Windows 7 - Change or Adjust Screen Saver

Uploaded by PoiMage on 16.06.2011

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Here we are in Windows 7, and we are going to turn on the screen saver.
Right-click anywhere on the desktop, click Personalize
then click Screen Saver below.
Here, the screen saver is set to None by default, which means it's turned off.
Select one of the screen savers here to use.
Let's try 3D Text.
You can see the screen saver here in the preview area.
Click on Settings to adjust the screen saver to your perference.
You can change the text, font, style, resolution, etc.
Choose Blank for a black screen saver.
If you click Settings here, there's no options for this one, but this varies on the screen
savers that you choose.
Let's try Photos, and here you can make adjustments for this one.
Let's try Bubbles, again no options for that one.
When you click Settings after choosing a screen saver, the settings may or may not appear,
because this depends on the screen saver you want to make changes to.
Here you can adjust when your screen saver will appear, for example in 5 or 10 minutes.
When you click the checkbox here, whenever you press a button on your keyboard or move
the mouse, the login screen will appear, which will provide some extra security, because
you might not want anyone to log back into your computer.
After making the changes here, click Apply and OK.
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