Apple Experiment: Time to Vote!

Uploaded by rkwatson on 29.03.2010

Hello YouTube friends!
My week of hating an apple slice is finally over, and it's time for you to weigh in. Go
to and vote for which apple slice looks the worst and which looks the
best. We'll then have a mathematician tell us if the results are statistically significant.
That means that if 33% of you think one particular apple looks the worst, that's right in line
with chance so there's probably not much of an effect being observed. If 99% of you think
it looks the worst, well that's significant. I'm not a mathematician, but luckily I know
a few, so I''ll have a pro check out the results and tell us whether we got a significant result.
Then, I'll reveal which apple is which and we'll see whether our experiment supports
Nikki Owens' hypothesis.
Finally? I'll do it all again (though I won't post videos every day, don't worry), using
the additional controls you've all suggested. That includes suggestions from Nikki's followers
as well, like replacing the mustaches with labels that read "love" and "hate." It'll
be sad to see them go, but nothing should stand in the way of scientific accuracy.