of today's kitchens, alot of the
stoves and the stovetops they have different burners
depending upon what you're trying to cook, too.
Our rice is done sitting over there nice and hot.
This is getting nice and hot. We're just going to
put our chicken in.
And use some tongs here.
And so as quick as you can get this seared, sauteed up,
get it browning and we add the spaghetti sauce,
you're looking at really no more than thirty minutes
total because the cooking time for the sauce is going
to be ten minutes, then we'll add our cheeses, our parmesan.
Let it simmer for another five minutes and then
boom, you're done. That quick.
So just as quick as you can get this sauteed up.
I can hear it starting to sizzle now.
What I'm going to do is I'm going to take and put
a little more margerine in it.
Even if it falls right on top. Hear that sizzle.
That's good.
Remember, you're not cooking it all the way.
That's all you're doing is you're basically
is searing it or getting a brown on it.
You can see it all bubbling up. You're not
cooking it all the way. Here we go.
A little golden. What you're doing is you're
taking your eggs. It's the whole egg.
With the bread crumbs and you're binding it
to the meat. That's what you're doing right now.
That's the purpose of searing it so once we
add the other ingredients it's all going to
cook together and it will cook sort of like
a boiling type of system.
If you were going to boil something, it's still
going to cook, the chicken is still going to
cook in the sauce.
That's what will marry all the flavors together.
It's from cooking in the sauce.
Oooh, searing up nice.
See it sizzling there? Getting a little brown.
The chicken is falling off.
So this one here is ready to come off. You can
see the brown on it.
Just browning around the edges. I'm immediately
going to add more butter.
Now see if you were doing it with two people
then you would be ready to go right now.
I did this recipe for four.
Get it around it. Put the last two pieces in.
I like a clean kitchen so you always see me
cleaning as I go.
Or picking up, I should say. Because it's a
lot easier at the end of the day.
So we've got a nice brown going on that one.
Now to flip it over I'm going to add a little
more butter.
And lay that right on top. Get that butter sizzling
around it.
While that's going, that's almost done I'm going
to pop open my pasta sauce and spill it as I go.
Don't tip the jar if you're trying to read the label
and it's opened, okay? Don't try that at home.
So this one here is seared on both sides.
What I'm going to do is I'm going to add these two
right back in on top. I'm going to cross-diagonal
them like you would a tic-tac-toe.
They're on each side.
I'm going to take my pasta sauce. Right in.
Now this one here is approximately thirty-two ounces.
I'm using approximately twenty ounces of it.
You can hear that sizzling up nice.
Now I'm going to reduce my heat.
I'm going to put my top on it. Put it on
a medium heat now. Ten minutes. That's it.
Where am I here? Kitchen timer.
Ten minutes and then what I'll do is I'll
actually flip the chicken and then I'll add
my parmesan, my mozzarella and parmesan.
Another five minutes covered and we're done.
It's ready to plate, we've got our rice.
So here we are. We've been cooking for about
ten minutes now.
I've turned them one time while we were off camera.
And that's basically how it's coming out. Nice.
Cooking good.
And what I'm going to do now is I'm going to
take the mozzarella cheese and I'm just going
to sprinkle it right over it.
I'm going to take the parmesan, liberally put
the parmesan right over it.
And then cover it again, take it down to low.
You're looking at about four minutes now.
Four to five minutes. So I'm going to put it
at four because this will melt up quick. It's
coming out really good.
You're looking at four minutes now. And then
while this is actually just steaming up and
melting the cheese. Here I'm going to take
this off just so you can see it.
See, it's all melting the cheese down.
While that's going on I'm going to take this
and I'm going to take my rice...
I'm just going to sprinkle my rice right
over the plate.
And I'm going to lay the chicken parm right
on top.
See, it's really only been a couple of minutes
now but this is pretty good as we sit here.
I'm going to keep this down low.
I'm going to take my piece and lay it right
across the top.
Look at that mozzarella.
This stuff is still going here.
Oops! What I want to do is I want to take
some of this sauce and sprinkle it right
over the top.
You know if you're looking for the color
and the eye appeal too, you can use a nice
You can get some nice fresh parsley and
chop it up and sprinkle it over the top.
But this is basically your dish, your
chicken parm in thirty minutes and you're
ready to go about your business and spend
time with your family or whatever you need
to do.
Right here.
[♪] [♪]
>>Hey, Scott Tranter here, host of CNY Flavor.
We have a wonderful segment in store for you
today. We're in downtown, well actually, just
outside Waterville. Downtown Waterville right
on... What route is this?
>>Route 12.
>>Route 12. Just kidding! See, people, you
think it's so far away. It's not really that
far. We're just shy of Route 20 and I'm sitting
here with Roc Langone.
And it's a privledge and an honor to get to
meet you and we're at Roc's Ice Cream, right?
>>Roc Star Ice Cream and Eatery.
