Huawei Honor hands-on (Greek)

Uploaded by techblogGR on 27.09.2011

Transcript: i hold in my hands the Huawei Honor
With 4 inch touch screen display which resolution in 854x480 pixels
One core CPU
At 1.4 GHz
512MB RAM memory
It includes 2GB internal storage
It accepts micro-SD cards
The camera its 8MP which can also record video at HD 1280x720p resolution
It also has a LED Flash
Its important that it has an option for HDR[High dynamic range imaging]
If you remember this function was first been shown in iPhone 4 photos
it consecutively shots 3 or 4 photos and then decides which is the best.
Thats what we got in this phone there is an option HDR
And of course front face camera at 2MP for video calls
The battery's capacity is at 1900 mAh
One of the biggest capacities you will find out there
We can see and the back side of the phone
There is a slightly chance that the real product will have a different back cover
maybe it will be with plastic rubber like the Huawei Sonic and X3
and it may be a little more thin.
To me personally the handset looks like...
... and can say it by your selves that it looks like the iPhone 3GS from behind
To me personally it remembers me the Optimus Black
Its a normal Android Smarthphone
they doesn't need all to have to many aesthetic interventions
But there are some new proposals regarding the apperance
but here we have a classic smarthphone with nothing extreme that will make you hate it
Here is the phone
lets get inside
as soon as i will show you
that Huawei made some changes to the UI
ie we can see in the main screen if we go to unlock it
we can choose one of these four options to go directly after the unlock
like the HTC Sense
We can go direct to home screen
the mobile on/off button is up here.
We can go directly to calls
or we can go directly to sms or change unlock it.
I get my self into the menu too. The scrolling is so smooth.
Here we have the option to move the app icons and arrange them as we like
Lets take a internal look regarding the apps that you can see
In about a month or a little bit later
let's say that it will arrive at October [mistake] , December
so some things that you will see here it might be slightly better
such as the appearnce of the back cover
In any case i like this smartphone with the 4 inch display as i see it
If they manage to bring this phone in the price range of 300 euro or sub-300 euro
I believe it will make a blast
4 inch display
Processor at 1.4 Ghz and 512 MB ram maybe it could have 768MB
Regarding the internal memory i mentioned before, it's not 2 gb but 4 gb
This is better of course.
It will also accepts micro sd cards up to 32 gb
Lets go to the menu
It's Android 2.3 if i remember correctly, the current is 2.3.4.
This is correct.
Update of course through connection.
We wait from Huawei, it has been promised to us, to develop the OTA update
in order to push updates to their mobile phones
this feature is soon to come to the public
Now we are at the camera preferences
to test the HDR feature
Here is the option.
Very nice.
Right now i am not connected in any network
We have full touch experience and pinch to zoom in - zoom out
Thats all folks about the Huawei Honor.
It will launch at December
We want this to come in the sub 300 euro category
and we imagine that they will manage to bring it to this price category
4 inch display with resolution 854x480 pixels
One core processor at 1.4 GHz
512 Mb ram
8MP camera with led flash and front facing camera at 2 MP for video calls
also internal storage of 4 GB
and of course the capacitive touch buttons
Until the next episode bye-bye.