Những Sản Phẩm Mới và Ấn Tượng Cho Phòng Ký Túc Xá

Uploaded by DecorTiVi on 07.09.2011

Welcome back to Decortivi Show in the New Product category
the first product that I would like to share with you is something very useful and convenience
that is the Bobble Water
what special about this Bobble Water is that it has a built in filter
I think this is very convenience
you know when you go out and your bottle of water is out of water
you get the water from the public water fountain, the water is not really clean
this bottle of water with the built-in filter will filter the water for you
Trang, how long will the filter last?
the filter lasts about 2 months equivalent to 40 gallons of water
so if you drink lots of water, it properly lasts for 1 month and if you don't drink lots of water, it lasts about 3 months
yes, the filter is only about 6 dollars
there are many different sizes for the bottle from $8 to $13
I think this product is necessary for students
it is inexpensive, convenience and very cute
another must have product for dorm room is a microwave
this smallest microwave in the world from Beanzawave
you can hook this mini microwave to your laptop computer through the USB port
I think this product is convenience for students, especially for those who study late at night and not have access to an electrical's outlet
they can study while cooking a cup of noodle
I don't think they allow you do cook foods in the library
this tiny microwave is only 6.1 inches tall and 5.9 inch width
I think this is something you can carry with you around
I see that the microwave is super cute. It's in turquoise color which is a "hot" color for this year
next, speaking of cool products, I found a mini refrigerator
it is only 7 inches wide and 10 inches tall, contains about 2 to 3 can of pops
this mini refrigerator has colorful graphic design on the outside
like the mini microwave, this mini refrigerator is another cute product for your dorm room
I think if you have these products in your dorm room, many of your classmates will love them
so be aware someone might borrows yours
for those who want a little bigger refrigerator, you can look into the small refrigerators at the department stores such as Lowes or Sears
these are around $100, and it is good to have in your dorm room
there are lots of product for your dorm room, you can find many of them at Sears, JC Penny or IKEA
in this show, Trang and I pick out cool and unique products for you, hopefully that you agree with our taste
if you know any other cool products, please let us know by visiting www.decortivi.com
next product is the clothes hanger called Umbra Bird Eye
the reason we pick out this product is because we see that most dorm rooms come pre-furnished
you have the same study chair, study table, bed, closet etc.
therefore, we want to share with you unique design products so that you can decorate your corner in very unique way
when I saw this clothes hanger, I loved it
it has a very cool design, you can hang your coats, jackets
if you don't use this hanger for hanging clothes, you can use it for decoration
perhaps hanging pictures of friend and family
I've noticed that most dorm rooms are not big, you cannot paint or drill on the walls
these Wall Decals are not expensive and have lots of design and color to choose from
as you see on the screen, you can put this Wall Decal above your bed or at your study corner
you can mix and match different stickers and create your own design
when you walk into a room ,you can recognize mine corner and Trang's corner
these stickers really make your room more alive
these stickers are also easy to peel off and can be re-used in your next year dorm's room