>>Roc Star Ice Cream and Eatery. And you have
all of this rock star original art being put
on your walls here. It's a privledge to be
here Roc.
>>It's nice to meet you Scott.
>>You, too. Tell me a little bit where the
concept came from for Roc Star Ice Cream.
>>Well, back when I was a kid, my real name
is Robert, and my fourth grade teachers...
Two of them fifth grade teacher and fourth
grade teacher...
I got into a little ruckus with a classmate
and he said after this day your name will be
Roc after Rocky Marciano and I kind of won
the fight.
So that was kind of what happened. So it just
stuck with me forever.
And then we became dairy farmers and our
farm was called Roc Star Farm.
And then we got into this business so we
decided to call it...
We went through many names of trying to
figure out what we should call this restaurant.
So we ended up with Roc Star Ice Cream and Eatery.
>>You mentioned the dairy farm. You were a dairy farmer.
>>Yep, for twenty-five years. In Deansboro.
>>Owned your own farm.
>>Yep. And we decided, my wife became sick and
we decided to do something a little different.
She's doing well now. Sold the farm in 2005 and
then we became ice cream people.
>>Now, you've been here though longer than 2005.
>>Yep. We started in 2001.
>>Right after 9-11.
>>Right before 9-11.
>>Oh, right before it. And then the economy tanked.
>>So you are in your eleventh year, you're building
a pretty good clientele. What are your hours here?
>>Our hours are eleven to nine seven days a week.
>>Seven days a week?
>>Seven days a week. Every day.
>>So if I had a concept. You know I'm in the
restaurant business.
And I had a concept and I wanted a particular
ice cream, you can manufacture it for me.
>>Yes, whatever you want.
>>And I have the proprietary rights that you
wouldn't sell it, like here?
>>Yep. We sell to Symeon's. We make their
baklava ice cream. And it took about a month
or so with Symeon and I to develop this but
we came to a perfect product.
We also sell to Piggy Pats. Their Pink
Peppermint Pig Poop.
>>Pig Poop.
>>And we sell a variety of flavors to Casa Too
Mucha in New Hartford. And Spaghetti Kettle. We
sell a spimoni to them and a rum raisin.
>>You do the labeling, too, everything?
>>Wow! One stop shopping right here. Right here
in Waterville. That is great.
Now, what's your phone number?
>>Phone number is 202-4010.
>>4010, that's an easy number. And you can do
take-out orders.
>>You can also buy ice cream cakes and pies.
>>Yep, preorder. You can call and give us a week
advance if it's something special because we
can make a funky flavor for you for your cake.
It's going to cost you a little more than our
regular cake, but give us some time and we can do that.
>>You went to ice cream school.
>>A lot of people out there don't know that there
is actually ice cream school. Ben and Jerry.
>>Right. Ben and Jerry went to Penn State's ice
cream school as I did. I took the short course,
they took the longer course. And I went to
Carpa Johnny's in the Carolinas and PreGels gelato
Well, the science behind the ice cream as I got
taught at Penn State was to make the ice cream...
It comes out at twenty-four degrees and blast-
freeze it to thirty below zero.
And we have a lot less air in our ice cream. It's
an over-run ice cream...
Most ice creams in the store are 110% over-run.
That means you're buying air. Here you're not
buying a lot of air. We have about a fifty to
fifty-five to sixty percent over-run. So it's a
denser product.
>>Now, your employees, one of them is doing all of
this artwork.
>>Yep. My one girl that cooks for me now she's
been with me I think five years. Heather Siedsma
has done all of the artwork in the whole store.
>>Now, when you hear Roc Star Ice Cream, and then
you throw in the food. A lot of people don't
realize how good the food is here. Because you
do fish fries.
>>Yep, we do fresh fish on Fridays.
>>Haddock, and you get a free sundae with every
fish fry. And we do Broaster chicken. It's a
pressure-fried chicken that's not as greasy as
the other competitors.
>>You've got burgers...
>>We've got hamburgers, hot dogs, pork BBQ, beef BBQ.
>>You can get that any time just as well as the
ice cream? You've got french fries?
>>French fries, hot dogs, chicken tenders. We have
a buffalo chicken special that my son makes the
sauce, the hot sauce for it and everybody loves that.
>>I have enjoyed this interview tremendously. I've
learned a lot about ice cream that I didn't know.
You know I mean I knew a little bit, but I didn't
know naturally a tenth of what you know. And so
it's been educational for me.
I see the quality. I see the care that you've put
into this place. Is there anything for the viewers
out here that are watching right now that you'd like
to tell them on maybe give them a reason why they
should come here and give you a try?
>>We pride ourselves on the quality, as you said.
And we're really not that far away from New Hartford.
Fourteen minutes and you'll be here.
>>Come in and give us a try. I'm telling you you
won't be disappointed. Come give Roc a try. Try
the food. It's not just the ice cream. Try the
food too, because the quality is there without
Thank you Roc.
>>Thanks Scott. Very much.
>>I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.