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Hi, I'm Dwane Brown with a look at one of the day's top stories...\
President Obama's declaration of support for same sex marriage is being praised by some
leaders in San Diego... \ Especially Mayor Jerry Sanders, who switched
his position on the matter in 2007.\ Both men originally supported civil unions,
not same-sex marriage.\ [CG :SDW Headline\\www.kpbs.org]\
You can find our interview with Mayor Sanders and the rest of the day's news on our website.
\ KPBS dot org.\
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Hi, I'm Dwane Brown with some of the day's top stories...\
A judge has overturned a nearly ten-thousand dollar small-claims judgment against Honda.\
The car owner claimed Honda misrepresented the gas mileage of her hybrid Civic.\
Primary care doctors who serve poor people in California could get a pay raise next year.\
The federal government says the extra money would come through the Affordable Care Act.\
[CG :SDW Headline\\www.kpbs.org]\ You can find these stories on our website
KPBS dot org.\ [Notes:Music out to :29]\
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[TAKE: Roll donut under]\ Hi, I'm Dwane Brown with a look at some of
the day's top stories...\ Dan Fouts and LaDainian Tomlinson are among
the former Chargers scheduled to speak at a public memorial Friday for Junior Seau at
Qualcomm stadium.\ And the mother of a Mexican man who died after
being tasered by border agents in San Ysidro is now in Washington D-C.\
She's demanding answers to an investigation that's lasted nearly two years.\
[CG :SDW Headline\\www.kpbs.org]\ All the day's news on our website, KPBS dot
org.\ [Notes:Music out to :29]\
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Coming up next on KPBS Evening Edition...\ President Barack Obama changes his stand on
same sex marriage.\ \{**Dwane**\}\
[ReadRate:13]\ It's an historic announcement... We get reaction
from San Diego's mayor, who had a similar change of heart.\
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KPBS Evening Edition starts now.\ \
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[ReadRate:12]\ Hello, thanks for joining us... I'm Joanne
Faryon.\ [Anchor:DWANE]\
\{***DWANE***\}\ [ReadRate:13]\
And I'm Dwane Brown.\ The political world is buzzing over President
Barack Obama's declaration of support for same-sex marriage.\
[Anchor:JOANNE]\ \{***JOANNE***\}\
[ReadRate:12]\ He's the first president to do so.\
\ [Anchor:JOANNE]\
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[INSERT OTS]\ He made the statement in an interview with
ABC.\ It's a change from his previous position that
civil unions were enough.\ The American Foundation for Equal Rights calls
this a proud day for Americans.\ That group sued to overturn Proposition Eight....
And the case is headed to the U-S Supreme Court.\
So far there's been no comment from Proposition Eight's supporters.\
But Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he will not change his own view
against same-sex marriage.\ \
[Anchor:DWANE]\ \{***DWANE***\}\
[ReadRate:13]\ In 2007, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders reversed
his opinion and came out in support of same-sex marriage.\
We sat down with him this afternoon to get his reaction to President Obama's decision.
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GUEST: Jerry Sanders\ \
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Mayor Sanders will be one of the speakers at this Friday's public celebration of life
for Junior Seau.\ Other funeral services and Seau's burial will
be private.\ The Charger Hall of Famer committed suicide
a week ago at his home in Oceanside.\ [TAKE FS]\
\{**FS**\}\ Friday's public memorial will be held at Qualcomm
stadium.\ It starts at 6:30, but the parking lot will
open early in the afternoon to accommodate the expected crowd.\
[Notes:Celebration of Life]\ [Notes:Friday, May 11]\
[Notes:6:30 PM]\ [Notes:Qualcomm Stadium]\
[Notes:Parking Lot Opens at 2:00]\ [Notes:Stadium Gates Open at 4:30]\
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[INSERT OTS]\ The new owner of U-T San Diego could add another
newspaper to his portfolio.\ Today Doug Manchester confirmed to KPBS he
is in talks to buy the Orange County Register.. But he says it's premature to say there's
a done deal.\ The current owners of the Register are not
commenting.\ \
[Anchor:Dwane]\ \{***Dwane**\}\
[ReadRate:13]\ The thought of another liquor store in City
