2013 VW GOLF 7 1.4 TSI 140 ch CARAT test drive in Sardinia

Uploaded by supervroum2 on 17.10.2012

Hello, welcome to SUPERVROUM2 for the 7 golf generation test drive
It's 5,6 cm longer, it's larger and lower but 100 kg less
we will test a 1.4 TSI 140 Carat model
Now we have finished to swim. We can discover the boot
We have 380 liters. Good for a compact car !
The liftover is low and access is regular
we can have a perfect flat door
the golf is always like a cube
so we have a good compromise between space and size
a lot of space for legs and head
beautiful leather seats with electric adjustment in option
the dashboard is tilted towards the driver
controls are well placed and ergonomics is good
Door storage are big and cover with carpet
I don't like lacquered plastics too glittering
and we have too much buttons on the steeringwheel
It's because we have a lot of new fonctions
look at the new 8 inches GPS screen
We have a quick scrolling like an iPad
It's much better than New Renault Clio or Peugeot 208
we can disconnect traction control but not ESP. It will be for the GTI
Now we can wake up the 1.4 TSI
sound is better than a TDI
here we can see the new active cruise control system
gearbox is perfect short an well guided
electric steering is very precise like all VW cars
in curb handling is very good with no roll
ESP is fast an efficient
DCC system offer diffrent mode : Comfort, Normal, Sport, Eco, Individual
TSI engine is well between 2000 and 4500 rpm
that engine could use only two cylinders to reduce consumption
but when it shifts from four to two we have vibrations
in fact the TDI is more smooth it's strange !
finaly we have a very good car
Golf is coming when french cars are at end of life
the french VW boss said to me that he expect to sale at least 35000 models per year in France.
germans will still hurt !