Chameleon - M&R Screen Printing Equipment - Manual Textile Press

Uploaded by mrprinting on 23.04.2008

M&R’s Chameleon manual textile press
is a key player in M&R System Integration.
If you already have a shop or starting a new one,
Chameleon is a shrewd investment that will grow with your business.
That’s because Chameleon incorporates M&R’s patented Duo-Deck design.
By giving you the option of adding additional printheads to the upper deck of the press,
Chameleon can expand from 4 or 6 colors up to 10 or from 8 colors up to 14.
Chameleon makes it possible to expand your printing capacity
without purchasing a new press.
And you won’t even need to change your floor layout
because an expanded Chameleon still occupies the same small footprint.