Heights has rallied San Diego's Somali community.\ Their fighting to oppose a liquor license
application for a store next to a mosque. \
[TAKE: 2box]\ \{**2box**\}\
KPBS Reporter Tom Fudge joins us from the News Center.\
[CG :SDW Headline\\Liquor Store Fight]\ \
REPORTER: Tom Fudge\ \
[CG :LOWER THIRD\\Tom Fudge\\KPBS News]\ \
Q: This debate is over University Market. \
Where exactly is it?\ \
Q: Why do the owners of the store want a license to sell beer and wine?\
\ Q:This would be next to a mosque and Islam
forbids followers to drink alcohol. \ Is that part of the debate?\
\ Q: So, what happens next?\
\ [Anchor:DWANE]\
\{***DWANE***\}\ [ReadRate:13]\
There are some major changes on the June primary ballot for partisan races. \
Joanne explains at the Roundtable.\ \
GUEST: Deborah Seiler\ \
[Anchor:DWANE]\ \{***DWANE***\}\
[ReadRate:13]\ In a moment we'll look at one of the issues
on the ballot...\ A new term limits measure.\
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[CG :SDW Headline\\Coming Up...]\ [Notes:Keep Coming Up l3rd throughout video
elements]\ And from our Fronteras Desk...\
The story of an American teenager raised in a Mexican orphanage.\
Whose now reclaiming her citizenship.\ This is KPBS Evening Edition.\
\ [Anchor:Dwane]\
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[INSERT OTS]\ Today a judge overturned a nearly ten-thousand
dollar small claims judgement against Honda.\ Heather Peters won the lawsuit over mileage
claims in Honda's advertising.\ In today's ruling the judge said federal regulations
govern those ads...\ And he said most drivers get mileage close
to what's in the fuel economy ratings.\ \
[Anchor:DWANE]\ \{***DWANE***\}\
[INSERT OTS]\ In our continuing election coverage...\
We look at how Proposition 28 impacts the state legislature. \
Joanne has more at the Roundtable.\ \
GUEST: Vlad Kogan\ \
[Anchor:Dwane]\ \{***Dwane ***\}\
[ReadRate:13]\ Hundreds of children whose parents have died
or abandoned them live in group homes in Baja California.\
Most of the homes depend on the charity of Americans to operate. \
We recently told you about the relationship between these charities and the homes.\
Tonight our Fronteras Desk Editor Jose Luis Jim\'e9nez tells us about a young lady who
survived an abusive childhood and is on her way to the U.S. in search of a better life.\
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REPORTER: Jose Luis Jimenez\ \
[Anchor:JOANNE]\ \{***JOANNE***\}\
[ReadRate:12]\ Welcome back to the Public Square on KPBS Evening Edition.
\ As we told you earlier President Obama announced
his support today for same sex marriage. Coming up in just a few minutes, the Newshour will
have complete coverage. We will also have more San Diego reaction tomorrow on Evening
Edition. As you know, the issue has created great debate here in California and prompted
many long legal battles. Let me know what you think of the President's support of same
sex marriage. I'd would like to use
some of your comments on the air tomorrow. Let me know if I can use your name.\
NAME: Pub Square Contact INfo]\ \{**VO**\}\
Send me an email jfaryon@kpbs.org or drop us a line on twitetr or facebook.\
\{**On Cam**\}\ And now Dwane has a recap of tonight's other
top stories.\ \
[Anchor:DWANE]\ \{***DWANE***\}\
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Funeral plans have been announced for Charger Hall of Famer Junior Seau.\
He committed suicide a week ago.\ A private funeral will be held Friday morning...
\ Followed by a public celebration of life at
Qualcomm Stadium Friday evening.\ \
[Anchor:DWANE]\ \{***DWANE***\}\
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The owner of U-T San Diego says he's in talks to buy the Orange County Register.\
Doug Manchester says there's no deal yet, but there may be some news next week.\
\ [Anchor:DWANE]\
\{***DWANE***\}\ [ReadRate:13]\
[INSERT OTS]\ Some neighbors in
City Heights are fighting to stop a
new liquor store from opening.\ The proposed store would
be next to
a mosque and a school.\ Neighbors say there
are already plenty of liquor stores in the area.\
The store's owner says one more -- won't make a difference.\
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[ReadRate:13]\ You can watch and comment on any of the stories
you saw tonight on our website... Kpbs
dot org slash evening edition.\ [TAKE STUDIO]\
\{**On Cam**\}\ Thank you
for joining us...have a great evening.}