CNN Tea Party Republican Debate is Total Embarrassing Propaganda

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Announcer: The David Pakman Show at
David Pakman: Welcome to The David Pakman Show. I'm David Pakman. You know, I was watching
the CNN/Tea Party Express debate, and from the very start, I mean, I would say two to
three seconds in, I realized we were in for a ridiculous, propaganda-laced charade, essentially.
And I'll show you what I mean, because the first few seconds were this incredible introduction
video that was done around it. Now, you have to ask yourself, if you're CNN, why would
you really want to do a Tea Party debate? Why associate yourself with a group that,
well, do we really have to go into it? I think if anybody actually likes the Tea Party, they
would just disagree with me. I'm not going to convince anyone with my opinion of why
CNN, a presumably, what, objective journalism outlet...
Louis Motamedi: They're objective, and they have to give everyone equal time, right?
David: Well, but the idea that you have to align yourself with a group like the Tea Party,
which is downright... we know about... we know about their racial makeup, we know about
their views, we know all this stuff about the Tea Party; I don't understand why CNN
would align themselves. Natan doesn't really seem to agree with me on this.
Natan Pakman: I mean, how are they aligning themselves with the Tea Party by just calling
the debate the Tea Party Debate?
David: Because they're saying let's come together, and CNN as an organization thinks that the
Tea Party is legitimate to a degree that this would be the CNN/Tea Party debate, and the
Tea Party as constituents should command a debate on one of the major cable networks
of the United States.
Louis: Well, I mean...
David: And listen, if CNN believes that, that's fine, but don't say that it's just completely
a center, unbiased decision to align yourselves with that group.
Louis: I mean, they're a political entity, and so why can't they just have airtime like
everyone else? I mean, how is CNN aligning themselves with the Tea Party?
David: They're saying here is a debate which is the Tea Party and CNN. We are doing this
together because both groups are legitimate. It's very important that CNN do a debate,
and it's just as important that the Tea Party be involved in such a debate, because they
are arbiters, in some way, of the political system of the United States.
Louis: If I worked for CNN, I'd say hey, you know what? This'll probably be good for ratings.
People would want to watch this, why not do it?
David: OK, but hold on a second. If the Tea-- if instead of the Tea Party, it was the CNN/Green
Party debate, right, or not Green... actually, no, not Green Party, let me take that back.
It was the Environmentalists/CNN Debate, right? There was an environmentalist movement that
was somewhat structured, but not, and it wasn't a party per se, it was just part... you know,
the environmentalist movement within the Democratic Party, and they said that's such an important
thing, you know what we would be hearing from the right? Wait a second, the group that is
cosponsoring this debate believes as a point of fact that evolution is real. They believe
as a point of fact that climate change is man-made, when those things are all in question.
This is a biased debate. By aligning themselves with that group, CNN is saying we buy into
all of that. You know we would hear that.
Louis: We would, of course.
David: So why would we not say CNN is in some way also saying the Tea Party, its-- the movement
and its points of view are legitimate in terms of mainstream politics? I know some people
agree with that; I don't.
Louis: I think they're just saying it's a... it's a trend right now that people are interested
in, so we're going to air this.
David: That's all you think? You don't go any further with it?
Louis: I really think it's that simple, yeah.
David: Well, if you're watching or listening, you tell me what you think,
Here's the introduction, making this into a reality show, essentially, of a debate.
CNN Announcer: Tonight, eight Republicans one goal: to win the White House and kick
Barack Obama out.
Cheering them on: their powerful allies and fierce critics, the grassroots movement putting
a bold stamp on this election:
David: OK, first of all, not a grassroots movement, not a grassroots movement, nothing
grassroots about the Tea Party. So that's just... that's just not true. We know about
the corporate interests astroturfing the Tea Party, right, number one. So now we just have
flat-out untruth.
CNN Announcer: ... the Tea Party. Tonight's players:
Mitt Romney: I love America. I'll fight for America.
CNN Announcer: Mitt Romney, the early frontrunner.
Romney: Obamacare.
CNN Announcer: Focused on attacking the president, now turning his attention to a more immediate
Rick Perry: I'm gonna be a pro-business president, and I'm not gonna make any apologies about
CNN Announcer: Rick Perry, the newcomer. He got a late start, then surged to the front
of the pack, with a conservative voice folksy and brash.
Michele Bachmann, the firebrand.
Michele Bachmann: We're here to win.
CNN Announcer: She aced an early test in Iowa, proving she's a top-tier contender, as well
as a lightning rod.
David: By the way, what I'm paying attention to here is that this is... this is not something
you would expect to see on CNN. This is what you would expect to see a video from the Republican
Party, or from the Tea Party, more likely, OK, talking about the importance and how the
Tea Party is... are both the harshest critics, but also at the same time those who decide
who will get in, and they wield the power. This is propaganda, ladies and gentlemen.
CNN Announcer: The rest of the field is searching a breakthrough. John Huntsman, the diplomat,
carving a more moderate path to try to defeat his ex-boss, the president.
Ron Paul, the libertarian, billing himself...
David: All right, I think we're done with this. You get the idea here. We have a...
this is a reality show, a biased reality show.
Natan: No, it's more like a comic book adaptation where each superhero has his own label, like
"The Libertarian".
David: It also is...
Louis: The Justice League.
David: "The Firebrand". It's... this... it's unbelievable what's going on. Does this change
your view at all about this debate, now that you've seen this propaganda video that they
used to open it?
Louis: No, I really still think it's all about ratings.
David: Really?
Louis: Yeah.
David: All right. Well, I don't know. Let's assume it-- hold on a second. If it is all
about ratings, does that excuse anything? I thought what we wanted here was journalism
and to hear from candidates. If it's about ratings, then it's OK to run a Tea Party propaganda
Louis: CNN is a business.
David: OK, go ahead, Natan.
Natan: You could argue that even if it's... if CNN is doing this just for ratings, the
fact that they wouldn't do it if the same equivalent situation were on the Democratic
side, like say with what you were... the example you were giving like with the Environmental
Party, that means that something unfair is going on even though it's not conscious.
David: For sure. No, I think it's... I think what is going on is conscious, which is that
the default for the corporate mainstream media is that the center is actually the right.
If you even give an equal playing field in this sense to some conservative group that
would be just as far to the left as the Tea Party is to the right, I know the Tea Party
is very, very far to the right, they would be branded as a liberal network-- they're
just in the tank on the liberal side. However, you have a Tea Party debate and propaganda
introduction, and it's just fine. It's what it is.
Louis: Well, we don't really see any groups, at least none that pick up steam like Tea
Party, right, on the left. I mean, these things just don't happen.
David: Well, but the question is why don't they? Why don't they? Because the mainstream
media will report on a 50-person Tea Party rally as if it's the revolution-- as if it's
the actual Tea Party.
Louis: OK, fine, and there are no corporations backing any movements like this on the left,
David: Right, corporations, exactly.
Louis: OK, that's fine, but it does not change the fact that this is good TV.
David: Was it good TV? The introduction...
Louis: A lot of people... I mean, hey, we... well, look, we're playing it on our show.
David: OK, I want to get to something from the...
Louis: Because it fascinates people. Whether you like it or whether you hate it, it fascinates
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